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Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Tantilizing Tuesday Teasers - 10/30/2012

Hey guys, hiyadoin? It's time for the Tantilizing Tuesday Teaser
and yes this one gets hotter!
Why, well... if you read this snippet in 200 words, you'll need to cool of after this.
By the way, sorry I was late. I had a very busy day.
Paulina’s ear was glued to the earpiece when she heard Lorenzo soft, breathy voice over the phone. Her center ached; her eyes remained closed when she imagined how much she wanted Lorenzo laying next to her, speaking to her with his sultry-sounding Spanish accent. She could go all day and night having him over the phone, while she soaked her fingers in and out of her slit, silently tasting herself.
Every word he spoke made her rub herself faster. She needed to release, but more she needed to have Lorenzo inside of her. She was in so much lust, she nearly moaned over the phone, but restrained from losing her moment. Lorenzo wasn’t supposed to know that she was masturbating over the phone; he was all business, and all he ever talked about was business.
Paulina wanted to change the subject so bad, but the worst part was she was developing a rising feeling; that feeling she couldn’t control – her climax. Paulina tried to control her breathing, but she suddenly bucked her hips, her teeth chattering, without making it obvious.
She quickly interrupted Lorenzo when she asked in a broken voice, bucking, “Lor… Lorenzo, please hold on!”
I hope you enjoyed it!
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  1. OMG Ray!! Naughty naughty picture and a teaser that got my juices going. I could almost hear the sexy tones of Lorenzo. Fantastic!

  2. Very hot Ray. great description with the words matching the picture perfectly

  3. Very sexy tease, Ray! Great pic too!

  4. I love phone sex. I like how you handled the tease at the end and how she tried to hide her orgasm.

  5. R-Ray, please hold on... yep, that was a hot one. ;)

  6. Good sexy dirty stuff, Ray, with a nice Lorenzo-related twist as the story goes on. The pic didn't hurt either. Keep on with the tantalizing Tuesday smut!

  7. Sexy pic and post, what is wrong with that man! He should indulge her phone sex habit instead of talking business! Poor, sexy girl.