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Tuesday, October 16, 2012

Tantilizing Tuesday Teaser: 10/16/2012

Hey what's up? Hiyadoin'? And it's time!

I bring you once again a Tantilizing Tuesday Teaser for all my wonderful readers out there. It's based off the selected picture in a lenght of 200 words; no more, no less.


Tony knew what he was doing was wrong. He knew Veronica was Ben’s girl, but he couldn’t help his attraction to her every time she’d stopped by. Veronica was hard to push away; her frail emotions, her sudden comfort to sooth his loneliness, and her lustrious body – Dear God!

Ben really screwed it up this time. He was serving out his eight-year bid for attempted manslaughter, and assault with a deadly weapon. He was aware of the consequences, but yet could he blame Veronica if she didn’t wait for him that long. Anything could happen in eight years; that’s a lot of waiting.

But Tony couldn’t resist the moment when she stepped out of the shower with him, pinning down to the ground, while she grinded her body on top him. She was more than lonely – she was horny for him. 

Veronica fiend for his touch, her body writhed from his thrusts. Tony watched her lustful expression when she placed her arm over the foot-ledge of the tub, moaning out in pleasure. Somehow, he found her nipples and Veronica’s breathing grew stong.

“Harder... suck them harder” She moaned, “Oh I love the way you suck on my nipples!”

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  1. Red hot tease Ray thoroughly enjoyed it

  2. If I was Tony I'd be worried about Ben learning of his lust for Veronica. Ben could be able to strike back even though he was serving an 8 year sentence in prison. Well done.

  3. Hot! Some times you just can't help yourself! The photo is horny too!

  4. Anticipation is the best sauce. Tantalizing indeed.

  5. Sexy imagery. Great position! :D

  6. With Ben outta the picture, I don't think anyone ha to worry about any consequences, particularly Tony and Veronica. Eight years is a which Veronica will no doubt explore the talents of many others. Tony has to worry about keeping Veronica. Freedom offers a seductive buffet of endless self-indulgence at which Veronica is clearly adept satisfying. Sexy, hot teaser. Loved it:) xo

  7. It must be very difficult for Veronica to remain faithful for that long. Ben was the idiot and now Tony is taking his place. It seems like she's loving it too. Damn hot teaser hon!

  8. Oh this is one hot read. Can't say that I blame them. Who wants to wait eight years on someone?