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Tuesday, August 14, 2012

Tantilizing Tuesday Teasers - 08/14/2012

Hiyadoin'? What's up? I want to welcome you all to Tantilizing Tuesday Teasers. This is the part where we express our true creativity based of a picture, that explains our muse, in 200 words; no more, no less. So stick around and enjoy this wonderful snippet from the creator of your AfterDark World: Ray Sostre.

Tyler came home, exhausted as hell. Since his new schedule change, he doesn't get his chance to see Darla during his breaks, like they normally do. Darla now works nine to five, while Tyler works eleven to seven. They're a difference between two hours; Darla, however, is two hours ahead of him. But Tyler would never know what excitement she would bring for him. She is so spontaneous, anything can happen -- anything!

As Tyler took off his fall jacket, he walked into the bed room and saw Darla in by far the most sexiest outfit ever-- a pink and black corset, with the heel of her leather boots holding away her stringy black thong, along with her new "Scorpio" symboled tattoo that Tyler got her on her birthday. He got a look at the beautiful woman on his bed, and he didn't need to question what she was doing -- it was obvious what was about to happen next.

Darla gave her most naughty grin. "I have a suprise for you. I managed to do it all by myself."

He set his jacket on the floor, and circled around Darla when he noticed an anal plug deeply inserted in her ass. It had a shiny jewel that made Tyler's cock ache in anticipation. Tyler knew how his evening would pan out.

"Oh Darla... damn!"

Okay, this concludes my teaser for now. Be sure you check out my peoples:


  1. Oh wow!! So sexy! A real teaser making me want to know about the rest of the nights occurances

  2. Oh wow, that would make anyone forget how tired they were. Hot and sexy, Ray!

  3. Oh, you tease. Of course that's where you stop :) Beautiful visuals too, very nice.

  4. Sexy as hell...Love her outfit by the way..

  5. Ray you have a great way of writing erotica. I would like to read what Darla has planned for the next two hours.

  6. Great teaser! I thought for a second there that you were gonna leave me hanging when Darla said she had a surprise. Great pic too!


  7. Ray, that was one hell of a tease! Awesome job. Drew me in and curiosity took over. Love the way you write. Sexy pic too. <3 it! :)

  8. Great pic and a whole lifestyle built around it. Good sexy fun. Very enjoyable, Ray.

  9. Hot damn! Ray you got me heading for a cold shower with this awesome tease. Thumbs up to you bro.