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Tuesday, August 7, 2012

Tantilizing Tuesday Teaser - 08/07/2012

Hiyadoin? It's been some time since I've been on Tantilizing Tuesday. I had been busy working on my website AfterDark Online, and I'm doing some improvements here and there. I want to provide my first Tantilizing Tuesday Teaser since July 10, and I want to have make sure I don't forget what I do. So here we are 200 words, no more, nor less of such seductive enjoyment - enjoy!

For three days straight, Krista had been coming home listening to her roommate Robyn having sex. It had been so long for Krista since she had sex that any sound of pleasure would get her excited. Krista had been looking at many different men, mainly at their packages that came with their boides. She needed sex so bad that she wanted to storm in on her roommate Robyn and take over from there. Sadly, she could only pleasure herself, and she didn't want to make any noises. This time her desire for pleasure has gotten so strong, she couldn't wait for the two to finish - she needed it now!

She leaned at the corner of the wall, immediately licking her lips with the naughty desire to touch herself. The excitement from Robyn's bedroom made Krista's center ache for something she hasn't felt in a long time. She closed her eyes and placed her left hand on her chest, removing the strap from her dress. At the same time, she placed her right hand under her dress, sliding her fingers down her soaken panties to touch her wanton center, wishing it was her getting fucked rather than Robyn.

Hey that is all for the day. I hope you have a wonderful day!

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  1. I wonder if anyone secretly watches her. Maybe she needs to join in with her friend or have someone surprise her. Good to have you back, great teaser!

  2. I agree with Naomi....she ne eds to drop a sweet suggestion to her roomie. But, in lieu of that, one's own self-experience tends well to serve the purpose. Yummy post, Ray. Delicious to have you back with us, no matter how brief. You ARE in your briefs, aren't you? Yep, still ever the bad g url....:) xo

  3. Damn Ray, I love Krista's state of mind... and I'm hoping she'll get so carried away they'll catch her at it too ;)
    Thumbs up Ray, this is one hot teaser :)

  4. Great post. Looks like we all want her to be caught ;-)

  5. I agree with the other comments, Ray, she's just praying to get caught. We all know where this story is going, or at least we hope we know. Good tease.

  6. Really hot ray and I do think she should burst in on Robyn but why replace, why not join in ?