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Tuesday, July 31, 2012

My Book Review of Erin Miller's "Intrigued By FIrst Sight"

Hi, it’s been a while since I done another book review, but today I’m doing a book review based from an author of such interest – Erin Miller, and her book Intrigued by First Sight. When I asked to do a review for her book, I couldn’t wait to get my eyes on the story. The anticipation was worth waiting for. Here is the blurb to best explain what the story is about.

Intrigued by First Sight  by Erin Miller ©2012

ISBN: 9781476311852


Honey Elizabeth is a freshman in college. She is studying child study and has heart set on becoming a teacher. She lives with her friend Jean and together they barely scrape enough to get by. One day in her freshman composition class, Honey meets a woman that will change her life – Jackie Miller!
Jackie is the bad girl type and has no room in her life for love, but when she meets Honey things stir in her heart that she has never known before.
Entranced, Honey and Jackie begin a love affair like no other. However, when Jackie's demons finally show up, will Honey be able to stand her ground and stick with the woman she has fallen for?


What I enjoyed most about the story was the way the scenes unfolded with one good event after another. The author doesn’t include any fluff, just what is exactly necessary to the story. The drama scenes were something to keep you guessing, because at first you would think the scene were predictable, but they weren’t. Erin Miller is great at throwing a game-changer with her characters.

She utilizes real-life issues of the characters, that I’m very sure others would identify and shows people with an open-mind about the reality of lesbian relationships; never just creating a sex-scene.

Ms. Miller’s book has left me more than intrigued – she left me wanting for more of her work.


While others are looking for a perfect book and perfect punctuation, I’m looking for the perfect feel of the story. Somehow, in the middle of the story, the character named Mark Solomon Jr. seemed to throw me off where I had to re-read it the second time to understand it. The middle was good; don’t get me wrong, Mark Solomon Jr. didn’t kill the feeling of the story, however, I was hoping for something stronger outlook of the villain of the story. My feelings were that the character was too predictable, and the story kind of lagged in the middle, but once you get past the middle part of the story, things pick up as the way it should had been.


What people should understand is that the story is fiction, and when you write fiction you can include scenes that are “out of the ordinary.” Every book reader wants to feel realism – I agree. However, I also don’t like to be bored to death by some authors; I have read stories that had way too much fluff, and not enough action where I’ve been bored by their work and think twice of reading it again. Erin Miller is not that kind of author. She is a self-published author and she is trying to make her mark out there by putting out such interesting work. I will give it a 5-star rating, because the story left me with a good feeling and I look forward to more of her books. I recommend you read it yourselves.

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