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Wednesday, July 4, 2012

AfterDark's Interview with Erin. M. Miller

July is Independence Month for all the indie-authors.  The AfterDark World is pleased to have an author with such intriguing style of story-telling. I want to introduce Erin M. Miller, a f/f romance writer and she is here to share a cocktail moment with The AfterDark World.

1. Erin, from one New Yorker to another, Hiyadoin? Thank you for coming along and why don’t you please tell us a little bit about yourself?
Hey thanks. I’m doing okay. Thank you for inviting me. Well, what is there to say about me? I’m just here really. I try to live my life and make the best of it.

2. How long have you been writing erotic romance and what got you inspired into writing this genre? 
Honestly, Intrigued by First Sight is the very first erotic romance I’ve ever written. I guess a few friends of mine play a small part since they reead erotica. So I figured I’d write  a lesbian erotica.

3. So far you have written other books that are self-published. What made you decide to get into self-publishing?

Money?  Ha, ha. Well I’ve been rejected over thirty times by traditional publishing so I figured I would give self publishing a shot.

4. How does your family and friends feel about the genre you write?

I write in many genres but I would think my family would stay away from my erotica stories. However, my friends who have read my erotica story so far loved it.

5. Please, tell us about your current book – Intrigued By First Sight?

Intrigued by First Sight is a novel about Honey Elizabeth and Jackie Miller. I figured it would be nice to have an interesting lesbian romance. Or is that giving myself too much credit? (Laughs nervously)

6. What inspired you to write this wonderful novel?

Two years ago I wrote a short story called “For The Love of a Family” which is about Honey Elizabeth and Jackie Miller in the future. I wasn’t planning on making it into a book series but two years later I produced the first novel. I guess you can say the short story is now more like a trailer to the series.

7. Are there any other projects that you are working at this time?

I’m working on Rougher Tides which is the sequal to Intrigued by First Sight. I’m also working on  a young adult scifi geared towards lesbians called Aeryn Crow.

8. Where do you find your muses, and how do you get your ideas through? Do you write it on a piece of paper or simply type in the word processing program?

My muses are some of the most random things you can think of. It would take too long to list most of them so I’ll leave it at random. Sometimes I write on paper and sometimes computer. I also have a voice recorder that I carry just in case my characters strike me at the most random intervals. That happens a lot.

9. What was the most challenging thing you ever faced, but you were proud to accomplish?

I broke my knee back in 2008 due to a scooter accident. I’m proud I’m now able to walk again after sustaining that type of injury.

10. What advice could you give to others, especially for those that are starting out?

Just keep doing what you are doing. And if someone leaves a bad review on your work don’t harass them. Thank them for taking the time to review your work and learn from it. Always be able to take constructive criticism since that is what will help you grow as an artist in whatever field you are in.

11. Cocktail moment: If there was a drink of your kind what would it be (alcoholic or non-alcoholic)?

Hmm that’s a good one. My favorite alcoholic beverage right now is Rum and Coke. Does that count? As for non-alcoholic, would root beer floats count?

12. Is there a trivial thing you wish to share to your readers?

I like looking at fish in pet stores. I like the blend of colors in the water and I love the fins of the fish. It’s an amazing part of nature to me.

13. Where can people find your books, including your upcoming?

I’m on both smashwords and amazon. For my hardcopy books I’m on createspace and lulu.

14. Lastly, where can people follow you (social network, blogs, websites, and etc.)?

Facebook, Twitter, Triond. I have everything connected to each other since I was trying to make it easier for people to find me.

Ms. Miller, thank you so much for being here. I truly wish you the very best success on your book, and I hope to see you in here again.

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She answered the door to Jackie who kissed her. She kissed her back
passionately and wrapped her arms around Jackie’s neck. Jackie picked her up
and carried her to her bedroom and lay atop Honey on her bed. They had never
had sex in her room before and she egged Jackie on by nibbling her ear
playfully. Apparently, this was a turn on spot for Jackie. Jackie let out a breath
that Honey quivered with pleasure beneath her too.

Honey ran her hands up and down Jackie’s back and then took a more
dominant stance. She forced Jackie below her. She took Jackie’s hands and
pinned them above her head and kissed Jackie. She began placing kisses along
the side of Jackie’s face to her neck while still holding Jackie’s arms above her
head. Then she released Jackie’s arms and caressed the sides of Jackie’s body
and her breasts. She trailed her fingers up her stomach and caressed around
Jackie’s nipples playing with them with finger and thumb. She replaced her
finger and thumb with her tongue and explored Jackie’s body with her tongue
and fingers. Jackie’s body reacted to the touch and Honey instinctively
followed Jackie’s bodily movements.

Honey continued to run her fingers along Jackie’s body. She ran her hands
down Jackie’s thighs in a light caress and back up her thighs near her vaginal
area. Honey felt and knew Jackie’s breathing was deeper and she felt the
rhythm of Jackie’s body. She kissed Jackie’s stomach and then kissed her
vaginal lips. As she was kissing the lips of Jackie’s vagina she placed one of her
hands on Jackie’s breasts and continued to play with her nipple between her
thumb and forefinger. She began to suck on her lips almost leaving a hickey.
She heard Jackie’s moan and kept doing what she was doing, knowing this was
great. She swirled her tongue inside Jackie and decided to also place a finger
inside her. She circled her finger inside her slowly at first and then she
progressed at a rapid pace going in one solid direction with her finger.

Eventually she added another finger and reversed the directions and increased
the speed of her fingers while still using her tongue. She felt Jackie’s body arch
inviting her to go deeper inside her and moving to the motions of her fingers.
She felt and heard Jackie moaning in deep ecstasy, which only turned Honey on
even more. Jackie began climaxing and Honey kept up her pace. She decided
to let out all her stress on Jackie and wouldn’t stop to she was relieved.
She also knew deep down she was in love with Jackie and she was utterly
enjoying herself. She wanted to make love to Jackie every night. This was
definitely something special. Jackie was screaming in ecstasy holding onto the
bed sheets to avoid latching onto Honey’s head with her hands. Eventually
Honey pulled up in order to kiss Jackie but she left her hand inside her to keep
up the swirling motions. Jackie automatically placed her hands on Honey’s back
latching onto her as her body moved in tune with Honey’s fingers.

Jackie kissed Honey and entered Honey with her own hand while Honey was
still inside her. Jackie was enjoying herself so much with Honey she didn’t
realize the hand she was using was her dominant hand, her right. It was the
same hand that had led to her snake psycho nickname. Honey however, didn’t
notice this. Although Jackie was worried that she couldn’t be so rough with
Honey, she was pleasantly surprised. Honey’s body accepted Jackie’s right
hand and moved with it. Both moaned in pure pleasure and really loud as if
they were the only two who could hear each other. While they kissed Honey
moaned into Jackie’s mouth while quickening her pace with her fingers and
working even through Jackie’s release of bodily fluids. Jackie was doing the
same thing with Honey.

Eventually, they were so exhausted they stopped while still inside each other.
Honey collapsed atop Jackie and Jackie wrapped her free arm around Honey.
Their love making session had lasted a long time.

“I love you, Honey,” Jackie said and kissed the top of Honey’s head. She had
thought Honey had fallen asleep and thought she couldn’t hear her. However,
Honey only smiled and settled into sleep cuddling with Jackie.

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