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Tuesday, July 31, 2012

My Book Review of Erin Miller's "Intrigued By FIrst Sight"

Hi, it’s been a while since I done another book review, but today I’m doing a book review based from an author of such interest – Erin Miller, and her book Intrigued by First Sight. When I asked to do a review for her book, I couldn’t wait to get my eyes on the story. The anticipation was worth waiting for. Here is the blurb to best explain what the story is about.

Intrigued by First Sight  by Erin Miller ©2012

ISBN: 9781476311852


Honey Elizabeth is a freshman in college. She is studying child study and has heart set on becoming a teacher. She lives with her friend Jean and together they barely scrape enough to get by. One day in her freshman composition class, Honey meets a woman that will change her life – Jackie Miller!
Jackie is the bad girl type and has no room in her life for love, but when she meets Honey things stir in her heart that she has never known before.
Entranced, Honey and Jackie begin a love affair like no other. However, when Jackie's demons finally show up, will Honey be able to stand her ground and stick with the woman she has fallen for?


What I enjoyed most about the story was the way the scenes unfolded with one good event after another. The author doesn’t include any fluff, just what is exactly necessary to the story. The drama scenes were something to keep you guessing, because at first you would think the scene were predictable, but they weren’t. Erin Miller is great at throwing a game-changer with her characters.

She utilizes real-life issues of the characters, that I’m very sure others would identify and shows people with an open-mind about the reality of lesbian relationships; never just creating a sex-scene.

Ms. Miller’s book has left me more than intrigued – she left me wanting for more of her work.


While others are looking for a perfect book and perfect punctuation, I’m looking for the perfect feel of the story. Somehow, in the middle of the story, the character named Mark Solomon Jr. seemed to throw me off where I had to re-read it the second time to understand it. The middle was good; don’t get me wrong, Mark Solomon Jr. didn’t kill the feeling of the story, however, I was hoping for something stronger outlook of the villain of the story. My feelings were that the character was too predictable, and the story kind of lagged in the middle, but once you get past the middle part of the story, things pick up as the way it should had been.


What people should understand is that the story is fiction, and when you write fiction you can include scenes that are “out of the ordinary.” Every book reader wants to feel realism – I agree. However, I also don’t like to be bored to death by some authors; I have read stories that had way too much fluff, and not enough action where I’ve been bored by their work and think twice of reading it again. Erin Miller is not that kind of author. She is a self-published author and she is trying to make her mark out there by putting out such interesting work. I will give it a 5-star rating, because the story left me with a good feeling and I look forward to more of her books. I recommend you read it yourselves.

Check out Erin Miller’s books on Smashwords, and Lulu

Monday, July 30, 2012

Grinelda Markowitz Guest Blogs for The AfterDark World.

Writing erotica for me is like playing with fire in a gamer’s universe in which the setting changes without notice.

Some writers pen across multiple genres successfully.  Other writers find their niche in a specific genre or sub-genre and do very, very well in their chosen specialty.  The latter is no less acceptable an approach to writing than the former.

The same goes for readers.  People read according to their tastes.  Some only enjoy a narrow genre range while others are very eclectic readers.  Readers of erotica, however, many times find their reading preferences are more diverse across the various classifications of writing.

When writing erotica, it amuses me that I have the luxury of writing in a fantasy mode or sci-fi mode or even in a dark horror mode.  Erotic content is the fabric of the tapestry which hangs on the framework of the genre of choice.  Writers of erotica have the reading universe at their fingertips.  The starscape is the limit.

When I sat down to write The Moon-Kissed Chi (TMKC), which is the first book in my Kalaydan Chronicles series, I wasn’t expecting the resulting book.  Actually, I spent the first few chapters chuckling to myself and rolling on the floor laughing my ass off.  I found myself slapping myself on the back over some of the homages carefully tucked away in many of the scenes.  I’m sure the old adage about the defendant who is his own attorney might be stretched to apply to the writer who laughs uncontrollably at their own funnies.

Though the heat level in TMKC oscillates between “Texas summer” hot and “balmy seaside days” warm, it’s not inconceivable to write an erotic tale which maintains scorching heat or tepid mildness throughout.  It’s kinda like eating preferences, some writers prefer a spicier diet than others.  Whether you’re looking for volcanic heat or baby-bottle warmth, you’ll find a diverse range of sexual climate woven engagingly throughout the pages of The Moon-Kissed Chi.

In the City of Kalaydan, Arrinay and Bezhyanya, the senior members of the ruling family, are faced with the early maturation of their daughter, Gayadnae.  She must start the training.  It’s Kalaydan law.  Their daughter has other ideas.  After concocting a plan to avoid responsibility and almost succeeding in carrying it out, Gayadnae’s life takes an unexpected turn.

Grayt, the ever-present serving woman to Arrinay, fills many roles and has her fingers in a number of pies.  There’s definitely more to her than is apparent on the surface.  Besides coordinating activities in the Main House, keeping the young mistress in line, and talking to horses, Grayt seems to have a more secret mission along with a few more grave responsibilities.

A hint of trouble on the horizon and other darker activities weave their way through the backdrop of this delightful tale of the city of Kalaydan.  Buy The Moon-Kissed Chi at 

“Lay back,” she instructed.
She touched the stone hanging around her neck.  Her hair seemed to catch fire and the swirling colors in the black of her eyes returned.  His cod-baby nuzzled her palm.  He reached up and pulled her towards him in an embrace.  She returned his kiss.  The world took on a dreamlike quality.  She stood up, releasing his koq as she did and the stone glowed a bright orange-red between her breasts.  She called to him then took off running across the bushy terrain.  She turned slowly to look over her shoulder.
“Come on. What are you waiting for?”  She giggled.
He rose sluggishly to his feet and bounded after her.  Cities passed and he pushed ahead faster.  Strange people turned to look at them as they passed.  He could not close the distance between them.  Somewhere between where their blanket lay and the here and now, the here and then, his clothes had fallen away. 
His cod-baby slapped against his belly as he struggled against great resistance to reach her.  Her pace slowed as they approached a place of swirling colors and light.  As he came up to a stop behind her, his cod rared and undulated and snaked up her back.
The clawed hands of faceless creatures with winged backs reached out for them and drew them in. As they entered this place, they were enveloped in a group embrace.  Hands stroked and caressed them.  He felt a tightening around his koq even tighter than Grayt’s grip during their earlier romp.
She turned; all smiles and needle-like teeth.  Her eyes glinted with bright colors in the black of their depths.  Her fingers clawed and raked his chest.  The hands lifted her and wrapped her legs around his torso.  He pulled her head back by the hair.
He wanted to talk, to speak, to bellow loudly, but there was no sound.  There were no words.  He braced himself against the wall of hands and bodies behind him.  The feathers of the faces around them tickled his back as they brushed against him.  He moved her by the hips from his snaking limb and found the further away he pulled her from his groin the more of his man-flesh which slid from her orifice.  He slid her down again.  Her legs held him with the strength of a smithy’s embrace.
She brought his mouth close to her jiggling breasts and he sank his teeth into her flesh.  She tasted of forest leaf mold and sweet water and fire ash and the heady scent of all manner of flowers.  Her juices ran down his thighs.  Her keen of ecstasy was soundless.  The hands of many Faerhën fondled his balls and raked his skin and pinched his nipples.  Their forms entwined and undulated around the two in orgiastic frenzy.
He bit deeper into her flesh and tasted the flow of her life blood.  Her moist, wet tunnel pulsed around his throbbing shaft.  He frigged his living cod against the walls of her tunnel.  A whirlwind engulfed them both and he shot yet another load of seed into the bowels of her belly.

About Grinelda Markowitz:
Grinelda Markowitz resides in a galaxy far, far away with a trusty pen, a never-ending supply of paper, and a fertile imagination.

I will give away one copy of The Moon-Kissed Chi ( version) by random drawing.  Please comment in a reply to this post with your email address and state your desire to enter.


Friday, July 20, 2012

Charlene Keel Guest Blogs for The AfterDark World

I was intrigued by this indie-author who can really make an astonishing appearance. Her name is Charlene Keel, and I was immediately intrigued at her excerpt from "FourPlay Girls"; a well released book. Now I knew very little about her then, until I purchased the her book and checked out her blog, I realized Ms. Keel is a woman with a lot of belts around her waist. She is an editor, a journalist, on top an author, and a screenwriter. And to add to it, she had an interesting start on how she got somewhere.

When she came to me to be a guest blog on The AfterDark World, I was happy to have her on here and I'm by far honored to have her guest blog, because I want you to see for yourself what a very talented writer she is.


Brenda loved power and she had everything she’d ever wanted—the condo, the car and the luxurious lifestyle that went with success. She had it all—except a man.
Not that she wanted one around all the time, distracting her from her destiny with his need, and she had decided she would never again waste time on a relationship.
Identifying a need in the marketplace had always been her forte and when she realized that elaborate fantasies and frequent self-indulgence weren’t enough for her, she decided to advertise:

Busy Female Executive Seeks Valet for household management. Keep track of diet, wardrobe and calendar; act as escort to society functions. Must be intelligent, stylish and competent. Regular, generous bonuses for special services. Apply with letter and photo.

She placed it in a weekly newspaper popular with actors and musicians. The next day, her email was full of responses. By Sunday evening, she had narrowed respondents down to three possibilities.
Kevin was big, blond and Ivy League. A struggling actor, he had scribbled at the bottom of his resume, “Satisfaction guaranteed!”
Philippe, the dancer, was muscular but slender, dark, smoldering and intense.
The third one, a musician, had rugged features and the hard, haunted edge of a brilliantly talented man who was going nowhere fast. His letter was brief and gut-level honest.
“I’m just looking for a gig, lady,” he wrote. “I’m almost too old to be a rock and roller and it’s almost too late for me to be anything else. I know what you want and I can supply it. Let’s negotiate.”
He sounded strong. Capable. And dangerous. She would save him for last.
Neither of them spoke at first. He was wearing tight, faded jeans, biker boots, blue work shirt and a denim jacket. His sandy brown hair hung mid-way down his back. There was a day’s stubble of beard on his face, and he smelled clean and pure, like fresh limes squeezed over ice.
His eyes were full of passion, and the pain of his own unrecognized genius, of anger and hope—and a little of madness.
“Come in,” she said at last.
He nodded. “Nice place,” he said as he walked past her.
“Thanks. Would you like something to drink?”
“You have any beer?”
“Domestic or imported?”
“Whatever’s the most expensive,” he said and laughed at her surprise. “Let’s not kid each other. I know what you want. If I’m going to sell my soul, it’s got to be on my terms.”
“Your soul is the one thing I’m not interested in,” she replied, a delicious warmth sweeping over her as she wondered what his terms would be. “I’ll get your beer.”
When she returned, she saw that he’d taken off his boots and was sitting on the sofa, leaning back, his feet propped on the hassock. His socks were two different colors. “Is that intentional?” she asked. “Or are you color blind?”
“Lady, everything I do is intentional.”
“My name is Brenda,” she said, desperate to hear his rich, velvet and sandpaper voice whisper it in her ear.
“Okay, Brenda,” he complied. “Come closer—unless you don’t like what you see.”
It was a dare, and she took it.
He sat up, his eyes traveling from her face downward, his gaze traveling over her body. Slowly he reached out and untied the sash of her silk pajamas.
“Why don’t you take that off?” he asked.
“Why don’t you?” she countered.
With one swift movement, he ripped the garment from her body. She wore nothing underneath and her nipples went rigid as she heard the fabric ripping. Its soft folds slid over her curves and pooled around her feet. He sat back and pulled her on top of him so she was straddling his lap.
“You know that you’re beautiful,” he observed. “So why do you have to pay for it?”
“I don’t have to pay for it,” she whispered. “I want to pay for it. I don’t have time for any kind of emotional involvement or to worry about pleasing a man.”
“But you want a man to please you?”
“Well, let’s see what we can do.” He swung them both around so that he was lying down and she was straddling his chest, her nether lips parted and waiting near his face. With both hands, he reached up and caressed her breasts, cupping them and stroking them gently. He toyed with her nipples for a few moments, and then he slid his hands down to her buttocks and pulled her closer. Sweetly, slowly, he kissed her downy soft mound, his tongue probing her until he found his target.

Not only does she have one, but she has several more in different genres of romance and erotic romance, but most of all she is one talented writer. So please check out her books at - especially
FourPlay Girls

Here are her other books to check out by Charlene Keel, which can be found through Amazon Kindle and Books.

Just click on search link of Charlene Keel

Friday, July 13, 2012

Summer Daniels Guest Blogs on The AfterDark World

AfterDark Online is pleased to have Summer Daniels - one of the most expressive indie-authors to tell us about the importance of being an indie-author, and such interesting reasons of becoming one.

When did you consider yourself an author?

I have been a writer for many years, but never really considered myself an author until I hit "publish" on the first part of my Summers' Journey series back in August, 2011.

I was wrong.  Being a published writer did not make me an author.

I am a self-published indie and I am quite proud of that fact.

Traditional publishing can stand upon the decks of their sinking ships and attempt to stigmatize self-publishing until the waves of change finally crest over their heads.

I could care less.

Forget the stigma that traditional publishing has attempted to label self-publishing with.  Why would I care?  Why would YOU?

Being self-published gives me total control.  It also makes me a writer, editor, content format expert, website guru, marketing genius and saleswoman all rolled up into one busier than ever package.

That still did not make me an author however.

I did not come to realize this fact easily.  Introspection does not come naturally to most of us and I am certainly no exception to that rule.

It has been pointed out to me in the past that I was what we will politely term a "pigeon" promoter.  I came flying into a particular Facebook group / Goodreads forum / etc. / etc. and I dropped a load of self-promotional material - then flew off again.  This particular strafing run marketing technique did not earn me a lot of friends and followers among my fellow authors.

In my defense - my writing is my part time career (for now) and it is hard to keep so many promotional "balls" in the air without dropping one here or there.

I felt like some marketing was better than nothing and certainly - being self-published - no one was standing in line to volunteer to give me a hand.


It was about this time that I came across a quote on J.A. Konrath's blog site - A Newbie's Guide to Publishing.  Feelings about Konrath tend to vary widely among writer's circles - everyone has an opinion.  Some see him as a standard bearer for new publishing.  Others see him as a slickly packaged marketing genius - using his blog reach to further his sales.

Say what you will about him - he speaks his mind freely - and more often than not is absolutely correct in predicting developments and trends within the changing times in the publishing world.

So - you can call me a Konrath fan - of his blog and of his writing, but that is not my point.  I digress - as I tend to do on occasion.

I found a quote on his website that really struck a chord in me.  As a writer.  As an author.  And truly as the person I want to be when I grow up.  (As if writers ever grow up - but humor me for the sake of my argument for a moment.)

Here is the quote - and I have no idea whether or not to attribute it to Konrath as it was listed with a bunch of other motivational quotes.

"Always have two hands reaching out.  One, for your next goal.  The other, to help people get to where you're at."

That's it.  That was my "aha" moment.  Simple and concise - yet it speaks volumes.

It is not a new concept of course.  Not like anyone was reinventing the wheel.  Help one another.  Or as Joe (notice how we are on a first name basis now - even though he doesn't know I exist?) also said in that particular blog post - "we are all in the same boat - and we all need to row."

I did not stop my self-promotion, but I began to embrace the tremendous feeling of community all around me.  I began to review books for other indie authors I had interacted with.  I volunteered (with much trepidation) to write a blog post or two myself - thinking all the while that as a newly self-published indie - who on earth was going to care what I had to say?

There is another famous quote that I shall paraphrase as follows:  Half of success is just showing up.

I began to show up.  I began to re-post other's promotional efforts, re-tweeting other author's tweets, sharing links to helpful articles or promotional sites I had found.

I became part of the community that I felt truly supported me when I was a nobody with a dream.  Now I'm a nobody with a dream AND a few books on Amazon, but I digress once again.

I became interested in more than my own goals, desires and needs.

I became someone that was happy to help with advice, opinions, beta-reading, reviewing, etc.

I became an author.


There are many among us who truly go above and beyond to help one another.  They actively promote other author's works on their blogs, posting reviews, hosting blog hops, sharing knowledge and wisdom gained through countless hours of finding their own way in this changing digital landscape.

There are many others that are still out there trying to find their own path.  There is no right answer for success when it comes to indie publishing.  You experiment and find something that works for you.  You tinker, adjust, change, adapt and overcome.

It can be very overwhelming.  Social media abounds and there is always just one more site to post to - surely this one will be where I discover success.

I am starting to digress once again - and I'll be shocked if anyone is still reading this blog post.  The cynical among you might even point out that this blog post is approaching the length of one of my stories.

Anyway ... back to your regularly scheduled program ...


My point is simple.  You have to do what feels right to you.  Know that for me personally - I never truly felt like I was an author in this wonderful community until I took the time to reach that hand back and attempt to help someone else get to where I had already been.


I write erotica, albeit with a highly intelligent, witty and humorous bent.  Writing erotica - or just happening to be on Earth and breathing these days - it has been a little difficult to not notice the phenomenal success of Fifty Shades of Grey.

Say whatever you would like about the writing, the fact that it was Twilight fan-fiction first, or whatever else you might have thought about the story.  The fact remains that the success of Fifty Shades has brought a lot of people (okay - a lot of women ... a whole lot of women) - back to reading in a big way.  The effect it has had on erotica is very similar to what Harry Potter had on children's books.

So I had an idea.  At the time I had no idea if it was even a feasible idea, but I would say it has worked out.

Shamelessly riding the coattails of the Fifty Shades wave, I set up a Facebook page called What to read after Fifty (50) Shades of Grey.

The intent behind the page was to simply expose these new readers of the erotica genre to other erotic authors, including myself.

To say it has worked would be an understatement of epic proportions.

The Facebook page was launched 78 days ago.  It has resulted in 6,500 sales - an average of 83 books a day!  Not of my own books mind you - but of a wide variety of authors.  Some just starting out, others who are firmly established veterans of the genre.

The page is open for any and all authors that wish to post there and promote their works.  The vast majority of books that have sold have indeed been erotic in nature, but there are particularly voracious readers here - and if your promotional blurb appeals to them - you never know.

The point is that I finally feel like I am giving back - in some small way - to the community that has supported, encouraged and nurtured me from the very beginning. 

It takes some of us longer to see the obvious - right in front of us - than it does others.  That is just human nature.  It took me a while to reconcile the cyclical nature of Karma.  Do good for others - happily and willingly - and I truly believe that goodness will return to you ten-fold.

It took me awhile to stop being that pigeon marketer - and to start being an author.

Many thanks to Ray for allowing me to spew forth my opinions on his page today.  As always - your mileage may vary.

Support Indie Authors!


Successful people are always looking for opportunities to help others.  Unsuccessful people are always asking "What's in it for me?"  ~Brian Tracy

He who gives when he is asked has waited too long.  ~Sunshine Magazine

In about the same degree as you are helpful, you will be happy.  ~Karl Reiland

Dare to reach out your hand into the darkness, to pull another hand into the light.  ~Norman B. Rice

I wondered why somebody didn't do something.  Then I realized, I am somebody.  ~Author Unknown

The only gift is a portion of thyself.  ~Ralph Waldo Emerson


Summer Daniels is the author of the incredibly intelligent, witty, hot and sexy True Romance / Erotica series called Summer's Journey.  You can find her works exclusively on Amazon here: Summer Daniel's Amazon Author Page

You should go check out her series immediately.  No, really.  I'll wait here.




Find Summer online at her Facebook Page or at the book recommendation / author promotion site that is What to read after Fifty (50) Shades of Grey.  

Go now - she'd love to hear from you.

Wednesday, July 11, 2012

Dawne Prochilo Guest Blogs for The AfterDark World

Author, blog-guru, and best-selling author Dawne Prochilo guest blogs today on The AfterDark World about something very interesting -  something full of life and delight - better yet, voluptuous!

Curvy and proud? Voluptuous and curvaceous?

Most heroines in romance novels have the perfect body. They have all the right curves, in all the right places. In reality, how many women are bodies like that? And, what is the perfect body?

The perfect body is in the eye of the beholder. Nothing more. Nothing less.

In the last six months or so, I have seen more romance authors recognizing this fact AND acting on it. More and more well-rounded heroines are popping up on pages in print and on e-readers. I applaud authors becoming aware of this veracity.

When I first wrote Callie’s Way (my second attempt at writing an F/F), I already had the series, The Voluptuous Women’s Club (The V.W. Club) formulated. Every heroine in this four book series would be of above average size. Curvy hips, ample breasts and more to love. It felt great writing about heroines that I partially portrayed after myself. I am not a large (according to the official BMI calculator, I am just right) and according to the special man in my life, I am just right.

Without revealing my actual weight, let’s just say, I am perfectly fine with the way I look and my appearance. Many women are ‘hung up’ on their weight and appearance and all I can say is… this parlays over into our fiction heroine awareness factor. What we may not have in real life, we want to read about in our romance novels.

I have to disagree though. I am voluptuous and proud. I am curvaceous and confident.

After Dark Online feels the same way. Founder and owner, Ray Sostre has been having semi-monthly contests and coming up later this summer is the Proud and Curvy contest.
So, sharpen those pencils, charge that laptop battery and get to writing about fun-loving woman of ‘perfect proportion’.

Buy Link
Callie’s Way- Amazon

Tuesday, July 10, 2012

Tantilizig Tuesday Teasers - 07/10/2012

Hiyadoin' people. It's time for the Tantilizing Tuesday Teasers once again where
we post delicious erotic snippets in 200 words.
Check out what Ray Sostre has in store for you...

In February 2011, I began expanding my short story and later developed it into a novel called
"About The Night Ride Home"
I placed it on hold due to other commitments, but yet they happened to be my most favorite characters to talk about - Darla & Tyler, and I fell in love with the characters so much that I want to create a series to it.

I'm planning several series that regard the characters Darla & Tyler, along with their friends and foes with a very happy ending.

So without further ado, allow me to provide you a snippet I'm sketching, which is only in rough copy and off the top of my head, based off this picture.

Tyler watched the transfixed expression on Darla's face as she moved up and down on his shaft, he felt her nail digging on his chest, through his shirt, while she exhaled a sound of pleasure through mouth. The way her body rocked against his body, he couldn't help but tilt back his head and close his eyes. He could go all morning having sex with Darla, and there's no doubt in her mind that Darla wanted to have sex all day long. It's been a long time since they had these morning quickies, but for some reason he check his watched and realized they were cutting it close -- they had ten minutes to catch the light rail to work, or else they will be late.

"Darla, we going to be late." Tyler continued meeting her moves.

"Oh god, I wish we called off," She closed her eye, her fingers gripping his shirt.

Tyler thrust in her hard that Darla was moaning out of pleasure. He watched her body collapse on top of him, and felt her lustful kisses around his earlobe and neck.

Darla rasped in his ear, "Hurry baby and cum. You know how excited I get when I feel you cum in me!"

Thank you for reading it and tune in for next Tuesday.

In the meantime, check out my friends below:

Sunday, July 8, 2012

AfterDark's Interview with Kim Faulks

I am happy to introduce an indie-author with such intrigue. From Australia with love, I want to introduce Author Kim Faulks.

Thank you so much for having me Ray.

1. Kim, thank you for joining us. Please, why don’t you tell us a little bit about yourself?
Okay. I am married to a wonderful man and a mother of two great kids. I spend most days at work as a Manager of a Security Control Room which is cool 'cause I get to hang out with my two best friends. I live in Queensland Australia where it is sunny pretty much all the time and my passion is writing really great stories.

2. How long have you been writing paranormal erotic romance, and what got you inspired into writing this genre?           

Paranormal Erotica was actually my first genre that I started my writing career with. I wrote my first short story as part of an Anthology call that Naughty Nights Press had at the time and it was accepted. My inspiration to write this wasn't so much about the erotic side, but about the story and the characters themselves. I'm pretty much happy to go wherever the characters need in the story, sexually, or otherwise.

3. Are there any other books that you have written? Also, what made you decide to get into self-publishing?

I have The Fire and Ice Series out at the moment, Reclaimed, Seductive Sands and Enslaved and I will be working on the last two installments very soon. I have a Dark Urban Fantasy novel, Hells Angel out which is getting some pretty good reviews so I am pretty happy with that.

Self-Publishing was really me testing myself. I wanted to make sure that I knew everything from the ground up, how much work is involved and every little thing that goes into not just putting a book out there, but the tireless efforts to get that book seen.  

4. How does your family and friends feel about the genre you write?

My family is good with it. They don't really have much to do with my writing, although they are really supportive. My friends love it. They read all of my work first and I am fortunate to have a really good sounding board with them. They help on structure, plot, characters and editing which helps me so much.

5. Please, tell us about your current book – Hells Angel

Hells Angel is a Dark Urban Fantasy novel which centers around my two main characters Kellah Slater and Darrion Hunter. Kellah is a Demon forced back to Earth by her Father, The Accuser. She to not only has to live on Earth, but amongst the pathetic breed she calls Humans.

Darrion is a detective who has lost pretty much everything good in his life, his wife and daughter, his sanity and all hope that he ever had for his own survival. He is only one small thought away from ending it all. That small thought is to see Kellah Slater in jail where she belongs. To Darrion she is nothing but a thief, who prays on the innocent with no conscience, there is nothing good about her, nothing why can't he get her out of his mind?

If you like a dark, gritty and no-hold bared story that will rock your world then Hells Angel is for you!

6. What inspired you to write this story?

Kellah inspired me actually. I was having a shitty day at work, dealing with someone that I didn't especially like and as my frustration mounted I opened up a word document and started typing. Kellah was born out of frustration and anger and I liked her, a lot.

7. Are there any other projects that you are working at this time?

I am always working on something. I am in the process of finishing the first draft of the first book in a new series, this genre I've dubbed as Dark Devine Paranormal. I've been writing this one for some time now and the story itself has gone through a few transitions to become what it is. Destiny's Dawn is half of a human story and half a paranormal and when those worlds collide it will leave you speechless.

I am also about half way through a young adult paranormal novel and will hopefully have this finished within the next few months. The Gothic Goddess Chronicles will be an ongoing series that many older children and adults will enjoy.

I also have a sci-fi post-apocalyptic novel I am planning as well as finishing off the two novellas from The Fire and Ice Series.  

8. Where do you find your muses, and how do you get your ideas through? Do you write it on a piece of paper or simply type in the word processing program?

I am a very spiritual person, so my muse is the Dark Goddess herself or the desire to help others find their way to her. Dark Chocolate and Red Wine also make an appearance every now and them ;)

I usually just open up a word document and start typing. I don't normally plot out my stories, unless they are very complicated and even then I usually just have plot points to aim towards and I let my characters do the rest. 

9. What was the most challenging thing you ever faced, but you were proud to accomplish?

I would have to say finishing my first novel. I started writing novellas as I was hesitant to write a complete novel and once I realized that I could do it, I then set my sights on completing my first novel. Hells Angel will always hold a special place in my heart because of this.

10. What advice could you give to others, especially for those that are starting out?

Read lots and write lots. Get your hands on Stephen King, On Writing and consider it your bible. There are lots of ways to write, plotting out your story, or just writing it from an idea. But you need to put in the hours at the computer to find the rhythm and the flow. You aren't just putting words on the paper; you are sharing a desire to inspire.

11. Cocktail moment: If there was a drink of your kind what would it be (alcoholic or non-alcoholic)?

Strawberry Daiquiri - I love the fruity light flavor of this drink. It is something I can drink all night.

12. Is there a trivial thing you wish to share to your readers?

I love to embarrass my kids. I'm the parent that has a stuffed animal fight in the toy section of K-Mart, or has a play fight with my kids in the middle of aisle five whilst in the middle of grocery shopping. My kids ask me all the time, "Why can't you be like other Mums, you know normal?" It cracks me up all the time. 

13. Where can people find your books, including your upcoming?

You can find me on Amazon mostly, although I will be putting my work on Smashwords in the next few days. Just search for Kim Faulks and you will see all of my titles.

14. Lastly, where can people follow you (social network, blogs, websites, and etc.)?

I would love to connect with you and you can find me here:

Kim, thank you so much for being here. I truly wish you the very best success on your book, and I hope to see you in here again.

Thank you so much Ray. It has been my pleasure and I looks forward to checking back on your fantastic site, keep up the great work.

Kim, xx

In the meantime, check out her wonderful excerpt to Hells Angel. Available on Amazon, and help support indie-authors.


The seedy city streets of Red Valley were no place for a lady at two in the morning. So, it was lucky for Kellah that she was no lady.

She was a demon, a real one. Cast out from the fiery pits of Hell that she called home, sweet home, and into the land of mortgages, low-employment, a declining stock market, and wretched creatures. Here there were more low lives out at two in the morning than you'd see hanging outside The Suicide Blonde's Nightclub back home on a Friday night. Yes, if you are wondering, it was filled with Suicide Blonde's.
Kellah walked along the rain soaked streets towards the dump where she lived, feeling more pissed off than she usually felt. She kept to the shadows, slamming the thick heel of her boots into the sidewalk as she swerved in and out of the pathetic breed called humans.

Many still roamed the streets this time of the night, the deep-seated desire evident in their eyes caused her to snarl at the sight of them. Desperation stared back at her from the street corner whores who rubbed their arms, desperate to feel the sting of a needle, and from the men who drove in a crawl along the street, needing their own fix of flesh. She was not a part of this world, only a visitor, one who would serve her time and return home.

This place ... Earth, was her jail and she was serving hard time. But it wasn't a death sentence, no. All she had to do was bide her time and wait for her Father to bring her home again. Until he called, she would tread the same streets, the same path, and look at the same disgusting mortal vermin. She survived by remembering that she was not one of them, she was different.  

Revulsion was her only company as she walked past a rowdy bar, attempting to push past a group of men as they laughed and stumbled, spilling out onto the pavement before her. One of the men lurched sideways, holding onto his glass and righted himself without spilling so much as a drop, his focus turning to her as she side-stepped this act.

"Hey! Howzabout a kiss?" he stammered, reaching out to grab her as he stepped in front of her. "It's my birfday."

His friends howled with raucous laughter. Cheering him on with an elbow in his stomach and following his suit by stepping in front of her, they stopped any effort she had at getting past without an incident.
She slowed then paused at the wall of male human flesh, their penetrating gaze staring at her with a mixture of drunkenness and stupidity. Underneath that pretense of laughter and fun was a river of need. She knew this longing. It ran through each and every mortal she had ever known.

Their sickly desire leaked from their pores and oozed like a vein of life blood. It didn't matter what they wanted. Each one was different, but in the end all the same, seeking money, fame or power. To be something different than they weren't at this very moment, to have fast cars and fancy clothes and get by in life a little better than the next person. 

She wasn't like this, she was different. She neither desired nor wanted anything this human world could give her. She only wanted to go home.

Decades in her home were torture for a spirit, but it was a torture that grew on you until it is all you ever needed or wanted. Pain was a way of life and became your way of life, the fuel to sustain your very existence. Her family was all she needed, her Father and the endless supply of brothers and sisters, ready to share their afterlife called Hell.

"Hey you! Well, whatcha gonna do?" One of them said as he reached down and rubbed along his groin, a wet patch spreading out in the middle where he rubbed. Either he just pissed himself or ... oh shit, she didn't want to even fucking think about that. He stared at her with a bewildered gaze, trying best to look seductive with piss all over the front of his clothes.

Humans. They were all the fucking same. These ones seemed to feed off each other, pushing and laughing, their coos of "Fuck yeah, go Donny," and "She's fucking gorgeous," melting into one long fucking chorus.
She kept her eyes down, hoping their enthusiasm would quickly wear off or turn elsewhere, and they’d just let her past. That is until one of them reached out and placed his hand over her breast, squeezing her nipple so that it pained and throbbed. It looked like she was wrong.