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Monday, June 11, 2012

Tantilizing Tuesday Teasers - 06/12/2012

Hey what's up and hiyadoin? I want to go ahead and get my Tantilizing Tuesday Teaser out of the way, where you only read snippets at around 200 words.

This segment is an older woman/younger man scene. I love writing stories about older women and younger men. Even if they are 4 years apart. There's something interesting about that relationship. Enjoy!

For a woman who turned just fifty three, Andrea had an amanzing body! She never felt so appreciated by a young man that gave her such confidence. The feel of Keith's warm hands all over her pudendal area and tummy made her core ache in passion, but her skin tingle with goose bumps. She loved the way Keith spoke into her ear with his warm, breathy tone; hearing his romantic voice made her melt against clothed body.

"You are so beautiful Andrea." He nuzzled at her neck.

"Thank you." She held on to the keys of his Mercedes S-Class, parked in her driveway. "Why don't you get undressed, so that way we can check out the backseat together."

"Trevor isn't going to be home anytime soon -- is he?"

"Oh no." She shook her head, opening the rear passenger door. "My son has a hot date too."

"This is so wrong... me calling you Andrea and being attracted to my best friend's mom."

"I know." Andrea sighed. "Your parents wouldn't approve of me either, but whey don't know wouldn't hurt us. Would it?'

"Not at all," Keith shook his head. He extended his hand forward, offering her to enter the Mercedes. "After you Ms. Giattino"

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  1. Being an older woman, this gets my whoremones flaming. Do it like you mean it! Oh, yeah:) xo

  2. I like the scenario, just found some of the word choices off-putting. Thanks for teasing!

  3. ooooh I love that...Very nicely done...reeeow

  4. The older/younger relationship is always sexy to me...*sighs*

  5. The kid has a Mercedes? What's his phone number! Kidding. Super sexy and fun.

  6. Oh my! That gets me all fired up. Do tell more

  7. oh very Great post.

  8. Hot and steamy Ray, got to love that 'car sex'!

  9. Hot damn Ray, your smoking hot teaser just made my day!
    Perfect picture too btw.

  10. Gotta love a Cougar!! Go Mrs. G!

  11. HOT teaser! I would have loved to read more!

  12. Loved your picture, Ray - smokin' hot! I have to admit, I wasn't aroused by the story, but the picture made up for the lack of literary stimulation. I look forward to next week's picture ;) Great imagination though.