Love Out Of Lust Series

Tuesday, June 5, 2012

Tantilizing Tuesday Teaser: 06/05/2012

Hi! It's now time for the Tantilizing Tuesday Teasers, based off a picture I select and
come out with a snippet of 200 words.
Here is something you should masturbate to -- Enjoy!

Reese heard Norma gasp in his ear. Norma's folds were soft and velvety. He encirlced his hands around her ass and pulled her close to him, while he felt her meeting his thrusts. Reese needed to pump her slow. He hadn't masturbated in almost a week. One right move by Norma, and he'll empty his load inside her -- she told him earlier she didn't want a two-pump chump.

As he felt her moan under her breath, her soft fingers pressed into his hard muscular skin Then next, he felt her fingers cradling over his shoulders and her head leaning next to his; she was moving up and down on his cock, at the same time moaning in his ear.

The sensation of her wet friction was making his cock ache. He needed her to slow down -- he may not hold out any longer.

He gripped her ass, signaling her to stop, when her eyes opened and gave an odd expression, indicating something was wrong. She asked, "What... what's up?"

He panted nervously, "You need to slow down."

"Why?" She grinned. "Are you going to cum?"

He nodded his head; his balls ached as he felt her legs locked tight around his pelvis, squeezing his cock with her cunt. He whimpered, "No... please?"

"Too late," giving her most wicked grin. "I want to feel you explode inside me."


  1. What a naughty minx she is to push him that way and ride him so hard. I think she needs a spanking, don't you?

  2. Well maybe he'll be up for a second helping? This time l think he should make her wait, and beg, and wait some more!

  3. Oh and sensual. Loved how you drew out each movement and sensation, putting us right there with them. Delicious.

  4. I oh, so agree with all my ladies. She is a wicked vixen to milk him hard that way, a way which I have..........whew, well, enough about me. Just bring me some ice and a fan, we are in for another ride, baby. Loved it:) xo

  5. Oh! so... hummmm
    sensual, hot...teasing..
    Love it

  6. I can't tell you how many times I've done that to my husband! Great tease.

  7. Oh wow! Too damn hot! Love it

  8. So sexy...and he's in trouble because she isn't letting up any...hehe

  9. Mmmmm Naughty girl. What a sensual teaser!

  10. Oh Hot-Damn, a woman who can work the muscles in her pussy is worth her weight in gold. The cool thing is she'll have him hard again in no time. Hell, I'm getting hard just thinking about it. Excellent.

  11. I've done it, too. Loved the post. Very sexy!