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Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Ray Sostre Guest Blogs on The AfterDark World.

Hey Hiyadoin? I was offer a chance to write something I never thought I was particularly capable of – writing a f/f romance. While I love writing erotic romance in a contemporary form, including ménages, I also have a love of writing a lesbian romance.
I was given the opportunity by a paranormal author Annalynne Russo to get my foot in the door with Evernight Publishing, by participating in an anthology call in May 2012. I took on the challenge of doing something I never thought I could complete. I have written f/f scenes, but never completed a story. So I decided to give it a shot by participating in the anthology call and see where I can go from there. There is something about f/f stories that I find intriguing – the innocent girl and the bad-girl. I’m more attracted to the bad girl type, so when I want to write an f/f story, I have to include the bad-girl type, but in a way where she takes charge in a relationship.
When I wrote the story Her Angela & Protection, it was based off a song by Eric B. & Rakim in the phrase: Let me be your angel and I will be you protection. I also heard that same hook from a 3LW remix featuring Nas, dating back in 2000 “Can’t Take It No More”, respectively.

Upon my completion, I sent it over to my editor Annabelle Crawford, and she really enjoyed the story. She also gave in her own editing touch, which made me very astonished on how it was done. I also sent a rough copy for review for Annalynne Russo and she approved, but when I sent it out to Evernight Publishing, I confident that I would get accepted for the anthology, but I was over-confident I guess. I didn’t make the cut, however, they said it was good, but I wasn’t yet material.
I’m not mad; just disappointed. I have always wanted to be part of Evernight and a few other publishers – I guess it’s not my time. But anyways, without further ado, I would love to share a blurb and excerpt of my completed story with no publisher yet – Her Angela & Protection

Angela Critelli has been best friends with Vivienne Perkins since high school, and has always been there for her when she needed her. When she let Vivienne move in, after being kicked out by her good-for-nothing boyfriend Gary, Angela discovers things that will become very unusual – her feelings. She never thought of herself physically and emotionally attracted to her best friend. Vivienne was the perfect woman anyone would want; she cooked, cleaned, and gave Angela self-confidence. But Vivienne kept giving her mixed signals about her sexuality. When the two partied together at a nightclub, Angela finally discovers that Vivienne was curious about her sexuality, but will Vivienne’s curiosity cost Angela their friendship, or will she discover a new fulfillment?


They walked over to the end of the bar and signaled Dorian to pour another round of Jager. Angela leaned against the bar while she waited. She watched Vivienne finish her Tequila Sunrise. This woman was looking to get fucked up, not just have a good time.  Their shots arrived and Vivienne paid and passed one to Angela.
“To friendship!” Vivienne toasted.
Angela raised her shot grinning, “Ditto!”
The two downed the shots together. Then suddenly the DJ switched up another track. This time the sound wound down to something that made Vivienne feel very sensual. Angela could feel the beat changing the mood – this song was erotic.
She watched Vivienne running her hands slowly down her body. She flashed a playful, seductive expression like she had something naughty in mind. Angela could only hope.
Vivienne suddenly backed her against the wall which made her ache in all the right places. Vivienne’s curves pressed against her as she slowly rubbed up and down – a blatant insinuation of having sex. Vivienne’s breasts pressed against hers. Dear God! Angela was just thinking about Vivienne’s luscious lips, when suddenly Vivienne turned around grinding her ass against Angie.
She’d never been this turned on by another woman’s body against hers.  The desire to kiss Vivienne hung like a heavy perfume. She thought about how long they had been friends – since their freshman year in high school. And now she was living with her. She wanted to tell Vivienne that she fantasized about her when she masturbated, and the thought of Vivienne masturbating the night before – that was crazy hot! And Vivienne was curious what it felt like to kiss a woman. Angela’s only desire was to pin her against the wall, and show her!
“Just stay there,” Vivienne said as she dry-humped against Angela’s body.
Angela didn’t reply. She was held captive by the delicious smell of Vivienne’s hair. Vivienne took her hands and held them around her breasts. She felt so soft!
Angela’s heart pounded furiously. I want you so bad! I want to know what you taste like! Without thinking, she leaned and kissed the back of Vivienne’s neck. Not only did Vivienne not protest, she gasped with pleasure and reached behind her, pulling Angela closer.
Angela’s grip on Vivienne turned confident. They knew they were in public, but they could still get pretty naughty at El Tigre. Vivienne smelled so delicious, she wanted to take her home right then.
Vivienne turned around in Angie’s arms. They kissed – with tongues. Angela loved the way Vivienne moved her tongue inside her mouth. It was a bridge between trust and fear. When Vivienne pulled away, Angela was left wanting more. Vivienne’s eyes held such promise. “Let’s do another shot.” Vivienne whispered in her ear.
“Yeah... but one more kiss?” Angela asked, suddenly seductive.
Vivienne nodded, “Uh-huh.”

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