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Friday, June 15, 2012

Pablo Michaels Guest Blogs on The AfterDark World

He is a familiar face for the LGBT romance, and an aspiring writer that I want to introduce, Pablo Michaels.

I write for myself. No one reads or edits the stories I have written in my haste to express romance with gay relationships and how love evolves between men.  I don't plan on publishing anything I've written in the last year. I must admit I get a thrill with the fantasies I explore based on personal experiences with men I have known since I was seventeen. Gay liberation has always been close to my heart and lifestyle. My stories express the true fundamental emotions between men who attempt to find love beyond the initial physical attraction.I have published three books which don't come close to what I want to express. I write because I enjoy the life I have led. Enough written about my life. Now I reveal one of the stories I have written. No one has read this unedited fantasy. It might be best to keep it secret.


Slowly the man removed the shield, revealing a young, pasty, white, clean shaven face with blood shot, emerald green eyes, glowing a sparkling fire, and long, jet black hair, combed back, and shimmering in the fading moonlight.  The finely sculpted chest and arms with abs that rippled, all glistening beneath the open vest, illuminated a young man from his past.
                “It’s you, Gabriel?” He could not remember his last name.
                “Yes,” he admitted.
                “But why are you here and now?  You cut me off and disappeared, explaining you wanted an older man.”  With Damien’s robe still open, a stiff erection emerged.
“I see you are attracted to me yet.   It’s a long story; I will tell you later.  Tell me, are you still trying to live the life of Peter Pan?”
                Damien covered his cock tying the belt of his robe.
“Please don’t conceal yourself.  I like the looks of your erection.”  The moon shed more light from a passing cloud, and Gabriel masked his face again.
Damien untied the belt to his robe, as the wind blew the front open again.  His hard-on became more prominent.  “Yes, I want to enjoy life as young as I can.  I go to the gym to try and keep my body fit, but I’m aging rapidly.  I have failed in love with other men and don’t like what I see in the mirror.”
Gabriel spoke louder through the veil, “Remember that night when I blind folded your eyes with that gray bandana, both of us naked and you lying on your stomach?”
“Yes, I remember distinctly.  That was the last time I saw you.  I thought you put a curse on me.”
“I wanted your body and you but cast a spell to wait when you were older.  I can tell you’re unhappy with what time and years have given you.  If you trust me, I can restore your youth and allow you to retain your wisdom, knowledge and love you have acquired.”
                “But I want to return to the city.  I have unfinished business there.”
                “Are you still in love with David Wilder?”
“I don’t know.  He is with someone new now.  But I can’t stop thinking of him.”
“You’ll be able to go anywhere you want, if you have faith in me,” Gabriel spoke with a cool, soothing voice.
                “I have yearned for you through all these years.  I thought you could have replaced my love for David.  You didn’t seem interested in me then.  How do I know you are true to your words now?”
                The moon became brighter, as Gabriel spoke, “I have to go, but let me kiss you.  Meet me in the cemetery tomorrow at midnight where the ancients spoke to you as a child, but first let me kiss you as my bond to love you.” He wrapped his hands around Damien’s ass and brought him forward to kiss and explore his mouth with his rigid tongue.
Damien fell limp in his hold, as he felt Gabriel’s stiff cock through his leather pants.  He sent his tongue through his tight, constricted lips.


  1. Great looking excerpt Pablo. Your writing is really good.

  2. Loved it Pablo...I would love to read the whole story too. This was a nice way to get to know you more. ((hugs)) I am a fan and always will be.

    1. Thank you my adopted sister. You are helping me more than I can hope for.

  3. Amazingly hot excerpt Pablo, I can relate to your way of thinking as far as getting your point across when you are writing, I do the same with mine. Thanks so much for giving us this excerpt!

  4. Great excerpt! Wishing you all the best :)

  5. LOVED IT!! I've never read an M/M romance novel. I don't have anything against them, it's just that I thought I wouldn't be able to relate. I have been so wrong!!

  6. Pablo, we need more this is hott! LOVE IT!!!!!!!!!!

  7. I loooove this Pablo promise you'll never hide your work. It's far too good

  8. Pablo, I've loved your writing since I first got a read during my 12 Days of Naughty Giveaways. Hang on, no, longer, since reading your SSS posts. You warmed me up to try M/M romance. Never give up, even if you do just write for yourself. You have the talent, don't let it go!

  9. Casey, your encouragement always helps me. Thank you.