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Monday, June 18, 2012

J.S. Morbius Guest Blogs for The AfterDark World

There aren't many authors that write transexaul erotica, and they do represent the LGBT community. While they may be overlooked in some erotic romances, they are by far appealing to many readers. Where instead of a man and a woman, why not have both? Julez S. Morbius will tell more here on The AfterDark World.

The winds of change are coming. Erotica has turned up the heat over the last few years BUT there is still a lack of one particular genre, and I am here to change that.
The genre I refer to is transsexual fiction, a genre that is poorly represented among all the other genres. If you want m/m, f/f, m/m/f, f/f/m, multiple partners, A, O, DP there are plenty of stories out there yet if you want to read transsexual fiction you have to search a lot harder.
It’s true that free read sites feature transsexual and cross dresser stories but the bulk of those are made up of stories where the transsexual person is a figure to be used or abused, where they end up being portrayed as nothing more than sissy men in female clothing or cum dumps for groups of horny, drunken men.
The reality though is worlds away from those stereotypes. Transsexuals are real people, just like you and I, and should be treated as such. They want the same things in life that everyone does. They want to be happy, loved, wanted and needed. They are just as entitled to be treated the same as everyone else, without fear of bigotry, violence and hatred.

Here are two women. One is transsexual the other 100% female but which is which?
In a crowded nightclub or bar could you tell the difference?

As I began the winds of change are coming and so is Addicted to Charlie, my newest transsexual love story.
Karl, a single man, meets and begins to date Charlie, a pre-op transsexual woman. Never having been gay in his life Karl journeys through confusion and lust, experiencing the delights of transsexual sex along the way, before realizing that Charlie is the perfect woman for him.
Charlotte, or Charlie as I called her, was the best thing that had ever happened to me. We met one night while I was out clubbing, getting over my third divorce, and we have been inseparable ever since. She was everything I wanted in a woman. When we first met she had been slightly overweight, nothing too drastic, but she had insisted on slimming down for me even though I didn't mind what she looked like. After all, my previous wives had all been – how should I say – curvaceous?
Her body was absolutely perfect. She was five feet, seven inches tall, had an incredible thirty-six C chest and an all-over tan. She had gorgeous brunette hair that draped around her shoulders, finishing halfway down her back. Her teeth sparkled when she smiled as she had never smoked or had any work done on them. Her eyes were a gorgeous green that always seemed to catch the light. Oh, and I nearly forgot to mention that between her legs, where she should have had a neatly trimmed pussy, she had a magnificent eight inch cock. You see my Charlie was a transsexual, and if anybody had ever said I would have ended up in this kind of relationship I would have laughed.
I never set out to end up in a relationship with a transsexual. I didn't even know she was one until we had been dating for a couple of weeks, as the most we had done was kiss. It was her that insisted on sitting me down and telling me, totally out of the blue one night when we had gone out for dinner. If I am going to be honest – and that would be the best way to be – I very nearly walked out of the restaurant there and then. Let me explain how it all came about.
For no other reason than I felt like it, I secretly booked a table at the restaurant. We had been getting on so well that I felt that maybe, instead of pubs and clubs, a nice quiet meal would make something of a nice change. As we sat eating I could sense that something was not quite right.
Normally Charlie was a bright and bubbly person, always laughing and joking, yet tonight she just sat quietly. She wasn't even eating her meal as she normally had when we were at either of our homes. She just picked and nibbled, not really making any attempt to actually finish her food. Eventually she put her cutlery down and pushed her plate away, looking at me almost apologetically.
"Is everything alright darling?" I asked her, slightly worried.
"Yes, the food's fine but I need to tell you something Karl." Charlie replied.
"That sounds ominous." I responded.
"It is something big and I don't know how you will react." Was all she said quietly, almost nervously.
"Come on darling, nothing can be that bad, just tell me."
"Just promise you won't get angry and start screaming and shouting please." She said fearfully, her voice a barely audible whisper.
"You are married aren't you?" I asked nervously, unsure what her reply would be.
"Please Karl, just promise." She pleaded.
"Okay, I promise baby."
Charlie sat there showing no emotion as she started to explain about her secret, but the more she spoke the more her eyes filled with tears. I too started to get a lump in my throat as she explained how, all her life, she had been ridiculed for being different. She told me all about the bullying she went through at school when – as a male – she felt so out of place having to change with the other boys. The things she told me no animal – let alone human being – should ever have to go through. The name calling, physical assaults and – on one occasion – being very nearly sexually assaulted.
Charlie told me that she had never felt the way she did about me with anyone else. Yes, she admitted, she had slept with men and even women before, but that was just sex. She told me she had even gone through a stage where she was selling her body to all different sorts of people just to get the money for the operation she so desperately craved, not even caring about the dangers. Charlie admitted that she would have done anything just to feel like a complete woman. I sat and listened intently and never said a word until she finally ended with the words that every man loves to hear, six little words that mean so much.
"I am in love with you."
It was then that the tears began to flow freely.


  1. Excellent post honey and Ray, well done for highlighting the fact that there is excellent transsexual erotica out there by having none other than a man who writes his stories well.

    *bites n kisses*

  2. Love the comments and you are so right ALL people deserve to be treated with dignity and respect. I detest Bigotry in all forms...judging others is a terrible thing to do. I love your writing but what I love most is your honesty, openness and just good heart Mr. Julez. :) You rocked this post.

  3. Awesome post Julez. You are very honest and yes I agree with Sherry, you have a wonderful heart. I look forward to reading more of your work.

  4. J.S., what a moving excerpt! Bravo to you for bringing these stories into the mainstream. I wish you much success with this and all your future releases! :)

  5. Well i am transsexual and i think that is the beauty and magic of transsexual women. And i bet it is interesting for men to date transsexuals specially if they are passable :) I cam across to this article Ladyboy dating Guide.Which is well written by a ladyboy admirer.