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Monday, June 4, 2012

Erin Miller Guest Blogs for The AfterDark World

It's been a long time since I have had guest bloggers on here. But this month, I want to welcome writers of all LGBT stories, novels, and more to The AfterDark World. Here, The AfterDark World wants to help celebrate tolerance and pride, in understanding that all sweet/erotic romanc estories should be created equal.

Today, I want to welcome Erin Miller to The AfterDark World as she guest blogs. Also, please check out her excerpt to her story Intrigued by First Sight.

Erin Miller is a professional freelance artist. She has also been writing poetry, short stories, and novels since the age of seven. She has a certificate in Advertising Art, is NOCTI Certified for Graphic Design, and has another certificate in the field of Computer Graphic Artist. She lives in New York with her two cats Garfield and Sable.

“I want to be with you Honey. I don’t want anyone else but you.” Jackie said and looked into Honey’s eyes.

“I feel the same way Jackie!” Honey said and kissed Jackie deeply.

Jackie kissed back deeply and Honey couldn’t resist when a small moan of pleasure escaped her lips. The tingle of electricity from their kiss was just as strong as ever. She felt Jackie’s hands go up her shirt and cup her breasts. Honey kissed Jackie deeper and held onto her even tighter.

She felt Jackie lift her shirt off her and their kiss broke momentarily as her shirt was lifted above her head. Jackie continued kissing her after that while playing with Honey’s breasts. She lifted Honey into her arms and Honey wrapped her legs around Jackie while still kissing her. She wanted Jackie in more ways than one. She craved her touch, her kiss, her everything. Her groin started getting wet with anticipation, but Jackie continued to only play with her breasts and kiss her.

Jackie carried Honey on top of the bed and lay atop her. Honey still had her legs wrapped around Jackie’s waist and Jackie broke free slowly. She stripped Honey’s pants off of her and let Honey strip her in turn.
Honey pulled Jackie back on top of her and kissed her again more passionately and deeply then before. She ran her own hands over Jackie’s breasts and it was Jackie’s turn to let out a small moan. Jackie ran her hands along every curve of Honey’s body and Honey ached for her, not able to stand the teasing much longer.

Jackie trailed her hands along the insides of Honey’s thighs and trailed her fingers over Honey’s vaginal area. Honey breathed and ran her fingers down Jackie’s neck and back. Jackie breathed in turn. She then began placing kisses all over Honey’s neck and trailed her tongue down to Honey’s body to her breasts. She began teasing Honey’s nipples with her tongue and Honey arched and was pleasantly surprised that it was a turn on spot for her. Jackie then sucked upon Honey’s neck while using her hands to play with Honey’s breasts and nipples.

Honey’s breathing grew heavy as Jackie’s touches and kisses turned her on more and more. Jackie hadn’t even entered her yet and she was turned on and wet. She ran her own hands up and down Jackie’s body and waited. Her shyness at being a virgin, she didn’t want her first experience to end.

Jackie delivered the final decisive kiss and ran her fingers up along Honey’s thighs. Honey waited in anticipation while she held Jackie and kissed her. Jackie teased her at first by sending her hands near her vaginal area but not entering. Honey subconsciously spread her legs waiting for Jackie to take her. Jackie kissed her deeply and passionately and with fierce gusto entered Honey.

Her fingers went slowly back and forth at first as if to ease Honey’s transition and then slowly still Jackie circled her fingers inside Honey. Honey moved her hips in tune with Jackie’s fingers and kissed Jackie ever more passionately. Eventually, Jackie circled her fingers inside Honey so fast and Honey moaned enjoying every minute of Jackie’s attention. She wrapped her legs around Jackie once more wanting her to stay inside her and Jackie kept moving her fingers faster and faster in their circular motions.

Honey screamed out in pleasure as she dug her nails into Jackie’s back unintentionally. Jackie sucked upon her neck while still keeping her fingers inside and enjoyed every moment of Honey’s pleasure. She felt the inside of Honey tense and she kept going bringing Honey orgasm after orgasm and Honey screamed out in pleasure every so often. It was music to Jackie’s ears and she was so worried at first after seeing a tense look of pain on Honey’s face but then when Honey screamed out in pleasure she kept her efforts up. She wanted Honey to remember her first time and she desperately wanted Honey. She wouldn’t admit it to Honey yet, but she felt like she was in love with her. She watched as Honey moaned and she kissed her often. She kissed her lips and her neck, her breasts, and her nipples. She deep throated Honey’s breasts a few times while keeping her fingers circling inside Honey at their fast paces and Honey‘s body was responding to the motions. Jackie felt Honey’s nails digging into her back but she could care less. She drank in Honey’s moans of pleasure and kept doing what she was doing.

Eventually, Honey’s body went limp. Jackie stopped and pulled her hand out of Honey. She looked at Honey who was trying to catch her breath. Honey looked at Jackie and smiled. Her eyes held a gleam in them.

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