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Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Dawne Prochilo Guest Blogs on The AfterDark World

Having been in the erotic romance genre of the industry for a few years, I have noticed how unbalanced the equal exposure and promotions of the lesbian and/or F/F sub-genre is. But why is that? The million dollar question for me. I've heard everything from people/fans/readers prefer M/M to review sites just don't want to review girl on girl writing.

Really? Why is that? Girl love (as I refer to it as) can be a beautiful scene. The love story is there. The characters connect. A HEA or HFN ending prevails. So why are the girls losing out...again?

The M/M sub-genre is HOT right now, I will admit, but what about the ladies? When do we get our limelight?

Having been a book reviewer for more than three years, I have had my fair share of romance books come across my computer screen. I don't treat any one sub-genre any differently than the other. Think of it as having to pick your favorite child- it just cannot be done. Whether it's menage, M/M, F/F or contemporary M/F erotic, I love them all dearly and rate and review them on their own merit.

I recently started a new review site, Girls Only Reviews ( ) for a few different reasons. This is a review site for F/F, lesbian or female dominated menage books. Why only girls you ask? Let me tell you…

I already have a review site associated with Manic Readers, Coffee Beans and Love Scenes but I believe an all-girl review site was in order.

Not many review sites will even review F/F. While the M/M sub-genre is at an all-time high and many erotic authors are converting over, the ladies are left with the short stick.

Why? Because I love my ladies. Girl love is so intoxicating, revitalizing and I just love writing about women who are in love with each other or having sex.
I have to say I do love reading and reviewing M/M but could never write the sub-genre. I also love challenges but writing man love, I just can’t see myself doing. I commend all the authors out there who do write, they are awesome. As for me, I’ll stick with the gals.

My first attempt in the erotic genre was a F/F (Rachel’s Desire) in March 2011. Once I wrote the first scene I was hooked. Flouncing boobs, a woman licking another woman’s pussy…oh yeah, I was in love…with writing the genre.

So take a moment and stop by my review site… get some girl love.

Rachel’s Desire BLURB: What’s a woman to do when her sexual needs are ignored? Every woman has needs and sexual desire.
When Rachel Chambers’ married lover is selfish and demanding, she turns to her best friend Kari Burton for support, venting…and love. A girl knows what she needs and right now Rachel needs Kari.
A girl’s night in turns into a night of explosive passion and realization of frenzied love.

Girls Only Reviews was born-

Crape Myrtle- June 2009
On Her Own- July 2009
Sex Sells- Feb 2011
Room 11- Feb 2011
Rachel's Desire- March 2011
When We Meet Again- May 2011
His Holiday Seduction- Oct 2011
On Her Own (re-release)- Nov 2011
Wildfire Beach- Nov 2011
A Cougar's Revenge- 2012
Callie's Way- Feb 2012*
Lynn's Chance- March 2012*
First Chance- March 2012
Weekend Retreat- April 2012
Melody's Dance- May 2012*
No Matter What- May 2012
Forever Friends- June 2012
Insatiable Kate- June 2012
Tessa's Passion- July 2012*
Bewitching the Sheriff- July 2012
Finding Kennedy- August 2012

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  1. Great idea to start a review site dedicated to the F/F sub-genre. Wishing you many sales for all your books, and success with the new site!