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Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Book Review of "How I Became A Stripper" by Kitty Fine

It's been a while since I done a book review for anyone. But as I read Kitty Fine's work, I was intrigued from the potential of the Confessions of a Stripper Series

Here is what the story is about in my summary:

The story is in a first person narrative, so there is no official name except for her stage name: Desire. It all begins with her auditioning to become a stripper to get the job, since her current job as a cocktail waitress in a casino wasn't working out for her. Once she gets the job, she begin working immediately until she meets a man that becomes her loyal customer -- Don. At first, it was just business; her giving him lapdance, while he tipped her generously. There was display of lustful attraction; Desire was feeling turned on by his appearance as for the same for Don, when he enjoyed the way her body moved. He tried to propostion her for something more than just a lapdance. At first, Desire was reluctant to go along with him, but her attraction for Don made her change mind in the weeks to come. She agreed to go with him to a hotel and spend the night of pure, passionate sex.

Strengths: Kitty Fine has the potential to get a reader lost in her stories. I loved the way she described her self-character in the story, and explained her situation and also how to work the pole and give a lapdance; it was very descriptive and I loved it. I also liked the sex scene she wrote on the story. Would I consider buying more of her books? Yes! Although, she writes sex stories -- it's not porn. I do see her potential in the future, and maybe develop into erotic romance.

Weaknesses: Now to be fair on the critiquing, I noticed some few grammatical and punctual errors. It doesn't kill the story, unless the reader is completeley "anal-retntive" over what they read and they're looking for any reason to nip-pick, but she could use an editor. But no one's perfect and I commence her on being a self-publisher, and she will have to make mistakes. On top, I wished she would've expanded it more. I really loved the story and I didn't want to be left hanging there, lol. It was a great book!

I will give it 4 stars. I liked the story plot behind it, and yes this woman has the potential to write the story, but I only wished she could have expanded the story more.

I recommend this book though -- I loved it!

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