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Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Tantilizing Tuesday Teasers - 05/15/2012

Ah yes! It's time for that Tantilizing Tuesday Teaser,
expressing words from your muse no more, no less than 200 words.
So here we go!

This is based on my holiday WIP -- "Snow Day"

Yasmin felt the velcro feeling of his face rub along her smooth skin of her body. His touch was calloused and rugged, but very tickling, with little pricks pressing into her breastline. The remained entwined under the blissful morning as she watched the snowstorm through Eddie's fire escape window.
She couldn't get a full view of the snow fall, but the way it  left her with a kindled feeling watching an Urban Winter Wonderland happening before her eyes.

"It's beautiful." she gave a grin, running her hand all over the back of his head.

"What do you mean?" Eddie asked, kissing her breast.

"The snowstorm." She paused. "I lived in Southern California all my whole life and I never seen a snowstorm. It's beautiful."

Eddie looked up and watched her brown eyes glow from the reflection of the daylight storm. "Not as beatiful as you are."

She returned a look and grin. "Thank you. But what do you say we look at the snowstorm together."

"I thought you said you weren't a hopeless romantic?"

"I'm not, but I want to enjoy this hopeless moment. I could lie here all morning with you and watch the snow fall through our window."

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  1. Beautifully written Ray. Really liked it.

  2. I really love the images and the way you put it together.

    Excellent teaser!

  3. Snowstorms are the perfect excuse to cuddle! I enjoyed your romantic teaser, Ray!

  4. Snowstorms are beautiful, especially when viewed with your lover by your side. Lovely, romantic post Ray.

  5. Fantastically romantic TTT! I love snowstorms and rainstorms too you captured the scene so well.

  6. Lovely. A touch of romance. You captured the snowstorm and the passion excellently. Well done

  7. Wow, that was sweet and tender. The picture could have led to a very erotic scene, but instead you played it softly - well done. It's creative writing at its best, to take an obvious scene and turn it into something else. By the way, I'm from Chicago and I HATE freaking snowstorms. Muwah!!@

  8. Very erotic with an abrupt left into romantic. Loved it. I thought you were going in an other direction and you went right for the heart. Call me sappy, but I loved it, Ray. Charming:) xo

  9. Love that velcro feeling. Fantastic Teaser!

  10. A beautiful tender moment you captured perfectly. Lovely writing.

  11. There is nothing like watching beautiful snowflakes falling while curled up with a lover. I am Canadian(the great white north) and I love snow for just that reason. LOL It is also really fun to play in too, even as an adult and of course once you are cold from the outside, you can always come in and get all snuggly warm again. This was a great romantic tease, made my heart feel good. :)

  12. That was such a beautiful teaser. Breathtaking.

  13. Loved it, Ray! very discriptive and beautifully written.

  14. Loved the sweet angle Ray. Very touching.

  15. I could see the snow falling! Great teaser, Ray!