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Monday, May 7, 2012

Tantilizing Tuesday Teaser - 05/08/2012

What's up? Sorry I missed last week. This is what happens when I don't click publish and program the date and time. So, I'll make it up to you.

Check out my Tx3 (Tantilizing Tuesday Teaser), based on an idea holiday story I may come up.

I decided on a title, but I have no idea when will I complete.

Tyler and Darla rang in the year 2007 with the best house party ever. The best part was the people didn't trash the place and there weren't any neighbor complaining. But as they ended the night before sunrise, Tyler had one last thing on his mind -- pure, hot sex with Darla.

He entered the bedroom, and saw Darla straddled on the bed, wearing nothing but a purple lacy thong, her hands down her snatch, giving Tyler her most wicked, naugty grin.

"Happy New Year's Tyler." Darla spoke in seduction.

He grinned, lifting off his shirt. "Mmm... The party continues."

It wasn't long before his cock grew under his pants. The way Darla gave her most wanton look, she was better than a Playboy pose-- she was explosive!

"This is our after-party."

Tyler shook his head, but then watched her fingers move out of her snatch while she inserted it in her mouth, licking off the taste of herself. She eyed him with the most naughty look ever.

"Would you like a little taste?" She pulled her other fingers out of her snatch, extending out for him.

Climbing on the bed in pants, holding her shoulders in a grip of carnal desire, "Yesss!"


  1. Oh, boy! Ray!! Sexy, sweet and tasty! How often we women have seduced our lovers with the slippery seduction of ourselves. YummyYou, Ray! I loved it!!! Lick an love this!!!! Oh, yeah:) xo

  2. Oh, after-parties are the best! Looks like they're in for a delicious time. ;)

  3. I see the real party is just beginning... Mmmmm.

  4. Mmmm sexy. This is where the real party is at. Love it!

  5. Getting hot and wet all over just thinking about it. Very sexy and very um... delicious *lick*

  6. The best after parties are usually with just two! Sexy TT, Ray! :)

  7. Great flash Ray. Hot and steamy with great description

  8. Oooo very hot! Tantalazing indeed!
    I want my next New Year's Eve party to end up like that!
    Great post :)

  9. Excellent flash Ray. Hot and Tasty, just the way I like them :) Hmm -- do I have to wait until New years to have a party like this :ponders:

  10. Hot, sexy post Ray and hot sexy picture. You don't know when you'll complete? look at the picture awhile and l don't think it will take long (wink!) Loved it!

  11. That was steaming hot! What an after party!