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Monday, April 16, 2012

Tantalizing Tuesday Teaser - 04/17/2012

Since this is the launch of a new group, I decided to join the bandwagon before I head off to work. This weekly thing is all about coming out with a short tale in 200 words, based on a photo from your own selection.

I'm going to give it my first try, and so here it goes...

Inspired by a paranormal-erotic author Annalynne Russo. I wrote my first f/f vampire short scene, and I might be inspired to go further in this story.

Sherri pressed her body behind Veronica, encircling her arms in front her, clamping her fingers inside her corset, while she laced her tongue all along her neck. Veronica was melting over pleasure as she let her body go from Sherri's carress. She couldn't help placing her arms behind Sherri's hair, before she felt her corset being pulled down from Sherri's pull, exposing her pink-colored nipples; all hard and ready to be touched.

Veronica's center was aching for Sherri's touch, she couldn't wait it off any longer. In fact, she really wanted Sherry to know how much she anticipated her.

Oh, if only Sherri could use that tongue at another location... it would feel SO good!

Then Veronica felt a breathy whisper into her ear, when Sherri asked, "Are you ready?"

"Oh yes!" she expressed in aniticipation. "I'm ready for what you're about to give me."

"From this point on, there's no turning back, but I promise you absolute pleasure in life." She kissed her neck.

Overhearing the suckling noise, she was tantalized, insisting. "I don't care, whatever it takes."

If Veronica knew that the woman she was spending a night with was a vampire, because Sherri's canines have grown and she was only seconds away from mortal shock.


  1. Very well done, makes me wanna be a vampire....

  2. made me wet just reading it. Excellent post. How much fun would it be to spend the night with a vamp? If it were like that, I might...

  3. Oh wow, I'm so glad you joined us. I'm sitting here tingling after reading your teaser. Imagining Sherri's fingers and tongue exploring all the curves of Veronica is so sexy,hot and descriptive. You definitely have to keep this going honey. I love it.

  4. Sexy post! Shame she has to die, oh wait! Live forever!

  5. oh my how hot! She is about to get the last experience of her life! Very spicy post, great job!

  6. Good job Ray! Pretty hot and tempting stuff. Vamrpires are erotic by nature I think. Or at least we perceive them as erotic. The ultimate penetration, whether it has a dick or not. Hot TTT! Thanks for playing!

  7. Oh vampires! Great post full of spice and mystery.