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Wednesday, April 18, 2012

My Short Story: A Cure For A Bad Day

Hey what's up? It's been a long time since I wrote any short story for Lush, RSVP, and AfterDark Online. My own website. I have been busy writing stories for publication that I forgot where it all came from. I'm an erotic romance novelist, and I hold many projects from WIP's to contest, along with four published books, one recently that has been catching the buzz The Girl Upstairs.

Anyways, check out my latest short story, only 2070 words. I hope you all enjoy! :-)

A Cure For A Bad Day

Marcus came home after a long, hard day from work. He had gone through enough for the day, dealing with slow-moving rush-hour traffic, difficult clients, and a boss reaming his ass for simple screw up, and to make his day worse, a speeding ticket from the highway patrol. He just wanted to end his day by sleeping off the rest of the evening. His expression displayed a mean look, like he was pissed at how his day went wrong. Had he known his day would’ve ended that way, he would have probably called of from work. But he couldn’t change what happened, so he might as well end his horrible day at home.

At the minute he stepped inside his home, he was relieved that he made it, but frustrated at how his day went. Having a drink was on his mind. Marcus crossed through the living room and entered his kitchen, where he opened the refrigerator and pulled out a bottle of beer to forget his worries. He set the beer on the counter, undo his tie and, popped the top of his beer with a bottle opener he pulled from the utensil drawer.

He took one sip, in fact, one big sip from his bottle, kissing the taste of a fine refreshment where he suddenly forget how bad his day went. As he set his beer bottle down on the counter, he bowed his head down thinking what tomorrow may bring. Then he heard footsteps, which sounded more like steps being made from pumps. The sound grew closer to the kitchen, but he never looked behind him. He knew who she was; his wife. He didn’t want to tell her what happened, all he was relieved about was being home from a terrible day, and maybe sleep off his terrible day at home. But he questioned why his wife was wearing heels in the house and where was she going?

The footsteps stopped, and behind him was his gorgeous wife Arianna, with long-layered dark hair, beautiful complexion, wearing a purple blouse with two buttons opened, along with a black short dress, and black nylon stockings to go along with her outfit. Arianna had a body of a goddess, where only men could envy such a man like Marcus. She didn’t appear to go out for the night, but her appearance indicated she had other plans.

As for Marcus, he seemed like wasn’t in the mood for loving, but he could be easily persuaded by his wife with the right words and right touch. He just needed to get through his moment of defeat first.

“Tough day at the office?” his wife asked, with a voice of sensuality.

“Yeah.” He sighed. “I  just don’t want to talk about.”

“Oh yes you do.” She stepped closer placing her hands on his back, leaning her head toward him. “You could tell me all about it.”

He shook his head, shrugging with disregard. “Maybe later. I just need to finish my drink.”

“Or you could start by telling me all about it.”

He nonchalantly waved her off, “I don’t want to talk about –”

“You don’t have to talk about it... at least not this instant” She kissed him in the back of his neck “Just show me how much of a bad day you were feeling.”

He sighed, but he couldn’t resist the way she felt, pressing her body against his back, wrapping her arms around his body, while she laced her tongue all over the back of his neck. Her breast pressed against his back was sensual enough to make him feel soothed from his losses. Marcus was forgetting how bad his day went, and he felt his hardness growing under his pants. Arianna had a way to make him feel better. Even on a bad day, she turned it into a good day, where he decided to pass up on finishing his beer.

“You really have a way with things.” He raised his head up, grinning.

“I know.” She moved her hand past down his tummy to his crotch, caressing his hardness. “Turn around and show me how bad your day went.”

He turned around and gazed at her appearance, the look of desire in her eyes was difficult for him to say no; he was lost in her spell of seduction. Maybe she was reading his mind, maybe not, but she was utmost attractive whenever she wore purple and black. It was a color where he couldn’t help himself from noticing her beauty. Not only the way she dressed turned him on, but the way she pressed her body close to him, left him with a wanton look of desire, immediately washing away the thought of no, and to get in the mood of being satisfied by a beautiful, voluptuous woman.

He placed his hand on her thighs, to get a feel of her beautiful soft skin. His fingertips touched the strap of her nylon stocking, appreciating the feel the covered her silky legs. He gazed into her inviting, expressive eyes, giving me him permission to explore her more. His left hand caressed her thigh, past her curves, and under her dress where he felt the smoothness of her ass. By the time he noticed, she wasn’t wearing anything under her short dress. He slid his other hand under her dress to confirm if she wasn’t wearing anything. All he felt was the smoothness of her clean-shaven pussy; she wasn’t wearing any underwear. His fingertips were already touching the wetness of her slit; she was anxious for him to come home from work, all along.

“Oh my...” he whispered, before nuzzling his lips against hers’.

“Take off your pants and show me how bad your day went.”

Without further hesitation, his lips pressed against hers’, ravaging each other with kisses. He felt Arianna’s tongue forcing her way into his mouth, biting against his lower lip afterwards. Next, he felt his shirt being pulled out of his pants. Instead of him undoing his clothes, she was doing the undoing herself.

Marcus led Arianna to the refrigerator, where he pinned her against the door, raising one hand over her head, while he nuzzled at her neck. He heard her moan out yes, indicating how she loved what he was doing, but this was no moment for him to take his time. She wanted him to show her how bad his day went, and this was the perfect opportunity for him to vent.

“How do you like what I’m telling you so far?” he growled in her ear.

“That’s not enough,” she rasped. “What else happened to you at work?”

“Undo me and I’ll tell you more.”

Marcus watched her undo his belt buckle, and then his pants. Once his pants had fallen, he felt his boxers being held down with her hand, and his cock being held by her other hand. She was amazed at how ready he was for her, giving an expression of enthusiasm. He could feel the slit of his cock being caressed by her fingertip, at the same time, his pre-cum slipping into her fingertips. Before he knew it, she sampled a taste of him and gave her most wicked expression.

“Stay there. I wanted to know more about your day.”
Marcus watched her go down on him and felt her lips enveloping his tip with her soft, wet tongue. He tilted his head back and groaned out of pleasure, leaning his hand against the refrigerator door, maintaining his balance. The way she took him in her mouth felt like he was already inside her folds, and by now he was already penetrating her mouth.

Her lips moved in and out of her mouth, leaving him with a orgasmic sensation, but was able to control. Marcus could only imagine the moment he gets inside her luscious body; how sensational could that be? He closed his eyes and continued penetrating her mouth, until she pulled his cock out of her mouth and got off her knees, meeting him at his level to kiss him hungrily.

He spoke against her kisses, “Let me taste you.”

“No, not now... put it in me.”

Marcus was about guide his cock in her, when she resisted, leaving him confused on why? “What’s wrong?”

She pointed to the kitchen island. “No, not on the fridge. We’re both rough, you know. Fuck me on the counter.”

Marcus released his hand and watched Arianna cross to the kitchen island counter, where she leaned against it, waiting for Marcus with an anticipated expression. He took off his boxers, and kicked off his pants, before he placed his hand on Arianna’s shoulder, leaning her back, before he could position his cock just under her anxious slit.

Once he was inside, he watched her expression go from anticipation to enthusiasm. She closed her eyes and let out a gasp of pleasure. As for him, he felt the instant wetness of cunt, pushing in deeper until he enclosed in her body.

He moved in and out of her slowly, watching her gaze at him with enjoyment. Hearing her excitement made him want to push hard and deep, but the way the two were standing; Arianna leaning against the island counter and him holding her, was taking their momentum off. Instead, he pulled out of her and watched her climb the counter, spreading her legs apart for his entry.

He slipped back inside her, and this time he was able to keep a steady rhythm. Marcus pulled her short black skirt over her waist, and held onto her thigh with such strength as he slammed his body against hers’. He thrust in her hard, while admiring her beautiful tattoo of her astrological sign on her pussy, Pisces.

Arianna couldn’t help but scream out of pleasure. She displayed a transfixed expression, and at the same time met his thrusts, by placing his arms over his neck. Next, she single-handedly unbuttoned her purple blouse and exposed her breast for him, pulling him close for him suck on her luscious nipples.

Marcus paused to let his mouth find his way to her nipples, nibbling, and sucking on them hard. Without realizing, she placed her hand on his back, clawing him with her desire. Her fingernails digging into his back, may have felt painful to him, but sensational to where he knew how much she enjoyed him.

Then for some reason, she demanded out of the blue “Fuck me doggystyle! Fuck me hard!”

Marcus pulled out and watched her slide off the island counter. She took off her black short skirt and turned herself around, bending over for him to access her from her beautiful behind. He unbuttoned his shirt and then placed his hand on her back, before pushing inside her with one hard stroke. This time he heard Arianna yell out in pleasure, and instantly he picked up momentum.

He pumped inside her, placing his hand on her shoulder with an aggressive grip. He pounded behind her as he watched her ass resonate from his thrusts. He could feel his body building up a sweat, but her body was just already sweaty from his desire. It wasn’t long until he felt an increase tension between their passions. His stamina could only last so long, he needed to let out his climax.

He gripped his finger hard on his shoulder, when he growled and came inside her. Arianna’s fingernails gripped on the island counter as she climaxed right after him. Once he was spent, he watched Arianna collapse on the island countertop. Shortly after, he gently collapsed on her back as he smelled the aroma of sex in the air.

The two were glistened in sweat, but ecstatic over what recently happened. Marcus quickly rose off her and pulled out of her, while Arianna rose off the countertop and kissed Marcus affectionately.

She asked, “Feeling better?”

“Yeah.” He kissed her. “My bad day has been all washed away.”

“Good.” She grinned, picking up his half bottle of beer and taking a sip. “I too had a bad day and felt like letting out my frustration too.”

He laughed. “Honey, you have a weird way of showing it.”

She grinned wickedly, “I know, but you have to admit it’s therapeutic.”


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  1. Wow. This has whet my appetite for reviewing The Girl Upstairs next week! Very exciting. Brilliant short, very hot, and I see what you mean by saying you don't like adding "fluff" to your stories. Straight to the point, which is exactly why people read short stories. Well done, Ray :)