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Friday, March 9, 2012

Weekend Dirty Dozen: The Girl Upstairs 03/09 -03/11/2012

Hey, I'm so excited to announce the release of my book The Girl Upstairs, which will be released through Romance Divine in the Spring of 2012. I thought I should unveil the cover and a steamy, hot sex scene on the Weekend Dirty Dozen.

I have a big shout-out to a number of people that got me there, but I think you should check my WDD.

And please forgive me on being 2 sentences long, I didn't want to miss out the final part.

Here is my BLURB:

Carlos Munoz moved into a two-story home in a small town in Pennsylvannia where he gets to know his sexy neighbor, Bella, from upstairs. As he shares a romantic time with her, he has to deal with her over-protective brother, who is a police officer, and an abusive ex-boyfriend that just got out of prison looking for her. In the end, all that matters was Bella being safe in his arms.

Carlos was panting from every thrust. Sweat was building inside his body, but the heat from her was more exciting. She may have been pinned to the door, but she was able to meet his thrust, until he wasn’t able to hold off any longer. His thrusting became aggressive. At the same time, her moans were growing louder. He watched her transfixed expression as he gave one last thrust, pinning himself against her body as he came inside her with hard shivers and panting, causing Bella to climax.
Once spent, they remained, still, on the door, catching their breaths. He looked into her eyes still glazed over from her sexual rapture.
They ravaged each other’s mouths, before he set her down.
“Oh, Carlito,” she pushed a wisp of hair from her face, “that was wonderful.”
“Why don’t you stay for the night?”
“I will, if you can help me off with this dress.”
“I don’t have any spare clothes for you to sleep in.”
“Who said I need to sleep with clothes on?” She gave him her most wicked grin.

Please Stay Tuned for the offical release date of The Girl Upstairs

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