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Friday, March 23, 2012

Weekend Dirty Dozen: Finding Possibilities - 03/23 - 03/25/2012

Happy Freaky Friday. It's time for that Weekend Dirty Dozen and I want to thank those who helped me out with the answer of these questions. I am currently working on a WIP, Finding Possibilites, and I want to share those uncomfortable questions a mother would ask her daughter's date. The only problem is that the mother is a little over sixty, and her daughter just turned forty, while her date is ten years younger.
Finding Possibilities is an older woman/younger man romance story about a woman who just turned forty and met this young man at a bar as they get to know more of each other. The scene I'm writing is when Darius, the thirty year old, picks up Faith from her mother's place. Faith's mother questions Darius because of his age and young looks, the two agreed to spend the night at his place, but first they have to go through her mother, like they were two teenagers.

*This is a rough sample of the WDD, so it is subjected to change.

Faith quickly applied lipstick over her lips as she overheard Darius to hesitate to answer a question. She needed to leave the bathroom and rescue Darius from stumbling on his answer.
“Well I’m taking your daughter out to –”
She entered the living room and saw Darius seated on the couch, next to her mother, almost lost in his answer, holding on to a couple of roses and candy. She intervened with a little white lie.
“He’s taking me out to dinner and a movie in Brooklyn, right Darius?”
Darius smiled. “Yes. We’re going first to a Mid-Eastern restaurant in Bay Ridge and then go see a movie afterwards.”
“Really?” her mother asked. She turned to Faith. “I didn’t think you liked Mid-Eastern food.”
“Well, there’s always the first time to try. What was the name of the restaurant over there?”
“Tanoreen. It’s over on Third Avenue in Brooklyn.”
“Oh okay.” Her mother asked the most uncomfortable question that would leave Darius in the hot-seat ever, but she turned to Faith when she asked, “So are you planning on spending the night at his place, or are you coming home after the movie?"

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