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Friday, March 30, 2012

Trivial Facts about Ray Sostre’s “The Girl Upstairs”

On April 6th, The Girl Upstairs will be released through Romance Divine and there is enough anticipation of a good story. It is a hero, contemporary romance where you will feel fulfilled from the story.

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Here is the blurb:

Carlos Munoz left New York and his financial analyst position for a simpler life in Pennsylvania. The slower pace and relaxed lifestyle took some getting used to, but came with certain…benefits, his upstairs neighbor. The voluptuous woman intrigued him, but what about her ex—and her policeman brother? Was part of Carlos’ new life going to include a new love? He had a lot to learn about…The Girl Upstairs

Here are some trivial facts about the book The Girl Upstairs

1. It was written in June 2011, first intended as a short story.

2. The original story was actually about a man who moved from a small town to a big city, where he lived below a sexy neighbor. The story was rewritten the other way around in September 2011.

3. Originally completed in November 2011, but there were delays in editing.

4. Inspired by Ray Sostre’s east coast roots, when he lived in Scranton and Wilkes-Barre, PA.

5. Inspired from the song’s instrumental tracks by The Rza “La Rumba” featuring Method Man and U-God.

6. Ray Sostre's work was influenced by Jodi Olson and Dawne Prochilo.

7. In early November, Ray Sostre had a difficult time finding an ending the story, until he received  suggestions from a fellow friend/author Sammy Jo Hunt to complete the story.

Here is an excerpt to the upcoming story.

She felt him touching her ass and like the way his hands moved around her body. She unbuttoned his shirt as her mouth watered to see him naked. Just when they were about to do it in the kitchen, a sudden noise alerted her. It was the sound of the door unlocking and her brother entering. She wasn’t expecting him to come by.
“Oh shit, it’s my brother! He’s here!” she gasped.
The two quickly let go of each other and straightened themselves just in time before her brother entered. Bella’s brother, Sal, was a tall, husky-looking man, with brown hair and an intimidating look that would scare any suspect into confession.
He walked around her place, smelling the food in the air. He noticed two wine glasses on the table and wondered who was with his baby sister. He overheard the water running in the kitchen, and cautiously wondered what was going on as he inched closer to the closed door.
“I’m in the kitchen, Sal.”
When stepped in, he saw his sister at the counter wrapping up the large bowl of spaghetti and meatballs, and a young Hispanic man washing the dishes in the sink.
“What’s going on?” Sal asked with suspicion.
She turned to him and smiled, “Oh, hi, I didn’t hear you come in.”
“Who’s he?” he nodded towards the man at his sister’s sink.
“Sal you remember my neighbor from downstairs, don’t you? This is Carlos; Carlos, this is Sal, my brother.”
“Hey, howyadoin’?” Carlos waved.
Sal noticed the quietness between the two, like they were doing something earlier before he entered his sister’s place. It may appear to be innocent, but he started giving his sister the third degree.
“So, what were you doing earlier?” he asked.
“We were eating dinner and getting to know each other, that’s all.”
“Really?” he asked. “I didn’t remember hearing the water running in the kitchen when I entered. Besides, I don’t remember you being neighborly over two glasses of wine on—”
“Sal, don’t give me that crap! Carlos and I were having a conversation. I’m not like one of your suspects. So don’t question me like that!”
“Umm, maybe I should go,” Carlos suggested as he turned off the running water.
“No, Carlos, please stay,” she begged.
“Hey, I’m sorry,” Sal apologized. He walked over and extended his hand to Carlos. “I know you recently moved here. So, Carlos, where you from?”
“New York.”
“Really, what brought you out to Scranton?”
“Better way of life?” Carlos shrugged.

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