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Wednesday, March 14, 2012

AfterDark's Interview with Michael C. Laney

In continuation of “A Man’s World Interview” with The AfterDark World, I am proud to bring a man who takes paranormal to a whole new level, along with a touch of dark-erotica that is still sizzling. Meet the man, whom many known him as Master Vyle, Michael C. Laney, the man behind House of Master Vyle, joins us for an interview.

1. Michael, what a pleasure to have you on, and thank you for taking the time out for this interview. Please, why don’t tell us a little bit about yourself?

Well, Ray, first off it's great to be here, where so many others have been before, and oh, I've said that in my head quite a few times through the years, believe me.  Now, you did warn your readers I was coming, right?  Hopefully they've had some warning, me lacking my own personal "Fear Flasher" or "Horror Horn", but for those not acquainted with Michael C. Laney, "Master Vyle" or my blog, House of Master Vyle, let me just warn you that I'm pretty much the guy that pretty much ain't afraid to say whatever shit is on my mind.  That said, good thing this is an R-Rated show, right?  In all honesty though, it's an honor to finally be here with one of the great up and coming talents on the independent erotica scene.  By the way, is that Fruity Pebbles I smell, you're not wearing that John Cena cologne The Rock was throwing into Boston Harbor on Monday afternoon are you Ray?   Hhehehehehehe.

But seriously, just a little about me, I suppose I would have to start with the basics.  I've pretty much been a lifelong resident of Central Florida, although I did spend several years in Northwestern Missouri when I was married to my first wife, and both areas are prime settings for my stories.  I've also a been a cat fancier all my life, and currently reside with five feline family members.  Yes, I do love the pussy, though I am most adamantly a breast man, an obsession I'm sure that was born from the fact that I was not breast fed.  My brothers, lucky bastards, were and they supposedly have no sexual fixations, making them normal and me a pervert.  Go figure.  I have always been attracted to mature women, and men.  Yes, I am bi and thanks to the Wonderful World of FaceBook a majority of my coworkers have begun to finally figure it out, which lead to one of the funniest moments I had at work in a long time a few months ago.  The subject came up, and there are a few guys who are always at each other about being gay, so as soon as I confirm that, as it was put "you like men and women", the whole group went silent for a minute.  That's when I took the opportunity to say, "Well, I guess that finally settles the issue about who the gayest one around here is."  Hhehehehehehe.

I'm pretty much known for my fascination and devotion to Big Beautiful Women (BBWs).  They're my favorite subject, people and characters.  When someone says real woman to me, the attached image bears some significant poundage with it.  So many women worry over being "normal", fitting into some kind of Barbie doll mold.  You know what the hell normal is?  The fuckin' majority, and the majority of women walking around out there on the street don't look like Barbie, the look like Nikki Blonsky and Victoria Blisse.

2. How long have you been writing and when did you decide writing this genre was for you? Also tell us about your blog House of Master Vyle, where did it all began and what inspired you to come up with the idea?

Well I could easily be one of those people that say, "I've been writing all my life."  However about 99% of those people get on my nerves and about 96% of those people who use that claim, from reading things they've written recently, apparently haven't improved much from the stories they claimed they started writing when they were about three or four.  I really, serious began writing stories as a hobby in 1986, so around 26 years.  That was when I wrote my first horror short story Bleeders, which owed a major amount of inspiration from Roger Corman's monsterpiece Attack Of The Giant Leeches.  I grew up watching Dr. Paul Bearer's Creature Feature on Saturday afternoons, and getting my weekly fix of "horrible old movies" from around the world was the first thing that sparked my imagination, so as I grew older and became a bigger horror fan I jumped from just watching films to reading books, and then really getting the desire to tell stories of my own.

First and foremost I consider myself a horror writer, although the largest part of my published body of work is erotica.  One of my friends from school, when she learned I wrote erotica as well as horror, told me that she didn't consider them to be very different, which I've always felt was kind of funny.  I have been told that Heather's Journey: The Sound Of her MASTER'S VOICE has a distinct horror vibe to it, though it is most definitely not a horror story.  However, especially since I started writing some of my darker and more mature stuff in my senior year of high school, sex and sexual content was getting woven into my stories in quite a few places.  Recently I released Older Is Bedder in a eBook format, which was my first actual erotic short story, but when I had planned the story out the initial intention I had had been to write a horror story.

As for how House Of Master Vyle came about.  In some ways it originates back in to growing up on Creature Feature and cheesy horror and science fiction movies from around the world.  I've always loved Japanese tokusatsu, what they lay person in the west would call suitamation, where actors in suits play giant monsters.  Growing up in the 70 I saw my fair share of Godzilla and Gamera movies, and of course I was lucky enough to catch a couple of syndicated runs of Ultraman.  In the 90's I lucked into a Japanese superhero revival when Saban Entertainment began to Raymond Burr the Super Sentai series that were running in Japan at the time and present them as Mighty Morphin' Power Rangers.  Long story short, at the end of MMPR's third season a short lived villain by the name of Master Vile was introduced.  A couple of years later, after I had gotten on-line and began chatting in BDSM chat rooms I decided that I needed a name that would easily identify me.  Master Vile was the first thing that came to mind, because, well I like some things that are kind of out there.  So I changed the "i" to a "y" and took the name for my own, and nearly 13 years later I'm still as Vyle as ever, so when I decided to set up a blog it only made sense that House Of Master Vyle would be the most fitting name.

3. In an industry dominated by women, how you handle the pressure? On top, how do you explain to others about what you write?

Well, now I don't really think I would overall categorize erotica overall as a genre dominated by women.  I think that there's a fairly even mix of both male and female writers.  Now if we're talking about COUGH-cheese-cave-COUGH-crap, UHHpmmmm, if you're talking about COUGH-COUGH-  If you're talking about, UHHpmmmm, UHHpmmmm-.  Sorry, I seem to have something in my throat.  Hummm.  If you mean "erotic romance", when it's written well, I think men can do just as well and feel just as comfortable as a woman can.  Case in point, not to stroke your ego just cause I'm here, but I do call's 'em like I see's 'em, and Their First Night Together tops the list of erotic romance stories I read and really liked.  Plus, men have been writing romance and romantic stories for quite a while, it's just that most of the time the world at large has no clue.  Do you know that most soap operas (sadly pretty much a dead genre) had pretty much an even staff of male and female writers?  One of the worst kept secrets of the writing world?  V.C. Andrews has been dead since 1986 and her "new books" are still being churned out by Andrew Niederman, a hardcore horror author who wrote such classics as The Devil's Advocate and Pin.

How do I explain to others what I write?  Hhehehehehe.  That's actually hard to explain, because I usually explain stories, or bits of stories, on a story by story basis.  I tend to be long winded, and I love a good epic tale.  I grew up on "Silver Age" DC and Marvel Comics, and I was a big time collector for a while, so I became immersed in the idea that every single issue of ever single comic book from each brand was all part of one big story.  As I got into reading Stephen King I began to see that he had connected a majority of his stories the same way, so the more I wrote the more I found that I wanted to tell stories that were set in a consistent Universe, not just where it was based on actual facts and reality, but where the stories were interconnected, and the characters possibly crossed paths.  Right now there's not much out there in my published works to sift through and find, but I can tell you that my personal fiction Universe will be expanding on the horizon.  The Hollow Creek Monster, which features prominently in Legend Of The Ghost's Woods is mentioned in It Came From Beyond The Midnight Clear in my Frog Nog And Other Horrorday Tales collection, as well as being mentioned in The Sound Of her MASTER'S VOICE.  Heather Ford and Betty Wallace will be making a cameo in the first Shadows Of The Night novel.  Plus Simon Raver from my BBW erotica short story Descent To Venus is going to be popping up in other stories here and there, in roles big and small.  Essentially, I think big and I plan big.  The problem is getting it all written down in the limited time I have to do it in.

4. How does you family and friends feel about your work?

My immediate family, those I see every day, they're proud of me.  My wife, Betsy, is my muse and inspiration, as well as the cover girl on three covers.  She's very proud of my work and very supportive.  My youngest son, Quentin, has read some of my more teen friendly horror stories, so I'm cool as hell, and he recently wrote a paper on me in one of his classes on the person he admires the most, which not only surprised and deeply touched me, but also stroked my ego immensely.  My older son Alex, and his girlfriend Cali have been reading my horror stories and have both given me positive reviews.  I'm not really sure what Alex thinks about me writing erotica, because he tends to be solemn and serious, but he's never given me any indication that he thinks I'm a freak.

As for the rest of my family?  I cautiously told my mother I had published The Sound Of her MASTER'S VOICE, and her initial reaction was, "That's good.  I'm glad you finally did it."  (Got something published.)  Then a couple of week later, when my brother mentioned something about it her response was a very cold, "Yeah, I'm not proud of that."

So it is what it is.  My in-laws, I think they kind of know.  They know I'm published, but they don't talk to me about it, so I pretty much know they know what I write, and I know that's why we don't talk about it.  I offered my younger brother a copy of my horror short story Legend Of The Ghost's Woods to be flatly told by him, "I don't read horror stories."  So, it's a taboo subject within the family, like all things within my family, from my love of fat girls, to my bisexuality, to the fact that I'm a molestation and sexual assault survivor, to my heritage (yeah, I'm the George Leroy Chickashea of the family, try tracking down that obscure Porter Wagoner reference).  Cousin Kenny wrote a children's book.  Michael-.  Don't talk about that.  Out of my whole family I have one cousin who has stood by me and is proud of what I've accomplished, but then again my Cousin Shelby and I have been through thick and thin together, and out of everyone in the family I knew she would be the only one who would willing read my erotic works.

My friends are cool with it.  You know how the people that really know you are.  Oh, you wrote something dirty?  Can I get it for free?

I do have a person or two that gets a little twitchy when I say, "Hey, you want a copy of my new story?"  Then I do have to remind them that I do write more than sex stories.

5. Is there a particular genre you haven’t touched, but would be interested in doing?

In some ways that's a tricky question, because there have been so many cases where things I've written have been hard to pigeon hole into a particular category.  I've always kind of described A Day In The Life Of Abagail King as prostitution humor erotica.  I haven't really done an all out science fiction story, though I do have one in mind, about a woman who learns that scoring with an alien just to add another race to her list of aliens she's slept with isn't everything.  I haven't really written all that many gay male stories, and unfortunately the single one I had out as a free read in eBook format, Honcho, is now unavailable, due to my decision to sever my ties with All Romance eBooks and OmniLit over the Pay Pal Purge.  However, there's some guy on guy action coming up in a longer work out there on the horizon
I wrote the first draft as a way to experiment with a grittier tale than I was used to telling.  In that version of the story both characters were quite unlikable.  When I rewrote it I though back to a one night stand I had when I was young, and wondered what could have happened if there had been more.  So there's a lot about regret and obsession woven into the latter part of the story.

6. Tell us about your latest book Room And Broad For The Night: Cheap?

 My latest eBook formatted release is a short story titled Room And Broad For The Night: Cheap.  It tells the story of a young man on his way to Key West where he is starting a gig as a drummer in a high school friend's band.  He stops for the night in the middle of nowhere at the only motel that does not have a sign flashing No Vacancy.  Once he goes to the desk the night clerk, an older and somewhat homely woman, tells him that there's actually no vacancy there either, but she does know somewhere he can sleep for the night, as long as he's willing to pay the price.  Of course you know she doesn't want money.  Hhehehehehe.

I decided to have a little fun because I presented the story with the original draft of the story that I had written in 1994.  In ways they are totally different stories, but when you compare them together you can see they're essentially the same story at the core.

7. What inspired you to write Room And Broad For The Night: Cheap?

I wrote the first draft as a way to experiment with a grittier tale than I was used to telling.  In that version of the story both characters were quite unlikable.  When I rewrote it I though back to a one night stand I had when I was young, and wondered what could have happened if there had been more.  So there's a lot about regret and obsession woven into the latter part of the story.

8. Do you have any upcoming projects that you wish to share?

Currently I am working on a new draft of a novel titled The Creeper.  It's a horror novel I wrote in 1995, but to date it has not been published.  I'm in the process of expanding the story, rechecking facts, updating it where it needs it, and fixing some problems that I think it's had all along.  Basically it's the story of a young man who has dreamed the same dream every night, all of his life, about a demonic figure stalking him and eventually catching him.  After he graduates from high school he returns to the town he was born in, and not only do his dreams become more intense, but the figure from them begins to manifest itself in reality.

I am also working on getting the first segment of Shadows Of The Night Volume One: Comes The Dark Storm started, as well as working out the prologue chapter of Heather's Journery: The Manual Of Discipline.

9. What was one of the toughest projects you have ever faced, but was proud of the accomplishment?

I think the toughest project I ever faced was writing the first full draft of the first novel I ever wrote, Whispers Of Darkness, an unpublished work that will eventually constitute the third volume of Shadows Of The Night.  I know you saw the picture of the manuscript on FaceBook, it's big enough to kill someone with.  There's no feeling like hammering out THE END for the first time on a novel, even if you know it's just a rough draft.

10. What advice would you give to other writers, especially to those starting out?

The best piece of advice I can give you is to believe in yourself and never lose that.  My mother told me I would never be published.  I am.  She said I would never make any money writing stories.  I have.  She said I could never make a living writing.  Well, that still remains to be seen, but my personal measure of success to begin with was nothing more than the fact that it was out there available for someone to buy, not the fact that it was being bought.

Other than that, be alert and be aware.  If someone is telling you you're great and it's blowing smoke up your ass, politely take the compliment as it was meant and don't let it swell your head.  I've seen plenty out there compared to Barker and King, and after reading their stuff I'm often left with the conclusion that the people saying it have never actually read anything by Barker or King.  My personal rule and code, my motto and creed has been that, I know how good I am, and by that same token I also know how good I am not.  Someone leaves you a bad "comment", that's what it is, some prick's comment because whatever you wrote wasn't what they needed to get it up to yank their crank to.  But if someone writes a bad "review" you've got to shift through the shit and the snarkiness, and take a look at the technical problems the reviewer is pointing out before blowing a gasket and saying they have no clue what they're talking about.  And if that review is on House Of Master Vyle pack a fuckin' lunch.

Ego is great.  Ego can be your friend.  But your ego can also be your undoing.  It's the dark side, young Jedi.  Watch out!

11. Lastly, where can people follow you (i.e. social networks, blogs, websites, etc.)?

Well of course you know you can find me on my blog House Of Master Vyle
Or follow me on Twitter @Master_Vyle and of course I can be found on das FaceBooken as plain old Michael C. Laney

12. Cocktail Moment: If there was a drink of your kind, what would it be (alcoholic or non-alcoholic)?

Alcoholic, of course.   This is a little concoction of my own, so for safety sake I'll do the mixing.  The first round of these ever made put my best friend's girlfriend in bed for three days with alcohol poisoning.  This, boys and girls, is called a Chronic Hedgehog, and again don't attempt this or any of the things you see on WWE Monday Night Raw at home, because it can be hazardous to your health, or even FATAL, if done incorrectly.  This drink contains citrus vodka, peach vodka, peach schnapps, triple sec, orange juice, lemon juice and a dash of club soda (just becase carbonation and vodka don't mix).  And viola, when it's done right, you get a drink the color, consistency and flavor of Tang!  Hhehehehehehe.  (No, I ain't bull shittin', Chronic Hedgehogs are 100% real).

13. Your Day Off: If you could take a day off from your normal activity, how would you spend it?

If I could have a day off from "normal" activity, including writing.  I'd actually probably sleep most of the day. 

14. Favorite Man Food: It’s your day off and you wake up at 10AM, describe your kind of brunch?

CheesyBurger Ranch Hamburger Helper, because they don't make Mushroom & Wild Rice Hamburger Helper anymore.

15. Something Extra: Is there anything trivial you wish to share to your readers about yourself?

The only thing I haven't mentioned is that I love world music, especially J-Pop.  I do a little dabbling in mixing music and sound effects, and like doing my own Halloween sound shows for that Ghost Wonderful time of the year.  So, as well as Master Vyle, I sometimes am known as DJ Supa Hentai Triple X!  Hhehehehehehe.

Mr. Laney, I had an awesome time interviewing you and I hope to see you on here again. Thank you so much!

Thanks again for having me Ray.  The pleasure's been mine, and it has been finally good to get to the AfterDark World.

Room And Broad For The Night: Cheap Excerpt
            Carol lit another cigarette and looked to where I stood looking out the door as the rain come down a little harder.  “You don’t want to go out in that, bud.  I don’t blame you.”
            “Yeah”, I said.  “But it doesn’t look like there’s much choice.”
            As I looked back she flashed her toothy smile again.  “Well, I could let you stay at my place.”  She craned her head to the side, indicating the open door behind the desk that she had come through.
            “Naw, I wouldn’t want to get you in trouble,” I said.  It seemed like the right and logical thing to say, even though I was still all about trouble back then.
            “Well, I won’t get in trouble,” she said.  Pausing, she took a drag off her cigarette.  “I mean I am Carol, right?  Who’s gonna get me in trouble?”
            I laughed.  Of course.  She wouldn’t get into any trouble because she owned the place.  “Yeah, you’re right.”  I was done with my cigarette so I stepped to the counter and rubbed it out in the hubcap ashtray.  Then, immediately, I reached into my back pocket and took my wallet out.  “How much do you want?”
            Smiling, she took another drag off her cigarette.  Then she laughed, coughing a little as she exhaled.  “I’m not going to make you pay,” she said.  Then she got a mischievous grin on her goofy mouth.  “Not with money, anyway.”  Calmly she put the Merit to her lips and took a long drag.  The air was still enough at that moment that I could hear the sound of the paper and tobacco burning despite the pattering of rain on the windows as it grew heavier.
            Okay, so I was 22, but far from stupid.  I knew without a shadow of a doubt what she meant, and I knew that she was not joking.  And already, although I was a little shocked, I didn’t really care.  Any single guy between 16 and 24 knows when you’re that age it just doesn’t matter.  Fat, skinny, tall, short, younger, older, hot, medium or 100% the ugliest monster walking the face of the earth, if it has a pussy and is willing to be fucked, you’re going to fuck it, if for nothing but the experience points.  I had been going through a dry spell for about three months anyhow, and my cock was already semi-hard at the slimmest possibility that it would be sliding in and out of something other than my palm and fingers.
            Besides, I was sure she wouldn’t want too much anyway.  I would give her the cock for a few minutes, make her cum and then she would fall to sleep for the night and I would be on my merry way in the morning.  It would take five minutes, 15 at the very most, before the whole thing was over.
            Boy was I stupid about that, and so wrong.
            Calmly I fished my pack of Winston back out and lit another cigarette of my own.  The young stud in me decided to reward her suggestiveness with some bravado of my own. 
            “Well, do you think you can handle me, Carol?,” I questioned, doing my best to make it sound like I thought she was joking, just in case she turned out to really be.
            She just grinned back.  “Yes, bud.  With no problem at all.”  She stepped to the far end of the counter and raised the flapper door on top of it, and as she looked back at me there was a gleam in her eyes that told me I was not wrong at all.
            I took a step, then hesitated, stopping to look back at my car.  “Do you need me to move my car out of the way?”
            She closed her eyes slightly and shook her head.
            “Do you need to lock up?”
            She shook her head again.  “Naw.  Just in case someone has an emergency.”
            I nodded, then moved toward the open flapper to accept her invitation.  She seemed confident and sure of the situation, and my need for a little pussy and to jack up my experience points helped me put off an air of confidence as well.  I stepped behind the counter, only remotely thinking about the car and the fact that pretty much everything I owned was in it.
            Carol closed the flapper door and gave me a wink.  She reached to the counter and grabbed her cigarettes.  Then she walked up to me and gave the left cheek of my ass a light squeeze as she passed around me to go through the doorway.  “Come on in, bud, no need to be shy.”


  1. Great interview there and thanks for the Name Drop! Though it would have been nice for you to mention that I write hot erotica with curvy characters as well as pointing out my curves. ;) Ha. I'm never satisfied! ;)

  2. Always interesting to learn more about the weird one behind the words. :o)

    On the issue of male romance authors there is a new documentary out called "Guilty Pleasures". I haven't seen it yet, but I plan to watch it. Part of the description at IMDB : "Glamorous author Gill Sanderson delivers five Mills & Boon titles a year to her devoted readers across the world. Little do they know, Gill is in fact Roger, a pensioner writing from a small caravan in the Lake District."

    I can understand the confusion about the boundaries of erotica and horror. So much depends on personal sexual taste. My friends and I have a habit, when we see something in a porn film which goes beyond our own limited tastes in terms of body type, age or sexual behaviour, of saying : "That's not porn...that's horror!" :o)

  3. I think I need to try a Chronic Hedgehog...just saying...

    Nice interview...:)

  4. If we all get together I promise to make some, to prevent anyone from dying in an attempt to make their own.