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Wednesday, March 21, 2012

AfterDark's Interview with Benjamin Russell

I want to introduce an author with such fling and zing to his stories. A man who can draw such heat, he would make ladies find the nearest fan or have to change their panties after reading his work. I introduce Benjamin Russell for “A Man’s World Interview” on The AfterDark World.

1. Mr. Russell, thank you for taking the time out for this interview. Please, why don’t tell us a little bit about yourself?  Hmm, this is one of those obligatory interview questions that always gives me pause.  Ok, here’s the deal. Benjamin Russell is my pen name Albeit Benji ( as some of readers and friends call me ) is actually more me than me – if that makes any sense.  Benji and I kinda got this Clark Kent thing going on.  By day, I am a highly successful corporate executive, responsible for a staff of 35 IT professionals and an operating budget of $15 million. When Benji comes out to play, he dons his Gentleman Dom hat and writes steamy erotica. I think my staff sees some of the Dom in me, since I can be a tad authoritative at times. 
2. How long have you been writing and when did you decide writing this genre was for you?  I write business briefs and proposals in the real world and I’m damn good at it.    One day I decided what the heck – I want to try writing for fun.  The transition from business writing to fiction writing has not been easy, but I think my past writing experience has given me a running start.  My Father, he was a voracious reader and he taught me to love the written word. His philosophy was that he didn’t care what I read; comic books, the daily newspaper or his secret stash of X-rated paperback books (I’m pretty sure he knew I read them, but he pretended not to notice) he just wanted me to read. Since I’m an author of Erotica, I guess you’ve probably figured out that I gravitated to his steamy paperback books.

3. In an industry dominated by women, how you handle the pressure? On top, how do you explain to others about what you write?  Yes, women dominate the industry and I must admit, they’re damn good at it, but I honestly don’t feel any pressure.  I love women; they are a gift from the Universe. I believe the glory of Life is in its infinite diversity and in the ways; our differences combine to create meaning and beauty.  I realize I can learn a lot from women writers about how to give my characters more depth and breath.  I think your second question is pertaining to how I explain to people I write Erotica?  I follow the K.I.S.S. principle, I tell them I write about sex and life. 

4. How does you family and friends feel about your work?  My family has not embraced erotica as a genre they like to read.  If my Father were alive, he'd be giving me high fives and ideas for new stories. My Mother on the other hand, who is still alive, I think she'd be calling Ghost Busters or an Exorcist if she read one of my stories. Bottom-line, I write for me and I write the kind of stories that I enjoy reading.
5. Is there a particular genre you haven’t touched, but would be interested in doing? 
Paranormal, I have a scalding hot paranormal WIP project that I’m going to finish this spring and have published.  I’m still trying to decide if I want to submit it to a publisher or if I want to self-publish it.  I started writing it about a year ago, it’s up to 35K words now.  I put it down a few months ago, because I hit a wall in terms of where I wanted to go with the story and the character and I’m glad I did.  I have learned so much about myself and the craft of writing since then, that when I go back to finish it – the final product is going to be smoking
6. Tell us about your latest book Naughty Hot Shots - Booty Call? I co-authored the Booty Call with the talented Ms. Michelle Chatton.  It’s a story about a beautiful, full-figured woman who decides to celebrate her divorce becoming final and her birthday, by making a Booty Call to a couple of male friends.  She wants to have a MMF ménage to celebrate and her two friends, Marcus and Winston are only to happy to oblige. 

7. What inspired you to write Naughty Hot Shots - Booty Call?  Well, Michelle brought it to my attention that there are a lot more BBW buyers of erotic romance and erotica, than there are skinny-minnies as she describes them.  From there, my Muse went into overdrive and together we created the outline for the Booty Call in about two hours.

8. Do you have any upcoming projects that you wish to share?  Oh gawd, I have projects coming out of my butt.  Specifically, Michelle and I have outlines written for two other WIP projects that she and I expect to have published this year.  I am also working on projects with the sexy author, Ms. Jade F. Baiser, the scintillating Ms. E. R. Pierce and the always-scandalous Ms. Cassandre Dayne.  Of course, there is my solo paranormal project – The Incubus Chronicles

9. What was one of the toughest projects you have ever faced, but was proud of the accomplishment?  Wow, that’s the easiest question so far.  Battling the demon of self-doubt and stepping up the way the Nike commercial says – “Just Do It.”  Not surprisingly, there are a 100 times more would-be authors out there, still thinking about it, than there are writers who have actually conquered their fears and done it. I feel good about getting my first story published and I see it as a stepping-stone for many more to come.

10. What advice would you give to other writers, especially to those that are starting out?  Characters, characters, characters.  Focus on giving your characters depth and breath – then the story will write itself.  I want all of my characters to be flawed in some way, or at least think they’re flawed – that way readers will identify with them, if only partially.  Writing the sex scenes is easy, but why are the characters doing it – that’s what will make readers come back for more and spread the good word about the story. 

11. Lastly, where can people follow you (i.e. social networks, blogs, websites, etc.)?
Visit my Mature Audiences Only - 18+ Adult blog at -

Time for some trivial questions...

12. Cocktail Moment: If there was a drink of your kind, what would it be (alcoholic or non-alcoholic)? – A cold beer, I like all kinds of beers, but I’m partial to Sam Adams.  Or a chilled glass of wine – Moscato

13. Your Day Off: If you could take a day off from your normal activity, how would you spend it?  - Going to the gym or hitting a Yoga class.  I am seriously hooked on the endorphins that kick-in after a great workout, unfortunately – I keep allowing life to distract me from that simple joy.

14. Favorite Man Food: It’s your day off and you wake up at 10AM, describe your kind of brunch?   Coffee and more coffee.  A cup of mixed-fruit, turkey sausage and/or turkey bacon, scrambled eggs and three buttermilk pancakes.  Hey, what can I say – I’m big man.

15. Something Extra: Is there anything trivial you wish to share to your readers about yourself?  Hmm, I did another interview and I was asked the question – “What would we find under your bed?”  Honestly, I had no idea, so I crawled under there to take a look-see. Well, I found a jar of peanut butter( creamy ), a $100 bill( Great, she said she’d left me a tip ), a spray bottle of Swiss Navy lube( great stuff ), two pair of panties, a flogger and a pair of handcuffs. *Gawd, I need a new maid*

Mr. Russell, I truly thank you for the interview and I hope to see you on here again. Thank you so much!

EXCRPT TO Naughty Hot Shots - Booty Call.

The following excerpt from the Booty Call (along with a sneak peak at Winston) can be found by clicking on the embedded link and go to my Blog – the Incubus Chronicles.

Vicky arched her back and her head lolled to the side. “Winston, ooh baby, I am soooo close. If you keep doing that I am going to come, I am going to come so hard.” She whimpered breathlessly.

Steel vibrated in Winston’s voice. “No, you don’t come until I tell you to.” The touch of menace in his voice sent a furtive thrill to Vicky's moist core and surprisingly, she found the hint of danger in his voice to be arousing.

 “Yes Sir,” she said, assuming the submissive role easily from pure habit.

Vicky let out a long sigh as he slowly pulled his finger from her pussy’s clinging grasp. He stared at his cream covered finger lovingly before he turned his gaze on her and met her eyes directly.

Transfixed, she watched him stick his finger in his mouth and suck off all her cream. A look of crazed lust washed over his face as he tasted her juices and the erotic expression sent undulating ribbons of desire shimming down her spine. She peered at him through hooded eyes as he dipped a finger back inside her. Vicky’s eyelids fluttered and then closed as another wave of pleasure racked her body.

This time, when he withdrew his finger glistening with her dew, he held his hand up to her face. Every cell in her body screamed for her to devour his finger, but she forced herself to wait. He didn’t have to say it, but she wanted him to give her permission to do it. He leveled an icy stare at her and his commanding body language spoke to her heart.

Tonight she wasn’t the hotshot attorney who intimidated weak men with her intelligence, self-confidence and plus sized body. Tonight – in this bed – she wanted to be a desirable and sensuous woman, giving her trust to a real man. If only for one night, she wanted a man like Winston to dominate her and use her as he pleased.

Her eyes were soft, open and begging for his approval. “Please.”

“That’s good baby, you’re learning.” He placed his finger at the opening of her mouth and Vicky smiled when she inhaled her scent. She greedily wrapped her lips around his finger and sucked it clean.

He moved to the end of the bed and dropped to his knees so he could look between her legs. Moisture oozed from her and he froze for a moment as his cock bucked at the sight. He stared at the tantalizing view of her sex, wet with cream. He became enthralled at the promise of emptying the creamy contents of his balls in her, or all over her.

He looked up and captured her eyes. “Vicky, tell me what you want.”

She hesitated for just a moment. “Please.”

“Please what?” The displeasure in his voice was evident.

“Please make me come.”

He smiled. “That’s what I needed to hear.”

Winston began to lick his way up the inside of her legs and made a beeline straight for her beckoning little pussy. Normally, he would have teased her even more, but since today was her birthday and she’d been a good sub up to that point, he decided to give her what she needed.

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  1. Very sexy as always from two of the hottest and sexiest men I know who also happen to be damn good writers. Thanks for giving me a laugh and more than one sexy vision. Now I need to be even more wicked...

  2. Brilliant interview Mr Russell, I always love to hear more about the real person behind the author, and I can't wait to read the Incubus Chronicles, whichever way you decide to have it published!

  3. Mmmm, Cass, I'm dreaming of one steamy interracial ménage. 2 hunky black men and one ohhhh-so-lucky blonde lady! ;)

    Thanks Benji & Ray. Sweet interview!

  4. Ladies, thanks much for stopping by to show Ray & I some love - we appreciate it. Ray, dude your site rocks - I'm getting a serious buzz just looking around the room. Thanks much for inviting me over to spill my guts, I will have to return the favor one day. Muwah!!@

  5. Excellent interview. Entertaining and enlightening. A man after my own heart. Moscato and Sam Adams? I'll bring the new Alpine Spring ;) So, you're a health nut? Good to know :D

    1. Huh? I missed that interview!!
      As usual, I enjoyed reading about Benjamin. The more I read about him, the more I'm happy that he's in my life... I am so lucky :)
      I never had the pleasure to "meet" Ray, so I went to his page on FB. Now I want to meet him too...I know, I'm greedy!
      Great interview brother of mine!

  6. Great interview sexy, thought I'd be able to compete with you, but all I found under my bed were six pairs of shoes, my handgun, and a win. ;)

  7. Great interview!!! Benjamin your a riot and I think I should go look under my bed now too :)

  8. *chuckling* I'd love to know what was in your closet. Fun interview! ;^)

  9. Awesome interview as always Mr. Benjamin. Thank for the mention, that was nice. Even "I" learn something new about you in each new interview. ;)

    BTW I refer to smaller ladies as "Cute little Miss Perky Tight Ass." Not "skinny minnies". LOL But either works, although I love and admire women of all sizes.

  10. Great interview..I am with Nichelle I would also luv to know what is in your closet and book shelf...Thank you for letting us get to know you a little better Mr. Benjamin.