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Friday, February 24, 2012

Weekend Dirty Dozen: Finding Possibilities 02/24 - 02/26/2012

Hey people. I'm sorry I've been posting a little late, but better late than never.
I wanted to drop by my Weekened Dirty Dozen for the weekend of 2/24 - 2/26

I'm writing Chapter Three to my WIP Finding Possibilities, about an evening text after work.

*This is a rough copy, it is subjected to change.

Darius stepped out of the Manhattan DMV office and made his way to the City Hall train station on Broadway. He stopped at a news stand to get a candy bar, and heard his smart phone go off with a notification. As he pulled his smart phone out of his pocket, he saw it was a text message from Faith.

Can you make it to the boardawalk on Cappadonna before sunset?

He checked the time, it was 5:15PM. He knew she lived in Staten Island and getting there before sunset wouldn't be a problem, but getting home would be a mission without his car. Staten Island was awfully quiet at night, and he wasn't sure if he would catch the bus back to Brooklyn, but as for Faith, she was well worth missing the bus.

He texted, I could be there before sunset. Why?

I'm wearing leather boots and no underwear under my dress. Hurry quick, I want you really bad!

I'll be on the ferry over.

I'm getting off the ferry. Come quick!

Darius grew hard under his pants; talk about motivation. He had a thing for women wearing leather boots, but for her to not wear an underwear under her dress made his member poke through his pants and he worried riding the ferry with a raging hard-on.

He tried to shake it off and replied. Leather boots and no underwear. I'll be right over!

As he placed his phone back in his pocket, he suddenly wondered what bus he needed to take to get to Father Cappadonna Boulevard? He was able to get around by car, but by bus was a different story.


  1. Ahh, poor guy. Of all times for him to try and figure out how to get there on a short timeline. Hopefully he makes it. LOL

  2. I think he'll make it. Good passage.

  3. Damn good story so far. I like the local color and the reaction he has to meet her at sunset. I hope he finds the right bus and ferry in time. Can't wait to read how it carries through.

  4. Very nice, Ray. I've had to the "borough hop" when I was younger and Staten Island is a difficult one to get around in, especially by bus! Good Work!

  5. I'll tell you this, if a woman texted me with the line of "Leather boots and no underwear..." I'd be racing to get there too- lol

    Great WDD Ray