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Sunday, February 5, 2012

Six Sentence Sunday: Suburbian Secrets, Part Two: Secret Rendezvous - 02/05/2012

Hey Hiyadoin, it's time for the Six Sentence Sunday as I display my WIP,
Suburbian Secrets, Part Two: Secret Rendezvous

This story will be a little more intimate than the other chapter. While I am working on it, I should be able to have it out by March possibly, due to other projects. But have a read of my snippet and enjoy.


Kyle and Felicia begin seeing each other. They start by going out on their first date at a dinner and a movie, but the kind of movie they will be watching isn't in a movie theatre, it's a bit more intimate. But as Kyle develop feelings for her, there is another person that shares the same feelings for Felicia.


Kyle arrived at the Hannigan's Bar & Grill to meet Felicia for what she described a date. He sits in his parked car waiting for her to pull up in the parking lot.

After waiting several minutes, he looks through his rear-view mirror and spots a silver BMW Z3 stop behind his Pontiac Grand-Am.. Her horn honks and he figured it was Felicia. As he stepped out of his car, her car windows roll down and there was Felicia, holding a cigarette as she dumps it out in the street.

"Get in," she smiled.

"I thought we were going to have dinner here?" He approached.

"No, our for a dinner and a movie is somewhere private. I hope you like live entertainment; they serve excellent steaks over there."

Thank you everyone. Stay tuned for my release sometime around March.


  1. Great six! Love to know what happens next.

  2. Oh now thats a hook. I want to know what happens next. Great six Ray

  3. Loved the first one in this series- can't wait to see how their date goes- great 6 Ray

  4. As in the first time I read it, am impressed by the little details you put in. Great start - one can't help wondering where they're going! :-)