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Sunday, February 12, 2012

Six Sentence Sunday 02/12/2012 - Finding Possibilities

As I continued working on my cougar romance, Finding Possibilities, I want to give you a good teaser.

Please enjoy this SSS as I leave you a blurb below.

*This WIP is a rough copy, may be subject to change anytime.


“I didn’t. That night, I saw a lonely man who needed company.”
He smiled. “Thanks, because I saw a woman who enjoyed my company. I’m so glad to have you around.”
She took a step closer. “I’m glad to be around you.” She wrapped her arms around his shoulder, at the same time, feeling his hands on her curves. She grinned, “Now, before we ruin the moment. How about we get naked?”
“We’re alone you know.” He returned a grin, kissing on her lips.
“I know,” returning a kiss back at him.
“Want to hear some music?”
“We can make our own; just you and me.” She gave her most wicked grin, sliding her hands in his jeans to feel the flesh of his ass.


Faith Darby, a forty year old single mom, celebrates her birthday with a young man she met at a bar in Manhattan.The man she met had such charm and maturiy, it was too good to be true that he was right for her. But will her encoutner become a serious relationship or nothing more than a fling?


  1. Very sexy, very sensual, very ready to get the dialogue Ray- well done

  2. Well, either way it sounds like fun!

  3. Enjoyed their exchange. picking up pointers here! ;-p