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Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Lee Ann Sontheimer Murphy Guest Blogs for The AfterDark World

I am happy to bring in the midweek with one hell of an author, blogger, and one BIG congratulations to her release on Evernight Publishing, Love Shadows, which was released yesterday.

So please leave a comment and a congratulations to her release, and enjoy this spicy excerpt.

           Blame it on Barnabas Collins.  That’s what I tell people if they ask why I chose to write about vampires in my Love Covenant series from Evernight Publishing.  The fourth volume, Love Shadows, in the six book series appeared this month and Love Shadows joins the first three books (Love Tattoo, Love Knots, Love Knots in the hand of the vampire reading public.
            I blame in on Barnabas because I spent many afternoon hours in my childhood watching the gothic soap opera, Dark Shadows.  Yes, my mother allowed me to watch it and I guess my fascination with fanged creatures of the nights dates back to the program.  Of course I grew up in a big rambling brick house with its’ glory days in the past not the present where odd things happened and I later would joke the paranormal was our normal.
            So I got hooked on vampires.  One of my first published short stories back in the day was a sexy one I called Flame.  The story didn’t offer much originality about vampires but an editor liked it and published it in several small press magazines down New Orleans way.  Once in a very great while, someone tells me they read it and the fact they even remember it pleases me.
            Love Tattoo began as what I thought was a stand alone paranormal romance.  I got the idea driving down a lonely two-lane highway one dark winter night.  I noticed most of the other traffic out at an ungodly hour were big trucks, eighteen wheelers and I thought trucking would be a great cover occupation for a vampire. The idea cooked in my brain for a few weeks before I sat down and wrote about a Texas gal singer’s unexpected morning encounter with a sexy stranger at a rest stop off I-40.  Will Brennan just happened to be a vampire as well as a truck driver but Cara didn’t know it – not yet.   During the final edits, my Evernight editor suggested there might be room for a sequel and after I pondered it (my first thought being ‘no way’) I decided to give it a shot.  The books are written first person from Cara’s view point and she kept talking until her story – and Will’s – became a series.  She’s still yapping away and I hope she won’t shut up until the two final books are finished.
            Here’s the blurb and a short excerpt from the newest, book four of the Love Covenant series, Love Shadows:

Love Shadows blurb

Love Shadows, book four in my popular Love Covenant paranormal romance series from Evernight Publishing will be out later this week, following Love Tattoo, Love Scars, and Love Knots.
Cara couldn’t be happier now that her sexy vampire husband Will Brennan located his long lost brother Seamus.  Her new found brother-in-law even has a theater where she can sing - until a vampire named Henri shows up in the audience.  He covets Cara but not for a happy ending. The old vampire, far more powerful than Will or Seamus has a bad reputation among the undead.
Back in Memphis Henri demonstrates he can make them suffer at will.  A cat and mouse game begins and takes them back to Missouri, then onto Texas for what they hope will be a happy family holiday.
A last minute grocery store run puts Cara in Henri’s hands and leaves Seamus near dead.  When Henri takes Cara deep into the mysterious back waters of Caddo Lake, it’ll take more than just Will Brennan and his brother to save her – if they can.


With the infinite patience of the stars, Will Brennan put his mouth over mine, as rich and sweet as the somnolent scent of honeysuckle on a summer night.  His lips stroked mine with such slow heat that I burned, not the savage flame that hurt so much on Halloween but a gentle fever that moved through my blood like intoxication.  That mouth cherished me as if my lips held the riches of all ages, a king’s treasure.  Will’s kisses teased over me like a whisper, reminding me of a light wind that might fondle a cheek or toss a lock of hair.   He handled me as if I might be as fragile as an exquisite antique of extreme value.  He touched me with care as if I might break if he didn’t.  

As his hands moved over my body like heat lightning on a humid night, elusive, my skin became so sensitive that each stroke sent a thousand nerve cells tingling. When his mouth left my lips, they mourned his leaving but I had no time to think because his lips tickled down my throat, nipping and licking where my veins ran. He followed the largest, using his tongue to trace its course until he reached my breasts. Will used his thumb to rub against each nipple, one at a time, in a circular fashion that brought the buds to bloom. He cupped my tits in his hands as if he held eggs, delicate and easy to break, and the weight of his hands against my flesh tortured me but in such an exquisite way that I wanted more. Then he ran his hands down my sides, palms against my body, in a slow rhythm that filled me with a music that rang in my head. When I raised my hand to touch him, he stayed it.
"Let me,” he said, his voice just a faint rustle audible in the roaring I heard in my ears. “Let me do it all, mo anam cara.

I yielded, slave to his master, and allowed to do what he wanted. My body became his to command, his to take and he did with such deliberate measure that I thought I might languish there, imprisoned forever.When he entered me, his rod stiff and hard, he burrowed into my warmth, my wet cave that waited for him without force or hammering. Instead of conquering with might, Will poured into me like a tide sweeping over a beach, natural and powerful. I felt the impact of his arrival and knew the sweet, sweet release as he covered me. He filled me to capacity and then he bucked, no longer able to control his own need, yet even then with a gentle consideration.

I rose to meet him halfway, drawing him deeper into myself so that when the moment we sought came, we rode it like a Fourth of July rocket into the stratosphere of our souls and let it explode over us with brilliant joy. The release brought me to such a brink of physical pleasure that I cried out, unable to contain it and Will stopped my noise with his mouth, with a kiss that gave me the remaining roughness I craved. He kissed me hard, his mouth all but raping mine as I gloried in the sensation, coming again in a breaking tide that consumed us both.

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  1. I love how daily real life can contribute to a story and plot. Congrats on the new release LeeAnn- love how the man's voice can make her melt- great excerpt