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Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Kharisma Rhayne Guest Blogs for the AfterDark World.

Author, blogger, and co-founder of No Boundaries Press Kharisma Rhayne guest blogs on The AfterDark World about the idea of censorship. Sit down and pay attention as one company makes a game-changing moment. This is something every owner of a publishing company learn and do in response to PayPal's action.

You can’t say that!

So, everyone’s been talking about censorship and the new waves it’s brought to the publishing front over the last couple of weeks. There are hundreds, likely thousands, of books that have lost their homes among the shelves and shelves of virtual books we like to browse through daily (well, alright, maybe weekly).
Is this the end of it? Not by a long shot. Can I explain it all? No. But here’s what I can tell you.
Our choices are being made for us. And that plain stinks (I could grumble profanities here, but…you still get my point without them). Yes, everyone has a right to be “up in arms” about this and rant and rave about it.
Bottom line is though – what good is it really doing other than adding a few hits to your blog from others that are fuming about the news?
I decided to save my grumbling and do something to move forward. I’m moving away from PayPal (both personally and in No Boundaries Press) and installing new payment methods. Yes, it’s a hassle and it’s something new to learn. Sometimes that new hurdle is what makes us most angry about changes. We’re comfortable with old things. We know them. We know how to use them. We know what to expect from them.
But eventually, even that comfortable pair or old jeans that you’ve had for years will eventually have to be tossed in the trash can. Sometimes they rip, other times we simply out grow them.
I look at this as outgrowing PayPal. Sometimes change can be a good thing. Take it, make the most of it and run with it.
For those with homeless books (or those just looking for another location for their books) please feel free to check out our information at No Boundaries Press. We are a little behind right now, but are working hard to catch up.
My biggest thing isn’t the decisions PayPal has made. It’s that options are being chosen for us. I hate that. I dislike censorship in ALL forms. While I may not read what’s being removed, it’s still taking away freedoms. If we let this one be taken away just because we don’t read or write in that area—what is next to be taken from us?
This is why I made the decision to vendor through No Boundaries Press. It’s not about me. It’s about allowing a choice for readers and authors. THEY decide what they write. THEY decide what they chose to buy.
Now, before I get to the excerpt, here’s where you can find me:
Here’s a little peak at my most recent release from Rebel Ink Press. It’s book 2 in the Living Deadly Series: Holding on to the Pain.
“I was blessed by the gods Hera and Ares. This was their gift to me. I am dead, but not dead. You see, when I became transformed into a Vampire, my heart stopped beating and it still does not beat. But I can do everything and so much more than any human with a heartbeat can. Wonderful. Is it not?”  ~Xander

As the product of an oddly unusual experiment by the gods – they wanted to create the first vampire, Xander exists.  It wasn’t something he had asked for but none the less he reaped the rewards just the same.  As the first of his kind, he’s no longer plagued by human limitations, especially pain. Hera and Ares may have created him to be the ultimate killing machine, but there is a learning curve for even him.   While enjoying his newfound power, he kills without mercy, often simply for his own pleasure. His desire for pain at time even surpasses his sexual needs. He was gifted with invincibility as well as impatience. As the years added up, he grew bored of his dominance over those in the society of war and the civilized. Humans are merely toys for him to play with and toss aside after he’s had his fill. He cares nothing for them other than the blood-thirst they sate.  It can be a truly boring existence as he finds out.

Whether out of boredom or desperation, none know for sure, Xander decides he must have a companion, but who is worthy of his immortal bite?  Kings, warriors, or merchants?  This is part of Xander’s tale…come along for the ride as we journey with one of the greatest warriors of our time as he searches for more than mere existence.   He may be a warrior like no other, one who felt no pain. In a single word: Indestructible.
What seemed like forever finally ended when Devonia knocked on his door. Xander could hear the multiple heartbeats outside his door. How many willing females has she brought to him?
“Enter.” Xander was casual about their entry even though he was still on his back in the center of the bed naked, his cock raised straight up and waiting on the next pussy that was to be wrapped around it.
He heard the gasps and giggles as they entered the room. Smiling, he motioned them toward the bed with a hand.
“Let me ask now, is anyone here a virgin?” Xander was not going to be making that mistake again tonight. When everyone shook their head no, he felt himself let out a breath of relief. Devonia had definitely brought him some beautiful pussy. And such a variety of it. She had brought another blonde, two brunettes, a red head and another very pale skinned girl with jet-black hair.
Xander said a silent thank you to Ares. What a gift.
“Alright, so why everyone is still dressed? Remove your clothes.” He watched as some blushed and others were bolder as they removed their gowns. Some kept eye contact with him while he looked them over; others stared at their feet.
“I don’t mean to be daft, but do you plan to have us all at once?” Devonia looked none too pleased with him.
“Indeed I do. However, if it bothers you, since I’ve already had you tonight, you may leave.” Xander could tell his lack of caring bothered her, but he never catered to the over emotional feelings of women. That could make you lose yourself in wine.
“No, I’ll stay. I was merely curious.” Devonia kept her eyes lowered as she removed her clothing for the second time that night in front of Xander. Evidently the little virgin liked his cock well enough a ration of it was better than doing without another chance to ride him.
“Then, are we all in agreement?” Xander waited and watched some of the women nod yes while others spoke the word quietly. “Good.”
Xander pointed to the blonde. “You I shall call One.”
Pointing at the two brunettes and the red head, “I shall call you Two, you Three and you Four.”
Finally looking at the black haired girl and the first blonde he’d had that night he said, “You will be Five and you, of course, are Devonia. Now tell me, has everyone had someone take their ass?” Xander loved the shocked look on their faces. He didn’t know why he’d become so aggressive with sex and until he had become a Vampire, a woman’s anus was taboo to him. But tonight, it was a strong urge. Since having Devonia and learned she was a virgin, the desire to be first was undeniable.
One and Three nodded that they were not virgins on either location, while Two, Four, and Five claimed they’d only had “normal” sex. Before becoming a Vampire he had never taken a woman’s anus before. Now it seemed to be the ultimate gift.
“Two, I want you to bend over the side table. Be sure to brace yourself firmly.” Moving over to one side of the bed, he continued, “Four, I want you on your hands and knees on that side of my bed. And Five,” Xander sat down and tossed his legs over the side of the bed, “I want you to place yourself over my lap.”
Xander couldn’t quite tell if they were in shock or not, but all moved slowly to do his bidding.
“I’ll tell you now that I am demanding and you will do as I say. Does anyone wish to leave?” Xander again watched as he heard the replies and head shakes of no one wishing to leave.
“One, go to Two and ready her for me. You may finger her pussy and feel her breasts. Most importantly you must lick her anus so that I can take her soon. Three you will do the same on the bed for Four and Devonia you will assist Five on my lap.” Xander couldn’t help but lick his lips with the anticipation of watching the women on each other.


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