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Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Kayelle McClive Guest Blogs for The AfterDark World

Author Kayelle McClive guest blogs for the AfterDark about her hot latest release "Confederate Moon". Have a read at it and enjoy her wonderful excerpt.

First of all I have to thank Ray for the chance to guest blog here!! It’s always great to get out and about from time to time.
I’m Kayelle McClive and as I’m sure you’ve guessed, I’m an author. (I like to tell myself I am anyway.)
My first novel “Confederate Moon” is going to be released on February 24, 2012 so I thought I’d give a little info on how it came to be, what it’s about, and give a little taste.
The concept for this book actually came from my husband back in 2009. We were photographing a wedding at an old plantation house in Kentucky when he walked up to me and simply said. “What if the South had won the Civil War because Vampires helped them?” That one little question started me on this journey. It didn’t take long for that idea to spawn all kinds of things in my head, and I have to credit the husband too. The hero, Nolan Shea, was his idea and he came up with most of his backstory and who Nolan really is.
The heroine Bryne was this very no nonsense girl next door who showed up one night in my head and still hasn’t left. She is a little sassy, very strong but still a little na├»ve about those who the bad guys really are.
I took college courses and spent many hours doing research for the world of this book to make the world believable. I have also come to learn a lot about our country and the misconceptions about the Civil War while doing this research. So much of what we are taught in public schools is not the real story. Heck, it’s not even close. That was one of the biggest things I learned in all of this, everything I knew about the Civil War was wrong.
However, I loved taking our world, and turning it upside down. Changing our world to a place where slavery still exists. Indentured servitude is a way of life. Vampires and werewolves are real and everyone is aware of their existence. Money and magic are equally important and power is the ultimate goal of some people.
I love the Urban Fantasy world and what can be done within the realms of it. I have so much fun imagining a world so vastly different yet similar to our own.
I plan to have a trilogy of the story of Bryne and Nolan. I also have several other books planned that will center around characters that we meet through Nolan in the course of the books. It’s a large world with lots of great characters and I can’t wait to share them with everyone.
So without rambling further, here’s a little teaser from the prologue of
“Confederate Moon:”
It was the first thing Nolan Shea thought as the darkness of unconsciousness wore off. A light dew had set itself on the field around him, the dampness making the cold that much more pronounced. He raised a hand to his eyes, wiping at them before he opened them.
The sky showed the pale gray of early morning, the scattered clouds touched in pinks and purples as the sun began its ascent from the horizon. He blinked several times, not quite sure where he was, trying to put scattered memories in his head together into a coherent thought.
As those images registered, he remembered getting word of his youngest son Collin’s death. His older son Matthew had died six months before. The war had taken the last of his family. His wife Sophia had fallen ill and died before Collin had ever reached his third birthday. It had been just him and his boys for so long and now he was alone.
He’d gone out into the field after hearing word in town that the war was over.
Robert E. Lee had taken his troops into Washington D.C. with little resistance, and moved up into New York and taken control there as well. The North hadn’t stood a chance after the Vampires stepped in to help the South in their cause. It was almost like a dream at first. The old legends and tales of blood sucking humans who could live forever were true, and the vampires had shown themselves to the world by helping the South to end the war.
So much had happened in the past few weeks and he’d come to the fields to do a little work; he needed to do something. He had to use his hands, to work the ground. He needed to feel something more than grief over losing what remained of his family.
It was while he worked that he’d been attacked. It had been so sudden, so completely unexpected that Nolan never had the chance to fight back. Even now, he could see those sharp teeth in the beast’s frothing maw. It had charged and attacked him with no warning, no sound before it was on him. It was not a vampire that had attacked him, this was animal. There was no mistaking the feel of fur and the power of the jaws that had latched onto him. Sharp claws had torn his flesh. The teeth in the beast’s maw had been yellow. It’s breath had reeked of death. The searing pain when its claws had rent his flesh had stolen Nolan’s breath. And afterward, he’d lain in agony and his own blood, awaiting a death he feared wouldn’t come soon enough.

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  1. What a wonderful excerpt! It captivated me. Thank you for stopping by and blogging with The AfterDark World.

  2. I love that your dh gave you the idea for it! Good for you to pursue it. Wish you all the best!

  3. Thank you for taking the time to share with us, the exertion has my attention :)