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Monday, February 20, 2012

Gemma Parkes Guest Blogs for The AfterDark World

Author Gemma Parkes has something unique that keeps people wondering more about her. She has a style that has caught my attention over the last two weeks, mainly because of her excerpt to her book, Master Me, Master You. Whenever I read her work, I feel the air of sensuality.

The AfterDark World is pleased to have her on here, she will forever make Tuesdays so Tasty, I have to have her on here again! Enjoy and show this woman some love.

Hi Ray, Thank you for having me over on your blog today. It’s always great to visit new blogs and have a good mooch around. Love what you’re doing with the place.
I’ve been working really hard lately writing as much as possible whilst I’m at home recuperating from a small heart scare.
For those of your visitors who haven’t heard of me before, l am an author who currently specializes in Erotic fiction. I have several short stories for sale in eBook format available to purchase on Amazon Kindle, All Romance Fiction, Xcite, Smashwords and Yellow Silk Dreams. These include my latest work entitled ‘Master Me, Master You’. I also have a printed anthology of my earlier work called ‘Short ‘N Sexy’ and inclusions in three anthologies with Naughty Nights Press, (‘A Wicked and Wanton all Hallows Eve’) Ravenous Romance (‘Back Door Lover’) and Cleis Press (‘Girl Fever’).
I have just finished a novella called ‘Pleasing Mia’ which has been accepted by Rebel Ink Press. So l suppose l am putting myself about a bit!
I started writing in this genre last May (2011) and l am very pleased with the way things have snowballed for me. I certainly still have a lot to learn but l am enjoying the journey! I particularly enjoy meeting other authors on social networking sites such as Face book and Twitter.
Is this sounding a bit too much like a CV?
I live in the North of England, deep in the countryside and l often find inspiration from looking out at the green fields, not that there are couples having sex out there, at least l don’t think so!
I don’t think l specialise in a particular sub genre, though it is often M/F with a touch of sexual control. I also write many of my stories in the first person, l just find it easier to put myself in that position and write about how l might react if l was that person. I like stories with enigmatic characters, l do like to write with emotion, but find that easier to achieve in longer pieces. I also love to write poetry.
I would love to give you an excerpt from ‘Pleasing Mia’ but it won’t be available until the summer. So instead here is ‘Master Me, Master You’:

A quiet afternoon in a café leads to a chance meeting with Tom, an enigmatic man with a dark compelling nature. His arrogant sexual demands grow in their intensity until a visit to his neglected apartment reveals an even darker side of him that Jenna is powerless to resist. This book is attended for Adults only and contains strong language and explicit sex.

The following afternoon at 2pm l was sitting nervously on the park bench, looking across the small pond towards the direction that Tom usually arrived from.
 When it reached 2.15pm l thought that perhaps he wasn’t coming, that he had changed his mind because l had let him down, l was sad, then angry, then hugely disappointed. Just as l was about to leave he showed up, moving towards me with a confident swagger and a smug expression. I waited for his response to my skirt. He stood directly in front of me and lowered his gaze.
“Stand up.” he said.
I stood and brushed down my skirt. It was short and frilly, pretty and lacy stopping about four inches above my knees.
“Turn around.” he said.
I took a step forward and then turned slowly around, the soft material swayed outwards before falling perfectly back into place.
“Very nice.” he said finally, and l inwardly breathed a huge sigh of relief.
Our walk around the park was much better that day; he wrapped a protective arm around me and held me close. We smiled, we chatted, and we laughed.
He told me a little bit about himself and asked me many questions, things like where did l like to go, what movies did I like, and all the usual normal things that new acquaintances might ask. Looking back now l realise that he didn’t actually give too much away about himself, no personal details at all. In retrospect l suppose he was probing me, his tone was quite clinical. Did l live alone? How recent was my previous boyfriend? This one excited me; did it mean that he wanted to be my current boyfriend? He wasn’t exactly boyfriend material, but maybe he was just a little shy? All his questions were directed at me with one of his curious stares, intensity was his middle name.
When, once again he checked his watch and informed me that he had to leave, he swept me up into his arms, kissed me fervently and slipped one hand swiftly up my skirt then back down. This movement was so quick l wasn’t sure if l had imagined it at first. Then he leaned back looked hard into my eyes and said,
“Next time leave the panties at home.”
As l watched him walk away l felt my cheeks colour. How dare he treat me like this? What was wrong with me? I would not be here to meet this arrogant man tomorrow or any other time.
 But, of course, l was.

Thank you so much for having me along today, it’s great to get away from the laptop for awhile! Come on over to my place, bring wine!


  1. Of course she met him again :swoon: Great post Gemma :) Can't wait to read the whole thing


  2. She couldn't resist, could she? He was in control from the onset.
    Great post Gemma. Loved it.

  3. Thank you for the comments girls, and thank you Ray, the post looks amazing!

  4. Gemma, your book is a must buy. Thank you for stopping buy, I love your excerpt!

  5. Gemma is a bit of a phenomenon. I don't think I've met anyone else with such a delightfully naughty mind!