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Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Dawne Prochilo Guest Blogs for The AfterDark World

Happy Valentine's Day everyone. What's more hotter than spending Valentine's Day reading some hot erotic romance, Dawne Prochilo of course. She will guest blog for The AfterDark World about her WIP, "What Jenna Wants".

This excerpt is so hot, I guarantee you will want to skip the rose and the box of chocolates and go straight to the hot action with your lover. So brace yourself this Valentine's Day, and enjoy this very hot read.


Alex Muldoon left the Stumble Inn Bar headed for a quiet night at home and a chance to ease away his pending hangover. He staggered across the parking lot, his pickup truck in sight when a movement in the corner of his eye caught his attention.
When his eyes focused a little more through the darkness, he knew who it was. Well, he knew of her. He'd seen her earlier that night in the bar. She had hovered near the end of the bar, watching all the patrons. He learned from the bartender her name was Jenna. The bartender also told him, “what Jenna wants, Jenna gets”. Alex chuckled at the words.
Her flowing blonde tendrils trailed halfway down her back and Alex recalled thinking if she were riding him cowgirl, her hair would cover her breasts, perhaps the lower curve peeking out from underneath the mane.
Alex's cock panged in his jeans thinking about how he wanted to bend her over a bar stool and drive his shaft to the hilt into her. Her soft ass in his hands as he plunge over and over again into her wet cunt. He could picture her moaning, calling out for him to fuck her harder...faster, and he gladly obliged. Pummeling her pussy as her orgasm flooded his dick.
He remembered she wore a short emerald dress that hugged every curve of her luscious body. Her body wasn't frail like the models you'd see in a magazine ,she had the right amount of voluptuous body parts to make fucking enjoyable. Pound her hard and she wouldn't break. Hell, Alex imagined her giving just as hard as she'd receive.
The upper part of the did little to hide her ample cleavage. They were heaving, perfect for his large hands to fondle. Through the material, Alex recalled her nipple taut and hard. He pictured each nub between his fore-finger and thumb as he rolled them, creating a pleasure reaching to her core.
Her long legs, donned in nylons he prayed were high-thighs, allowing for easier access to her pussy. In his mind, she wore a black lace thong. When he had her bent over, he could ease aside the flimsy material with one finger while another finger slid through her juices. The silky moisture coating his finger with her essence, infiltrating his mind. Her sweet nectar called to him. He needed to taste her. Quench his thirst for her while savoring every mouth-watering lick of her hot pussy.
She moved in the illuminated lighting, heading in his direction. Alex's cock dancing in his jeans. He moaned inwardly, anticipating her scent as she grew closer. As she approached, her heels clicking on the cement, he saw her sexy dress was covered up by a long coat. His mouth became dry as he fantasized the dress had been removed and all she had on was the coat, her heels and... nothing else.
She sauntered over, her hands in the jacket's pockets. Alex couldn't take his off her. Her beauty, so natural and innocent, and her flaxen hair shimmered in the moonlight. But all he could think about was throwing her in the bed of his pickup and fucking her brains out.
She stopped a few feet away from him and looked up to the sky. “I know what you're thinking.”
“You do?” His voice cracked from the dryness of his throat.
“Yes. It's the same thoughts I'm having.” She lowered her gaze to meet his.
She removed her hands from the pockets, unbuttoned her jacket, letting it fall open to reveal her unclothed body. Full breasts, tight nipples, a small area of curly hair above her snatch and more luscious flesh than Alex knew what to do with.
“I'm going to bend over your pickup truck's fender...and you're going to fuck me like there's no tomorrow.” She smiled, her teeth gleaming in the moonlight.
“If I must.” Alex smirked.
“Oh, you must.” She walked to the edge of his truck, swung her jacket to the side, exposing her ass and pussy. “Ready?”
“I was ready hours ago when I first saw you.” He unzipped his jeans, slid them and his boxers down to his ankles. “What do you want?”
“For you to fuck me hard and fast.” She spread her legs further, allowing him entrance.
As Alex rammed his stiff cock deep in to her saturated hole, the bartender's words echoed in his head. What Jenna wants, Jenna gets.


  1. Thank you Ray for letting me steal Valentines Day here- considering how I feel about this holiday, you know I can never say no to you


  2. This was hot!! I love it, but I love anything and everything Dawne writes.

  3. Wow! Smokin! Wish is were always that easy. I guess for a woman it can be. Loved this post.

  4. And she's certainly getting it! wow - hot!

  5. Dawne, thank you so much for guest blogging on a special event. I really appreciate your appearance. By the way, what a hot read as always. Hope your Valentine's Day was great!