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Saturday, February 4, 2012

Book Review of Rainie's Lake by Brenda Woody & Steve Tindle

Title: Rainie's Lake
Author: Brenda Woody & Steve Tindle
Release Date : Jan 15th, 2012
Word Count (approx): 9045
ISBN: n/a at this time.
Rating: 5 Star

When I looked into the story Rainie’s Lake by both Brenda Woody & Steve Tindle, I was pretty excited about the story, because I heard such good things about their work. I mean how often you find a couple that writes erotic romance together? Hell, I’m lucky enough to get suggestions on scenes from my woman.  The two have something unique and that is flavor, sensuality, and romance. You can actually feel the passion from their stories they write.
In the e-book Rainie’s Lake, Dylan Bishop takes his vacation in the mountains where he intends to catch up on his paintings, encounters a beautiful woman as she strolled by the lake, one foggy morning. He was mesmerized by her beauty and offers her over to his cabin to get to know her.
He shares a cup of coffee with and noticed some hesitation by her, but she was willing to share a conversation with him and promised him to visit the next day. Over the next day, they go for a stroll on the lake and Dylan noticed a discomfort by Rainie. She pleaded him to take her back to shore, where Dylan comforted her in his cabin. The two shared a night of passion, beyond his imagination, leaving Dylan a man head-over-heels for her.
As dawn arrived, Rainie finally told him what happened to her, in hopes he would believe her. She told him she was once a married woman to a local sheriff that abused her, and when she decided to leave him she was held against her will and left in the woods by the lake. She couldn’t recall what happened to her afterwards, but Dylan went to the local library to research what happened to her, and discovered she was listed missing for ten years.
When he brought the attention to the sheriff, Dylan was amazed it was an open case that needed to be solved. Dylan explained to Sheriff Andrews that Rainie was alive and well, but afraid to go into town to tell the authorities, because no one would ever believe what her husband did to her. By now, the local sheriff she was married to was re-married and now a state trooper, but that didn’t stop the investigation to go forward.
When Dylan learned a grim discovery, he was in disbelief that she was tied to steering wheel and set to drown in the lake for leaving him. Despite the shocking discovery, there will be justice for Rainie, but only he could remember the great times he shared with her.

I have to give this story a 5-Star; due to the fact, I felt the emotions in the end. I was really taken by sadden discovery, but so glad to hear that justice will be done in the end. Woody & Tindle really got me going in the story, and the sex scenes were really romantic. I look forward to read more of their work.
I recommend this book, you will feel the ending as you read it. That was the most important part of the story.
And now I understand the reason they are called “The Best Lovers In Town”
Great job!

Where you can purchase this book is through Smashwords - Rainie's Lake or Amazon


  1. Ray, I also gave a 5* rating! Brenda and Steve have outdone themselves on this one! I felt as though I was right there at the lake and in the cabin with their characters! Awesome! This writing duo definitely used all five senses to pull their readers in. I feel this book is a sleeping giant and when the readers discover the's going to skyrocket to the top! Way to go, Brenda and Steve!!

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