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Thursday, February 2, 2012

BL Morticia Guest Blogs for the AfterDark World.

BL Morticia, one of the best selling m/m romance joins the AfterDark World to guest blog about her latest book "You Don't Ask, We Won't Tell."

Yes I’m in the army and I’m GAY!
Get Used to it!

Greetings folks! Thanks for stopping in and seeing me today at Ray’s place. I feel right at home with smexy pics on the side bar. *Makes self comfortable on the couch*

Times are finally changing in the armed forces here in the good ol’ US of A and it’s about time too. With the abolishment of DADT, finally a gay soldier, male or female can serve openly without fear of getting kicked out. Took ya’ long enough Washington, but hey who’s counting?

Anyway, when you look at the statistics about just how long it took the land of the free and home of the brave to finally get rid of one of the most stupidest laws known to man, you have to think what the fu*k were the powers that be thinking? Now, that’s not to say other countries were that much better.

According to the Wikipedia article on Gays in the Military countries like Albania and Argentina, just lifted their bans over the past two or three years while in Australia, they allowed gays and lesbians to serve openly in 1992. Since 2009 they have the same access to military pensions as opposite sex couples. A part of the article also notes “military officials haven’t seen any negative effects on lifting the ban” and actually saw it as a contribution to “improving productivity and work environments for service members.”  Well, duh, why wouldn’t it. Before I get all Michael Mandrake on you let me add this; wouldn’t you as a gay person feel a little better if your job supported you and didn’t try to kick you out because of your sexual orientation?

Good grief!

I mean, really? That seems like a no brainer to me but what do I know? I’m just a muse. *shrugs*

You can go in there and read the statistics yourself but when I just browsed through the countries, I can see our country is way behind when it came to this issue. Let me jump on my soapbox again. In my opinion, why would my orientation affect the job I’m doing any more than a heterosexual man or woman? They can have the hots for the officer and get in trouble for “fraternizing” just like I can so why threaten me just because I’m a gay or a lesbian? What the fu*k? Whose stupid idea was this anyway? I guess it just makes too much sense, right?

And don’t get me started on any other gay rights issues because then I’ll be here all night. Still, it’s about damn time that Obama and the rest saw the need to get rid of this crazy assed law. Will it stop the discrimination? Most likely not. Will it help the morale? I think it will.

Shar actually has a family member in the military and when she last spoke to him before the ban was lifted he said it’s a non issue to him. “As long as you do your job, I don’t care of your gay or straight.” What a smart young man. Why can’t more be like him?

Hope you enjoyed my little rant today and thanks to Ray for allowing me to bitch and moan at his pretty place. *reapplies lipstick* It’s been real. I need to go look at some pretty porn pics. While I do that, check out my next book due to come out from Rebel Ink on February 3rd about gays and the military. Woot! Book one of my series, You Don’t Ask We Don’t Tell.


Coming Feb 3, 2012 BLMorticia with her snarky series about a man looking to shed his "gayness" The Army's the place to get right, right? Think again!

Book One
Basic Training
A gay, curious young man, Cody McCayne has fallen over the fence more than a couple of times.  He's hoping the armed forces can help him become more of a straight man given he's under extreme scrutiny from his family. To make it happen, Cody leaves behind his on and off again lover, Dari Kirk.

At the local recruiting office, Cody meets Corporal Justin Belvidere who can tell Cody’s hiding something, running away from something he needs. And Justin knows just what training facility to send Cody to, the one part of the army everyone knows as one of the finest and most upstanding platoons.

Captain Morris Dunst runs Army company 9669, a proud group of men known for their tenacity, wit, and strength. In fact, Dunst has produced some of the best soldiers in his ten year tenure, teaching them how to be real men.

PG Excerpt

When he straightened the wheel, he got out the truck, sprinting to the place he hoped held his ticket out of here. He opened the doors, letting a couple of army men out before he went in.
“Wow,” he mouthed, glancing about the place as if he were a tourist. Large hallways, cream colored walls with decorative crown molding. The floors were made of linoleum. Everything was so clean. The glare blinded Cody.
His eyes fixed of the small line of men huddled together to hand their papers to a soldier sitting behind the desk. Cody tightly gripped the application in his hands.
Do I really want to do this? How will I handle being yelled at by someone basically the whole time I’m there?
Suddenly, young McCayne began to question his decision. He tapped his feet, fumbling with his free fingers as he eyed the men talking with the representative.
Why am I doing this?
Yes, why the fuck was he? Joining the army just so he could gain acceptance? Make his asshole dad proud of him? Would this be worth it?
“Iknowiwantthisiknowihaveto…damnit!” He grit his teeth.
What if he didn’t like army life? What if the captain was an asshole he wouldn’t be able to tolerate?
What am I saying? They’re all assholes. None worse than my dear old dad.
BIO: BLMorticia considers herself the snarky and wicked side of author Sharita Lira so expect her to tap into the taboo and unleash her fantasies on the world through her words. When not writing, she does biweekly posts at fellow author Blak Rayne’s blog, posts with Rawiya at Erotic Diaries and a feature with fellow Rebel Cassandre Dayne called the Wicked Women Wednesdays.
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  1. BL I loved your post. I was unaware that Australia had the ruling dropped that early. It was only a few years ago that our Government decided to treat same sex couples the same way as hetro couples.

    Well done and go the rainbow army!

    *bites n kisses*

  2. You are very welcome. What a great article! Best wishes on your release also.

  3. Thanks Mistress Vampirique and thanks again Ray for having me!

  4. Hi Lady Sharon,

    TY for the comment!

  5. Great to know more about you BL, you seem a really interesting person. And I love the excerpt. Good interview Ray :)