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Monday, February 27, 2012

AfterDark's 2nd Interview with Jodi Olson

Back for the second time, since her release “For The Love Of Bobbie” Jodi Olson, shares a cocktail moment with the AfterDark World about her latest releases, “Ours Until Morning”, and “Road To Desire”.

So show some luv for one of the best sellers of erotic romance. Jodi Olson.

1. Jodi, welcome back! It’s an honor once again to have you here. To get started, please tell us what have you been up to lately?

Thanks for having me Ray, it’s great to be here again. I have several projects I’ve been working on. First a sequel to Home for Christmas. My publisher asked me to write one and so I’m working on Mallory’s brother Matt’s story. Then I’ll be working on Flames of Desire Book Two in the Desire series.  Then either Caught By Desire book three or Dirty Cowboys for Lisa. The list is a mile long. lol

2. Congratulations on your releases, “Ours Until Morning” & “Road To Desire”. Please tell us a little bit about your books?

Thank you. Ours Until Morning a F/F/M ménage. Andi and Kaitlin were friends in college. Andi has a boyfriend and Kaitlin is trying to get over a divorce. Andi invites Kaitlin on a much needed vacation and things get heated up.

In Road to Desire, Sam is married to Matt a road construction worker. Sam has always wanted to be a Dominatrix. One weekend while the kids are gone Matt gives into being a submissive, which has always been a fantasy for him.  Sam may have pushed the limits a little too far for Matt or has she?

3. What inspired you to write these two stories?

 In Ours Until Morning I got the idea from my Jodi Olson Erotic Ranch group. I have several male readers ask me to write a F/F story but also include a male in it so I did.

For Road to Desire I saw a book cover that I wanted for a future book that had a male submissive on it. That is all it took. Now I have ideas written up for 6 more male subs and three female subs. The series takes place in Dalton MN.

4. Are there any other projects you are working on right now?

Yes, Home for Christmas2: Baby Makes Three about a navy man who meets a lady more than once before they really hook up. He first bumps into her at a hospital while she is 9 months pregnant. Then 6 weeks later and 4 days before Christmas he sees her again at same hospital. Every time they have met the tension was sky high. Wait until they get snowed in, the sparks really fly.

5. What was one of your toughest projects you ever worked on, but was proud about your accomplishments?

Ours Until Morning. I’ve never written a F/F sex scene before. When the book was finished I was scared to death it would fail but it hasn’t from what I’ve been hearing from readers.

6. Cocktail Moment: Understandably, you don’t drink. But there’s nothing wrong with a non-alcoholic drink. Is there on you enjoy most, and please don’t say water. (LOL)?

Okay I won’t say water. I’m addicted to diet coke and need to stop drinking it but so far it hasn’t worked more than a few days. lol

7. Is there something trivial you want to share to others about yourself professionally?

Not sure what to say here.

8. Is there a genre you haven’t touch, but would be interested in touching some time down the line?

Not really I don’t write paranormal or sci-fi and have no interest in doing so.

9. We all learn new things, so the Jodi Olson of today vs. Jodi Olson I first interviewed in July, what have you learned over the last 7 months since you were interviewed from The AfterDark World?

That if I set my mind to it, I can write F/F and M/M sex scene that are off the charts.

10. Where can your books be purchased?

Barnes and Noble, Amazon, Kobo,, My books are out in 9 different distributors all together.

Ms. Olson, Thank you so much for the opportunity to interview. I wish you much success for your books. They are great books, and I recommend the people to buy and read.
Thanks for having me ,Ray. It was fun as always.

EXCERPT TO Road To Desire

Title: Road to Desire
Publication Date:  10 February 2012
ISBN: 978-1-935757-56-6     
Author: Jodi Olson  Format: E-Book Length:  6,272 words    
PDF = 42 pp
Genre: Erotic Romance Category: BDSM, Female Domination, Male Submission, Romance, Erotica, Contemporary
Price: $3.99

Thank God her mother-in-law was going to take the kids for the weekend so they could have some alone time. With Mathew working days and her working nights they’d go to bed literally exhausted. She really didn’t have any complaints, except for the lack of sex and time alone. He was great to the kids and he always pitched in around the house with laundry and other household chores as much as he could.
She studied his face unhurriedly, feature by feature. His thick black hair needed a good trim, Maybe tomorrow, because tonight I’ll bring him to his knees.
Her eyes lingered on Mathew’s hands, his skin tan from working construction and being outdoors on a daily basis. She loved his hands; those strong long fingers could do amazing things to her body. Her nipples ached for his touch and her panties were soaked just thinking about those fingers inside her. Her gaze traveled up his arm. He had perfect, sculpted muscles, not too much, but enough for her.
“Come into the kitchen, Mathew.” Her smile was eager and alive with affection and delight. “I need your services for a moment.” Usually she wasn’t so bossy, but wanted to see his reaction because tonight he’d be kneeling, begging for release.
“Be right there, Sam. Need to clean off Mason’s messy face first.”
“Hurry up.” Oh this is fun. I could get used to this, hope it works in the bedroom this weekend too. She watched him walk toward her. She whimpered as her gaze landed on the fly of his jeans. He was aroused, extremely aroused. She wondered if he knew what she was thinking right now. Her cheeks blushed at the thought.
“Tonight couldn’t get here fast enough, babe,” Mathew groaned.
“I know; I’m going to give you an anniversary night you’ll never forget.” Her hand traveled down his chest, stopped at his belt buckle, and she heard him make that sexy growl she loved. Her hand rested over his long, thick erection; ever so gently she gave it a little squeeze. “I aim to have this inside me tonight, now get to work or you’ll be late again.”
“Yes, my Mistress.”
“What is it, honey?”
“Tonight make sure and knock; don’t use your key.”
Sam still couldn’t believe Matt finally agreed to do some role playing. Two nights ago he came out of the bedroom with a big box that had her leather outfit in it plus a riding crop and some other toys. He finally agreed to give into her fantasy of being her slave.

EXCERPT TO Ours Until Morning

 Title: Ours Until Morning
Publication Date:  10 February 2012
ISBN: 978-1-935757-55-9     
Author: Jodi Olson  Format: E-Book Length:  8,335 words  
   PDF = 51 pp
Genre: Erotic Romance Category: Romance, Erotica, Multiple Partner, Threesome, Ménage, Contemporary, Lesbian
Price: $3.99

Within minutes they were in the elevator that would take them to their room on the tenth floor. They were alone and he couldn’t take his eyes off her, he wanted to taste her. Gage glanced up and noticed the security camera in the right corner. Maybe the security guard would thank him later for making his shift a whole lot more enjoyable.
Gage grabbed her around the waist from behind, pulling her back against him. He squeezed her affectionately, leaning into her until his chest was against her back. Lifting one hand slowly, he swept her strawberry-blonde hair aside to expose the skin of her neck and pressed his lips against the creamy flesh.
She moaned as he kissed her neck again, stroking her with his tongue. When her head fell back, he put his arms around her. His lips left her neck to nibble at her earlobe; as he roused her passion, his grew stronger.
As his hand seared a path down her abdomen and onto her thigh he paused to kiss her, whispering his love for each part of her body that aroused him the most. Her dress crept up onto her thighs as her hips ground into his hard cock. His hand moved under her dress to skim her hips. He splayed his fingers and ripped off her thong, letting it slip from his fingers, not  caring where it landed. Gage’s fingers slid over her slick folds, while Andi wrapped her arm behind his neck; he heard her moans of pleasure leaving him wanting her even more. He nuzzled her neck as his fingers moved deeper inside her fiery slit, causing her breaths to become more rapid, stroking her clit faster as she moaned. Then in a sudden burst of pleasure, she cried out his name just as the doors of the elevator ope ned to a waiting crowd. Embarrassed, Gage and Andi slowly let go of each other
There must have been a dozen guests waiting to enter. The noise from the crowd suddenly grew into silence as Gage watched their expressions. It was like they’d never seen two people make out in an elevator before. “This is where we get off, baby.”
Gage fumbled with the electronic card key. He had no idea why he was so nervous. He just gave Andi one hell of an orgasm. It wasn’t like they never had sex in public before, that was one of the things he liked about her. She was a wild one for sure.
He used to be worried about being older then her, but that quickly passed. Nowadays he thought of making things more long-term with her, and this trip could help with that decision.
He let Andi go inside first and once inside closed the door. The king-size bed in the master bedroom was covered with a white bedspread with green ruffles at the bottom. Four large pillows rested by the modern wooden headboard, and the dressers were a dark brown with palm tree leaves carved around the drawers. The fall-off balcony overlooked the beaches, ocean and harbor. They were only steps away from the Mandra Spa, a pristine private beach, the casino, and nightclub. Yes, this was exactly what they needed.


  1. loved both of the books and congrats on the releases and great interview!terra

  2. Hey Jodi, I'm curious where you get the pictures that end up inspring you to write a new book. I seem to recall you have shown pictures before and said that was the inspiration for your newest hero. Have you always had a visual inspiration for a story, before the actual story itself? I've never tried that but it sure seems to work well for you. Congratulations on your newest releases, and best of luck in the coming year.

  3. Great interview! And I knew you had it in your to write f/f and m/m...we are at that age- lol

    Congrats on the multiple...releases in one day!

  4. Missy,
    I'm always hunting for male candy. LOL Its my second job, just don't get paid for it. lol When I see one sometimes that just makes me shiver or that I think is super good-looking. The first thing I do is say to myself Ohhhh he would be great in a historical western, or that guy would be the perfect male sub and so on. I have TONS of guys waiting for their books. lol

  5. Terra, Missy and Dawne for the comments.

  6. Hey lovely lady, i am so awestruck by your site...thank you for allowing me in your great group!!!! Leslie Stockton :)

  7. Congratulations on your new books. You have a gift for writing and it will coninue to show with works in progress.

  8. Jodi, I want to congratulate you on your two books, and once again, thank you for stopping by on The AfterDark World. I hope to see you on here again.

  9. The books sounds great, Jodi! I wish you all the best with them :) Wishing you much success always.

  10. Thanks Pablo, Ray and Kellie for the comments and wishes.