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Friday, January 6, 2012

Weekend Dirty Dozen for 01/06 - 01/08/2012

Hey, what's up? As we end the year with a slow note. I have a Dirty Dozen that will get the 2012 rolling on an explosive note. This is based on a four part series I am working on, and the short story is due out by early January.

It will go on sale on Smashwords, upon completion, and I guarantee it's worth a read. This is my first threesome story that will feature a m/f/m. I hope you enjoy this Weekend's Dirty Dozen, because I'm putting the feeling of desire back on my blog.

So please be on a lookout for Suburbian Secrets, Part One: The Favor. It will go on sale in January on Smashwords and Kindle. Enjoy!

BLURB: In a pillow community where everything is supposed to appear perfect, Kyle was asked by John to do a favor for him and his wife Felicia to help resolve their marriage issues. They thought that by spicing up their marriage to a threesome answer their mundane marriage. But will Kyle and John remain friends after the threesome and will feelings develop between Felicia and Kyle?

 “What do you think?” drawing out her sensuality. “Do you like it?”
“I -- I do,” Kyle choked over her appearance. “I’m sorry, but wow!”
She giggled as she replied, “I’m glad.” She crossed over and took her seat next to Kyle on the two-seated sofa. “So, are you nervous?”
“Would I be lying if I told you no?” he joked.
“Yeah,” playfully tapping him in the arm. “Because I am so nervous, I want to do this so bad..  You don’t know how much this fantasy means to me.”
Breaking a sweat, “I’m... I’m glad to help.”
“I gave it a nice shave down there. You wanna feel it?”
His hand was guided by hers', watching her lift her shirt up a little for him to feel the smoothness of her tummy, inching further until it was inside her thong to feel her clean shaven pussy. The feeling of her pussy sent a stimulation to his rod unlike any other time. It left a salivating moment in his mouth when he felt the wetness of her pussy; a silky texture that ran along his fingertips.
Oh my gosh, she feels so smooth and anxious, I just want to bury my face in her juices.


  1. What the Hell is he waiting for???? Bury that face- lol

    Great excerpt Ray

  2. Hot very hot! Great beginning to this menage.

  3. Great excerpt. There situation is ripe for conflict at the start.

  4. Loved the sneak peek, Ray. Thank you! Looking forward to reading the story.