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Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Sharon Pearson Guest Blogs for AfterDark World

                From Chicago, Sharon Pearson guest blog with the AfterDark World, and please believe me, I am very intrigued by a writer with wonderful confidence. So show some love for Sharon as she tells about herself.

               Hello, readers. My name is Sharon Pearson and I am not an actress.  I was born and raised in Chicago, Illinois. I have short dark brown hair, skin, and eyes to match. I am the second born out of three girls, love being 29 years old and a college student studying journalism.  This year, I turn Dirty 30 (or is that Flirty 30) and I am going to celebrate big.

                I began writing at a young age, beginning with a class project. It was during that project that I discovered my love for poetry writing.  A few years later, I began to dabble in journal writing, and found my home there. I took the skills I learned from a grammar book about journal writing and began writing ideas for my short stories, until a story was born.
                The very first short story I wrote, “Surprise Party,” was written in response to a piece of erotica I felt wasn’t up to par. When I read fictional stories of all genres, I like the stories to be believable, not a carbon copy from a porno.  From that story, I continued to write more short stories, renewed my love for poetry, and now taking up blogging.  I’m using that not only to get the word out on my stories and any other writings, but to also explore the world around me. 

                I got the idea to write under a pseudonym while working in politics.  I was so busy with talking politics all of the time, I had to grab my journal and write down my ideas about the inner workings and relationships of the people I worked with, and I fictionalized every single thing that occurred. That was where Sylvia G. Walker was born. I couldn’t let my coworkers know what was going on with me; they didn’t realize how hard it is being the only single woman in an office filled with couples.  My first story sold to Smashwords, “Blackout,” is loosely based on what happened between me and a coworker of mine I didn’t get along with.  You can find the book under the name Sylvia G. Walker.

                Today, I stopped by with an excerpt from my story, “Roommates with Benefits.”  This story is in three parts and will be available soon via Smashwords.  I got the inspiration for this story by having a lot of conversations with a friend of mine about sex and the idea of roommates becoming so much more than roommates.  The entire book will be ready by spring 2012 for consumption.

Excerpt from Roommates With Benefits:

Cursing having no air conditioning and the fans blowing hot air around, I turned off Jayson’s laptop and set it on the side of the bed next to him. He smacked my ass, forcing me to jerk my head up and look at him. The devilish tint in his eyes began to show itself, and a Cheshire cat smile came across his face.

            “Why did you do that?” I asked.

            “To get a reaction out of you,” he responded.

            I maneuvered myself around so that I was half-straddling him to face him. “Oh, really. What would you do if I wasn’t reaching over you?” I asked in a half-threatening manner.

            “Yank down your dress so I can see how big your cans are.”

            “You would love that.”

            “What would you do if I did it?”

            “Punish you.”

            Jayson yanks down my dress, letting my breasts breathe in the stale air. “Goddamn, your titties are big. What size are they?” he asked.

            “They’re big enough for you to hold,” I answered.

            “Ebony girl, I’m six-three with big hands. I think I need another pair to hold these things.”

            He tweaked my nipples until they were pointing into the thick heat. I fed him one breast and he took to suckling on it happily, while his hands massaged the other breast. I rubbed my shaved pussy as Jayson bit down on my breast, eliciting a moan from me. Jayson pushes me onto his bed so that I was lying flat on my back. He ran his hands up my legs, stopping at my knees. Gently, he pried them apart and continued on his track. Stopping at the junction between my legs, he dipped his head and took a whiff of my pussy.
            “MMMMMM smells sweet,” he murmured. “I wonder how it tastes.”

            He licked me through my thong, and I drenched them right away. Tearing the fabric of the skimpy thong, he rubbed my mound, loving the feel of a freshly-waxed pussy. He later inserted two fingers into my pussy, feeling for my G-spot and I drench his fingers. I take his fingers out of me and put them in my mouth. I lapped up my juices, moaning in delight. He smiled as I climbed on top and kissed him, tasting my juices and making him hard instantly. Giving him one of my famous gotcha smiles, I pull his dick out of his boxers and licked it like a lollipop. I heard him mumble something, but I ignored it and devoured his dick, bobbing my head up and down until he unloaded his spunk in my mouth. I swallowed a lot of it while the rest dribbled out of my mouth and onto my chin.

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  1. Great guest blog. It's on such things you get to know more about people and what makes them tick. It is good to learn more about you Sharon. All the best for your future :)

  2. Wonderful guest blog Sharon. I can say that despite being friends for over a year, I now know more about you than I did before. Keep up the good work dear, and I wish you all the best!