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Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Lisa Worall Guest Blogs For The AfterDark World

M/M romanc writer, Lisa Worall joins The AfterDark World as she guest blogs about her upcoming book, Thirst and some guilty pleasures. So please show some love from this lovely woman from the U.K.

Guilty Pleasures
I really struggled to find something to entertain you with today.  What with the tumult of Christmas finally over and the New Year well on its way, my head has been filled with chocolate and mince pies.  Which got me to thinking, chocolate… a guilty pleasure or a necessity?  And what other guilty pleasures do I indulge in?  Do we all indulge in?  I mean, who am I to say that one man’s guilty pleasure is another man’s every day?  And does it have to be food? 
So here are some of my guilty pleasures… or at least what I consider them to be.
When I’m making the children a chocolate spread sandwich, I might have been known to dip a teaspoon into the jar—when no one’s looking, of course.
Eating marzipan off the block.
Old Hollywood musicals… I love ‘em all. Carousel, Oklahoma, Kiss Me Kate, Seven Bridges for Seven Brothers, Calamity Jane, By the Light of the Silvery Moon… I could go on for hours.
Come Dine With Me is a British show where five strangers each hold a dinner party over five nights and the others have to score them in an attempt to win money.  I am addicted to this programme.  It’s so crass and the narrator totally lays into these poor people, but I love it!
There are obviously more personal guilty pleasures, like the slide of satin against skin.
Pyjama Sundays, where you wake up, shower and dress in clean pyjamas and stay in them all day.
Snuggling down with the kids in bed on a Friday night and watching a movie… and okay, the Barbie movies aren’t as bad as you think they’re going to be…
The cold side of the pillow…
I’m beginning to think I have more guilty pleasures than I do every day!
So come on… tell me about your guilty pleasures… it doesn’t matter how dark and devious they are, I’m sure they’re more exciting than mine and you could win yourself a copy of my latest release, Thirst.

Detective Max Bowman is hunting a serial killer terrorizing the city.  A serial killer who leaves bodies drained of blood. 

After taking a break in a local bar, he is attacked, robbed and left for dead -  waking up in Carter Gray's bed was the last thing he expected.

Who is this man?  What is his dark secret?  Is he responsible for the trail of bodies across the city?

Pain, lots of pain. Max tried to force his eyes open, but only one would comply; the other already swollen shut from the impact of a closed fist. He wasn't sure how long he'd been lying in the alley behind the bar. He dimly remembered a tall blond man with piercing blue eyes who introduced himself as Tony, or it might have been Tommy, buying him a beer, followed by way too many shots, he'd stopped counting after the fourth; remembered laughing and joking with him, flirting and being flirted with in return. Nothing seemed out of place. Nothing that was until the man suggested they go somewhere quieter.
Instead of heading out into the brightly lit street, Max had found himself being jostled from both sides into the alley behind the bar. The blond held onto him on his left and from nowhere a dark haired man grabbed his right arm. Too late Max realized that everything was out of place, just as the blond man's fist connected with his face and his knee with Max's groin.
The two of them punched and kicked him, and all he could do was curl in on himself on the ground and hope he could minimize the damage. He didn't want to think too much about the sharp snap he heard when a hard boot connected with his ribs, nor the meaty sounds of flesh upon flesh. Max was assaulted by a wave of dizziness and he felt darkness reach out to engulf him in its warm embrace, but he mentally shook his head and stubbornly refused to let it claim him. He felt hands grabbing at his keys and his wallet and then more pain as a boot connected with the muscle in the left cheek of his ass. His head was pulled back by a vicious hand twisting in his chestnut-colored hair, his glassy brown gaze locking onto piercing blue as the word "Fag" was spat at him and his head was slammed back down on the dirt.
Max heard their retreating footsteps and he tried to lift his head, the pain in his side causing a cry to fall from his lips at the movement. He coughed and cringed as he saw dark splatters of blood hit the ground. Wiping the back of a shaky hand across his lips, he stared at the stain of red on his skin. He stumbled to his knees, trying to use the wall beside him to pull himself up. His legs buckled, and he crashed back to the ground, a deep groan wrenched from him as he fell. Suddenly, he felt two strong arms, one around his shoulders and one under his knees, lifting him as if he weighed no more than a small child. His head lolled to the side, coming to rest on a firm shoulder and he had a glimpse of jade green eyes looking down into his as the dark claimed him once more.

* * * *

Carter pulled open the door of his black 1968 Ford Mustang and eased his ward carefully into shotgun, slowly reclining the seat to make the position more comfortable. Taking off his heavy woolen coat, he rolled it and slipped it behind the man's head to prop up the semi-conscious man. He gazed down at the battered face he had been watching all night from his dark corner of the bar, aware how beautiful it was underneath the swelling and bruising. The man's name was Max that much he knew, because he had heard him introduce himself to his assailant. He frowned, furious with himself that he had realized too late the blond twink and his accomplice's plans for the young man. If he hadn't been distracted, if he hadn't been so thirsty…
Carter slid behind the wheel, his green eyes glittering in the muted glow from the dome light as he closed the door behind him. A small smile lifted his lips as he headed his car toward home. The two men who had robbed and beaten Max and left him for dead had already paid for what they'd done. Glancing into his rear-view mirror, he parted his lips and ran his tongue down his elongated incisors.
They wouldn't be hurting anyone ever again, and he wasn't thirsty anymore.


  1. Thank you for having me! It was fun :)

  2. Oh yes! I totally agree with the pajama day...except that is any day anymore for me- lol

    Now this sounds like a great read Lisa- love the suspense, mystery and 'what'if'

    congrats on the new release this week too