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Sunday, January 1, 2012

AfterDark Moments - Chocolate Martinis.

Happy New Year's Everyone. I hope you all had a safe and wonderful New Years. I spent my time at home blasting music and enjoying mixed drinks.

For New Year's, I had Pina Coladas and Chocolate Martinis, but to kick off the year with a good drink. I want to go ahead and pass out a simple recipe on how to make Chocolate Martinis, where you can enjoy a candy bar in your mouth.

This cocktail will be a signature for anyone that wants to enjoy an AfterDark Moment.

Chocolate Martinis

Now there are many ways in making a chcoloate martini. The most popular would be to add Godiva Chocolate Liqueur and Vanilla Vodka; sounds easy to make, right? But you want to make a drink that will hit your buds and senses, and if you are a chocolate lover like me you would want to get anything chocolate.

So on Friday, Dec 30th, I took a trip to the store to get the good kind of vodka and chocolate liqueur and chocolate cream. So here is what I bought below.

Pinnacle Chocolate Whipped Flavored Vodka

I bought this at a liquor store for $18.00 USD. When I got a whiff of the flavor, you can smell the light, fluffy fragrance of chocolate. As I got a taste, it was pretty sweet; kind of like dipping your finger into a chocolate whipped cream and tasting it in your mouth.

The vodka was pretty good. Would I recommend shots? Yes and no, if you can deal with chcolate all the time.

While I was there, I had to buy Gaetano Crem de Cacao.
It is a chocolate liquer that would be perfect for a simple chocolate martini, but if you want a smooth taste where your taste buds can savor the flavor then I would recommend a sweet cream; a chocolate creme mix.

That was why I bought this liqueur:
TGI Friday's Mudslide Mix.

Now my first choice was Godiva, but they sold out of the product. Someone must've been thinking of what I was thinking. But this Mudslide Mix did the trick. It wasn't too malty, nor cheap. Obviously, this is TGI Fridays, go figure!

When I mxed the drink. I was amazed of the flavor, being that I wanted a real candy bar taste with alcohol. The Ingredients combined came out great. Now, if you want to add hint of mint, I would recommend a mint liqueur, but know your brand because some mint schnapps, for example, may be too strong and you don't want to add too much or you'll ruin the flavor of your choco-mint martini.

You can also add cinnamon or some kind of heat to add a little bite to that drink, but you only need a pinch for your martini or you'll ruin the flavor.

The recipe is very simple below:

Chocolate Martini Recipe:

Two shots of Pinnacle Chocolate Vodka
A shot of Gaetano Creme de Cacao
Two Shot of TGI Friday's Mudslide Mix.

Shake or stir with ice and serve chill. (Serves up to two people)

Always remember to drink responsibly. Enjoy!

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  1. Sounds decadent.... perfect for more than just drinking?? LOL