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Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Jill Boyd Guest Blogs for the AfterDark World

The AfterDark World is pleased to have someone new and interesting in the erotic world or romance. Meet Jill Boyd, a young talented writer who has been a bit silent on introduction, lol, but by far wonderful with her writing.

I read over her two excerpts and all I can see, brace yourself to a warm feeling of sensuality. Her excerpts will leave goosebumps on your skin and all you say is more.

Here is one of her excerpts off of "Full Bush" by Jill Boyd.

I’m still knee deep in The 52 Seductions by Betty Herbert. It’s given me a lot of inspiration for topics for this blog, and I’m very thankful that Betty wrote this book.
But that’s not the jest of this post.
This post stems from a very slow realization that came during a certain paragraph in the book about waxing.
As I read of Betty’s mild horror at the notion of being arse in the air, spreading her own bum cheeks so the waxing lady can wax her anus, it started to dawn on me.
I should explain that in a few weeks, I will have the immense honor of participating in the Great Wall of Vagina project. For this, I will have my bits cast in plaster so that they can become a work of art (which they already are).
When I saw the call on the Erotic Meet website, I initially doubted that I’d want to take part. But I signed myself up. Completely forgetting that, in order to have my fanny cast, I would first have to…
Get myself waxed.
Which I have never done before.
And as the sheer horror of it crept up on me, I let out a squeak.
Were it not for me participating in such a wonderful project, I wouldn’t have dreamt of waxing my fanny. In fact, I’m quite fond of my hairy muff!
Only once have I deemed it necessary to shave it. And I didn’t even decide it then. It was for the perfectly legit reason of my operation. Otherwise, my muff has stayed hairy ever since I caught sight of my first pubic hair in 1999 (yes, I still remember the year, what of it) and thought it was a speck of dirt.
My mum tends to love to remind me of that fact. She watches as my face contorts in horror, as I relieve the perfectly intact memory of the moment. Lying in the bath, still able to look at my mound… the hair. The hair!
Sorry, that got a tad dramatic.
Truth is that I’m fond  of how I look down there. Granted, I could use trimming. But I’ve never really got round to it. Am I just afraid of the pain, I wonder?
Science tells us that body hair is a part of the mystery of attraction. Something about the scent in your pubic area that attracts a mate. I like that idea.
And as much as I am willing to go bald for the cause, I’ll be glad when my full bush gets reinstated.

Another excerpt by Jill Boyd really left me in suspension. I had to read her excerpt twice and I recommend you read it. She really keeps it erotic.

Con Una Crepa della Frusta
By Jill Boyd

The morning after.
Naked, in front of the mirror. I inspect my body, running my fingers over them. The red marks that are the only proof of last night’s debauched fucking. Fucking, flogging, whipping… we did all of it. I’m sure we did more, but in the end it all dissolved into one big blub of truly orgasmic ecstasy.
I remember exactly which welt came from where. Which mark happened when.
My thighs. His leather flogger. Wetness already streaming.
My arse. His hands. Fingerfucking me mercilessly in between strikes.
My wrists. His rope. Bound to the head of the bed.
Bruises on my breasts. The crop. Ah, yes, the crop. The terse leather. The sting of the strike.
I remember all of it.
Ecstasy in its purest form.
It’s now seven hours since I last fell into the throws of orgasm, and I can still feel my cunt throbbing. Fuck, I might even still be wet.
And I catch myself in the mirror. Smiling.
My badges of honor gleam on my skin, less red than seven hours ago. But still making themselves known. But I don’t care about the sting of them. The treacherous throbbing and the little spats of blood… no, that doesn’t matter.
What matters is that this is us. This is our pleasure, our ecstasy.
And, as I delicately rub the welt on my thigh, I smile again.
Because I wouldn’t want it any other way.
This is our love.

Thank you so much for guest blogging on The AfterDark World. Such wonderful excerpts! Be sure you visit her blog called Lady Laid Bare at Also, follow her on Twitter @JillyBoyd

Sunday, January 29, 2012

AfterDark's Interview With Kharisma Rhyane

There is something very unique about this next person I’m interviewing. She’s interesting, funny, cool, and the founder of another up and coming publishing company called No Boundaries Press, Kharisma Rhayne joins AfterDark Online for a cocktail moment and an interview.

Thanks so much for having me here today Ray.

1.      Kharisma, thank you for the opportunity, why don’t you tell us a bit about yourself?

Thanks so much for inviting my Ray.

There’s not too much to tell. I love to write (of course) and I’m a huge nature and fitness fanatic. I love football, MMA and hockey.

2.      How long have you been writing and when did you decide that writing was for you?

I’ve been writing forever. I’ve always love it, as well as reading. A lot of my old writing may never see the light of day—but it’s been a form of release since Jr high. I finally decided to try to publish something last year.

3.      Now to my understanding, you’re a wife, a mom of young children, guest blogger, an author of mostly LGBT stories, and an owner of a publishing company. What is your typical day like and how do you do it?

Well, my day starts really early and goes really late and I do a lot while my older kids are in school and after they go to bed. I tend to average about 3 hours of sleep a night. We live in the middle of nowhere and have rescue dogs as well. The trick is, I have my to do list but I don’t freak out if I can’t manage it. While I love writing and want to make it a full time job that actually pays all the bills, my family is first. So, it tends to work out. What I can’t manage one day seems to eventually work out by the time it has to.

4.      How do your friends and family feel about the work that you do?

Some have no clue about it. Others think it’s really neat and ask me to mention them when I get my first television interview from one of my books being made into a movie. Am I holding my breath for that? No. But it’s nice to think that someone thinks it could actually happen. Other people are a lot more closed-minded about it and think being a writer makes me an awful parent. It’s honestly exactly the opposite. I have a form of release with writing. I also can leave and be with my children at any second they need me without worry of losing a day job. Writing has been the best choice for my family.

5.      Is there a particular genre that you haven’t touched, but would be interested in doing?

My kids have asked me about writing something for them (so child and YA). I’d also love to do some “behind the scenes” type work…like on actual job locations as my kids get older and put those into a book. Something like “A Day in the Life Of…” and then follow around and try out some really cool professions.

6.     2011 had seemed to be a busy year for you, especially at the time when you launched No Boundaries Press. What inspired you to start out your epublishing company?

I honestly didn’t jump right into it. Kaleigha spent about two months trying to convince me it was a good idea and that I’d be good at it. The reason I finally said yes was because we can offer something different. We can offer the business side without being cold. We want our authors to know that we understand that life happens and things come up. That doesn’t mean you aren’t serious about being a writer.
No Boundaries Press also wants to allow a larger percent for the author. While we have overhead costs, especially with our own store front, we still want the actual writer of the book to make most of the profit. They did write it.

We also saw other loop holes in some places we’d submitted to for publication. We don’t believe it’s one publishing company against another. Think of publisher and author harmony – everyone working together. That’s what we want. NBP wants to correct what bothered us and have others do the same. We even have multiple sites where we’ll advertise their new releases and submission calls.

7.      What makes No Boundaries Press different than the rest of the others publishing company. Also where you want to see your company between three to five years from now?

Pretty much our difference is the stuff above. We can be professional without being cut-throat. I’m directly out there with our authors pushing the books and talking in our eloop and on Facebook. I’m just me and not unreachable.

In three to five years we hope to have a good number of wonderful authors that want to continue publishing with us. NBP wants the publisher/author and publisher/reader relationship to be more personal. Email us, let us know what you think. Let us fix something that’s wrong, chat with us on chat days and in eloops. We are also hoping to launch our print line in that time period (or a little less). We don’t want to go with a POD service. So, there’s a little more planning and expense involved.

The biggest thing is we’re looking forward to losing the “baby” publisher status. It seems the rule of thumb for so many is not to trust a publisher that is less than two years old. We’re determined to change their minds.

Finally, we really want our own convention to be one of the largest in Arizona.

8.      Also, I’m amazed at two of your books that were recently published; one, through Rebel Ink Press, Holding On To The Pain, and your latest through No Boundaries Press, Bound By Temptation. Why don’t you tell us about both your books?

Holding on to the Pain comes out February 17 from Rebel Ink Press. It’s book 2 in my Living Deadly Series and my favorite Vampire of all time, the one I created – Xander. Xander is cruel, arrogant and a number of other things. As time goes on, he will change and rediscover himself over and over again. I mean, when you live forever, what else is there to do? In book two, he starts to create his own army of Vampire Warriors. I wonder what they’ll think up for book three.

Here’s the unofficial blurb:

Xander steps into his new life as the very first Vampire. His desire for war and killing only increases and his conscience is non-existent. The only thing close to that desire is his need for women. He lusts after them even more than he had as a human.

At time passes, humans become toys for him to meddle in the affairs of. Xander finally finds warriors worth turning into his companions. He begins to create a force of mass destruction -- a force of only the best Greek warriors turned Vampire. His undead elite army. 

Bound by Temptation is book one in a male/male series. These are set to be short encounters that focus more on the act of sex. Several readers have asked for a full length on this one. Nigel is a professional football player but keeps his partner hidden away (although very well cared for and definitely very satisfied). Why the secrets?

Here’s the blurb:

Nigel is a professional sports player with a wonderful boyfriend at home. Their sex is always hot and Lance is always willing to do whatever it takes to keep Nigel happy. But, what has Nigel been hiding?

9.      What inspired you to write Holding On To the Pain and Bound By Temptation?

Holding on to the Pain was the logical next step after Oh the Pain. Xander just cried out to be a series. Originally, when I started this “concept” several years ago, Xander was set to be a ten book series focusing on him and his run through immortal life. I wanted a Vampire I could relate to. A picture of how I saw Vampires to be. I don’t see them as internally good and moral. Although, when you’re immortal, you’re bound to go through spurts of it…but it’s not a forever thing. So, I wanted my Vampire, my way.
Bound by Temptation was written, honestly, to get the sex out of my brain. I struggle mostly with the stuff in books around the sex. I have a m/f series that’s the same—short encounters. Then, I got to thinking about how I want a short read. Something I can finish at night before bed and get through the entire story. I’m not always in the mood for something I have to keep putting down and picking back up. So, this created what is Bound by Temptation (scheduled to be a 15 book series).

10.  Do you have any upcoming projects that you are working on?

I have so many, it’s not even funny. I’m, of course, working on the next books in Bound by Temptation, Living Deadly and Bound by Seduction. I’m also working on Book 1 in a Viking Series, a Splatterpunk Series, a Highlander Series and a Paranormal Romance Series. There’s also No Boundaries Press and our schedule for the first quarter of 2012. We have some really great authors and some releases I can’t wait for.
In addition, I have a contributor blog, Erotic Diaries that will be expanding this year. As well as a new contributor blog for ALL genres called Write Your Way. I think combining the genres and talent will be beneficial to all the authors we decide to work with. Also, I’ve noticed a huge lack of places to promote for certain genres.

We’re also ion progress on a brand new reader’s loop. Readers Wanted has a blog, facebook page and eloop. The idea is to not allow readers to get bombarded with just promo after promo. Also, with this concept, it allows writers to promo their work and know it’s not going straight to other authors and their mass delete options. There will be upcoming author awards, cover art awards and more.

11.  Cocktail Moment: If there was a drink of your kind, what would it be? (alcoholic or non-alcoholic)

Oh I am a tequila girl – no training wheels.

12.  Is there a trivial thing you would like your readers know about you?

Honestly, I’m actually really boring. I love my kids and my dogs and whatever I do is done around their needs.

13. What advice would you give to other writers, especially to those starting out?

It’s pretty typical probably, but don’t give up. Accept criticism and ideas gracefully. No one’s out to get you. They are honestly trying to help.
14.  Lastly, where can people find you? (i.e. social network sites, blogs, websites, etc.)

I’m on my blog, Kharisma Rhayne Books (series and other book updates), Twitter and on Facebook Here & Here.

You can find No Boundaries Press on Twitter @NoBoundariesPre, on the blog, at the store and on Facebook.

Kharisma, you are by far one of the most fun people around. I want to wish you luck in your success and I do hope to have on here again?

Aww thanks. As always, you’re too nice. :D And, I’m happy to be any time you’ll have me.


As much as Lance tried not to respond, he knew fighting it was useless. Every time Nigel touched him his mind turned into mush and his cock got hard. He quit thinking and could only feel Nigel’s hands on his ass, knowing what was coming.
                Giving in, he pushed himself against Nigel, feeling his arousal against his own. He heard a gasp as Nigel leaned over and brushed his lips against his. Realizing it was him that made the sound he knew, without a doubt, their conversation was over.
                As Nigel felt Lance’s body relax, he knew they could enjoy the rest of their day. The conversation was over for now and they could enjoy each other.
                It felt like forever had passed since they were in each other’s arms last night. Surprisingly, the longer they were together, nothing ever got old. Everything stayed new. Nigel desired Lance as much now as he did the first day they met.
                Reaching to the back of his shirt, Nigel pulled it over his head and let it fall to the floor.
Instantly Lance latched onto a pierced nipple with his mouth. He loved Nigel’s bad boy look, the long hair, the pierced nipples and cock, the tattoos. It’s what made Nigel stand out. He had first been attracted to Nigel when he saw the huge dragon tattoo spanning across his back. Well, the muscles didn’t hurt either.
He ran his hand down Nigel’s muscular abs and heard him moan as his hand grazed the top of his cock barely sticking out of the top of the low slung waist. Urged on by the sound, Lance unfastened Nigel’s jeans, pulling them down as he dropped to his knees in front of him.
There was already a drop of precum glistening from the head. Game days were always great sex days. Nigel was overly stimulated and easily aroused.
Looking up at him, Lance licked the drop from Nigel’s rod and worked his hand up and down it.
Impatiently, Nigel grabbed the back of his head and pushed Lance’s mouth onto his cock, wanting him to take it deep. Thankfully, Lance willingly complied; Nigel was not in the mood to play games today. He was the warrior home from battle, needing an outlet for his energies, and Lance always built him up even further before bringing him down into a peaceful oblivion.
                Nigel’s legs started to tremble as Lance sucked his cock and played with his balls.
                Lance pulled away and stood up when he sensed standing was becoming a challenge for Nigel. He grabbed Nigel’s hand and led him into the dining room.
                “We haven’t done it in this room yet. I want you to take me bent over the table,” Lance said in reply to the questioning look on his lover’s face.
                Nigel strokes his own cock. It was clear that this first round was not going to be full of love and foreplay. He wanted Lance and he wanted him now.
                “Take off your clothes and bend over the table.” Nigel knew his voice left no room for options.
                Lance obeyed as he continued to watch Nigel stroke his cock. He walked over to the corner of the table, in front of his badass football player; spread his legs wide, and bent over the table.
                Nigel let out a gush. “Like the view?” Lance couldn’t help but to ask.

You can pick up Nigel & Lance at the following locations:

You can also stay up to date on giveaways & book releases by following my blog: HERE

Unedited Excerpt:
           “Shhhh, my sweet. Let’s test this out together. Have you been with a man?”
“No My Lord, never with anyone.” She trembled against him.
“Then let’s try this. Let me show you what it is like to be with a man. Do NOT scream. I WILL kill you if you scream. Do you understand?”
Nephele wanted to run, but he was on top of her and stronger. What choice did she have?
She slowly nodded her head that she understood.
“Good.” And in the next moment Xander’s lips were on hers.
He kissed her deeply. She had been kissed before. But never like this. This was unreal. There was a flutter deep in her belly. She was foggy--or something. What a kiss.
Xander ran his hands over her breasts and rubbed his hands down her legs. He kissed her neck. His mouth traced from her lips to her neck to the top of her dress.
Xander was lucky to be a warrior. Women threw themselves at him. Sometimes he had one, sometimes two…sometimes three at a time. But this whole experience was so much different. He felt each move with every fiber of his being. The newness she experienced at his touch filtered to him from her mind and made him desire her all the more.
He pulled off her clothes, ripping them from her. She was beautiful. He had always thought her to be rather plain. But her breasts were full, her waist slim, and her hips well for child-bearing.
She had long dark hair, slightly wavy. Sapphire blue eyes. She could be no more than nineteen.
Grasping the back of his shirt in one hand, he pulled it over his head then unfastened his pants--pulling those off as well.
Nephele gasped when she caught sight of him. He could read her thoughts.
“What are you thinking?” He wanted to hear them from her mouth.
“Nothing My Lord, how can I please you?”
Chicken, well, he knew what she was thinking anyway. She couldn’t believe how large his manhood was. How long and thick he was. She wondered if it would fit--how much it would hurt. How her first time would feel. Would she remember it forever? Would it hurt less the second time? Or the third?
Interesting enough, she asked how she could please him. Very interesting indeed.
He rolled off of her and lay down next to her as he took her hand and wrapped it around his manhood.
“Put it in your mouth and suck it.”
She lowered her head and placed her lips on him as she slowly lowered herself on him, wrapped her hand around his thickness…and started kissing it. Then she experimented a bit with her tongue. This was all so new to her. She hoped she was doing it right.
Xander's patience wore thin. “Take it in your mouth and suck.” he said, unwilling to wait for her to decide what to do with it.
She did.
Xander never remembered it feeling so well, wonderful. His senses were acute. The pressure, the pleasure, built until he was ready to let loose. He held her head in place, with her mouth still over him--and came.
He had never come so hard before. Simply astonishing
Nephele was in shock, trying not to gag. All he could read from her mind was “Eww, eww. I’m going to throw up.”
With a sadistic grin--”Swallow it,” he said.

Six Sentence Sunday 01/29/2012 - Finding Possibilities.

Hey what's up, it's been a while since I been on Six Sentence Sunday.
I have been busy editing and working on stories that I haven't got back to in a long time.
However, I have been inspired by a new story that is a WIP; one in particular, is a cougar story.
(I hate saying that, becasue I'm in a relationship with a woman 12 years older than me.)
The name of the Story is Finding Possibilites.

Here is my blurb:

Faith Darby, a forty year old single mom, celebrates her birthday with a young man she met at a bar in Manhattan.The man she met had such charm and maturiy, it was too good to be true that he was right for her. But will her encoutner become a serious relationship or nothing more than a fling?

*This is a rough copy of the story. It's subjected to change anytime.


Faith woke up that Saturday morning with a hang over, trying to remember what happened last night. She looked down and realized she was naked waist down. As she turned to her side, she noticed the man she met at the bar last night, fast asleep, realizing what had happened last night.

She remembered eating at Grey's Papaya in Manhattan, riding the subway, and having pure, passionate sex with him. On top, she remembered his name. What boggled her mind was where was she?

Then she saw Darius waking up, stetching his arms up and his eyes open. He glanced at her and placed his arm around her waistline, caressing her curves.

She tapped him in the arm. "Where am I?"


Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Cassandre Dayne Guest Blogs for The AfterDark World: 01/25/2012

Cassandre Dayne guest blogs on the AfterDark World and she bring a wonderuful article about being obsessed with sex.


     I decided to write this piece for After Dark Online because I’ve had a series of interesting questions and comments lately. For those of you who don’t know me I write highly erotic books on everything from ménage to group sex, BDSM to sexual slavery and voyeurism to public display. I suppose some people could say I was obsessed with sex. The truth is I treat writing erotic romance as a business. Don’t get me wrong – I love writing and I pen stories in several genres but I still treat this as a business. Why do I say that? Because of course there’s more to writing and more importantly selling than simply the story. If you want to sell you have to get your name out there and that means marketing and what’s called branding. I suppose also for those who have ever read any of my blogs you know I call myself the resident wicked girl and it fits not only my writing but I expect my personality as well. BUT… there are exceptions.
    I do have friends on social media sites such as Facebook who “friend” me I suppose for two reasons – my writing and perhaps my looks. I certainly don’t think I’m the most gorgeous woman on the face of this earth but some men (and women) find me attractive. When they look at the fact I write erotic romance and see some of my blogs crossing by their home page they probably suspect I’m addicted to sex. I receive instant messages from guys and they don’t start out with “hi” or “I love your work”. Instead they start out with “are you getting enough sex” or “do you need a boy in your life” or one of my favorites “I really want you to come and live in my country”. Really? Are you kidding me?

     What I realized a long time ago is that people can indeed be addicted to sex. I’m not just talking about the proven medical condition but being over stimulated to the point they’ll engage in risky behavior. In days of old there was many a time I’d go out to a club and run into a couple engaging in some carnal activity smack in the middle of the bathroom. It was kind of funny back then you’d step over them and go about your business and head back to the dance floor. And trust me there was nothing sexier than meeting a man on the dance floor, sizzling up the heated space and perhaps going back to his room for a nightcap. Hmmm… I’ve done my share of provocative things in the past and I admit it I enjoyed. Do I think I was addicted to sex? No. Do I think I was obsessed…perhaps. Remember the days of glory holes? I’m not sure that people know what they mean and the term had a negative connotation back then. Now the act is making a come back.

     Now you can be anybody you want to be hiding behind a computer or a phone and there are many ways men and women can be titillated enough to the point they hunger for more. I enjoy writing about saucy ideas that might spice up your relationship but I find I fuel obsessions as well. Should it be of concern to me? Perhaps. I was talking with a friend recently who of course knows I’m an author and asked me if I’d either instant messaged someone and engaged in a little sexual play or perhaps texted (what they call sexting) with someone on my phone before. Well…the answer is yes and more than once.

     Here’s the odd thing – and I’m telling my age here – when AOL first came out – I loved it. Went to all the chat rooms and had a blast. Boy I could heat up a screen or the keyboard to the point I was all hot and bothered. YUMMY. But you know what happened? We weren’t smart enough back then to hide our identity completely in that we’d tell the city we lived in. When I started to get serious requests to meet then I knew I could be in trouble. Not only did I realize this but by then I’d grown bored.

     Along came Facebook and the entire arena exploded again. Now you can interact in such a way that it’s easy to adore men or women you meet. While you meet your share of creeps on Facebook you also meet brilliant and wonderful people who truly are a joy to be around and you want to get to know them more and at times lines are crossed. Have I done it? I have. For any of you who don’t think you can get emotional about seeing a picture and a message on the cold screen – you’re dead wrong. You become a part of their lives and want to know more and tell secrets. One thing leads to another and you find out things about their relationships that they might not be able to tell even their best guy pal but they’ll tell you. Women being women we console and coo and purr and all the things that we don’t even realize we’re doing.

     And then that can lead to a physical interaction and/or relationship. Some people say flirting and sexting is not only harmful to a relationship but cheating. There are two schools of thought around this but I think people are human and crave the attention of others and it’s going to happen. What if it goes a step further and you talk on the phone?

     Well, I’ve done that too and while perhaps the conversation started out for caring reasons only and friendship something else has happened and you cross the line and the conversations get very serious and then sensuous and then… I’ve had man a person tell me I have a sultry voice and should do something with it. A very good friend of mine suggested I try phone sex – as in working for a company. Yes, it’s very safe and from what I understand people can make a lot of money doing it if you keep the caller on line long enough. Hmmm… I write it and I’m sexted it – what would be so bad?

     That’s when I get the question – do you get turned on by your writing or by the sexting? The honest answer is no. I think it’s because of several reasons including I write the scenes as a business and I can write them during a hurricane, a basketball event, in the car, in my head on a walk – meaning anywhere and everywhere. Imagine if I stayed turned on all the time. WHEW…

     What I can tell you that in these days of continued sexual diseases hiding behind the phone or the internet is certainly safe…or is it? I wanted to give you some thoughts and I’ll leave you with something sexy. This is perhaps a phone conversation an operator might have.

     “Hello. Is this David?” she asked, her voice filling with a sensuous husk.

     “This…yeah…is this…”

     Purring, she inhaled deeply. “I’m Eden and I’m here to bring you every fantasy your heart desires. Would you like that?” It was easy to tell how nervous he was.

     “Yes. Very much.”

     “David, you can tell me everything you’ve ever wanted. I think I know what you like.”    
     “You do?”

     “Oh yes and I can’t wait to tell you but first you have to undress.” Chuckling, Eden breathed into the phone.


     A few minutes later David returned. “What do I do now?”

     “Tell me what you want me to do.”

     “I want you to suck me.”

     “Mmmm…I’d be delighted.”

     Can you imagine where this will go from here? I think being obsessed with sex is okay as long as you understand your limitations. Above all you have to be safe and understand that intimate relationships are a gift. I think sometimes we forget that fact. I hope you enjoyed.

Kisses   xxx




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Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Lisa Worall Guest Blogs For The AfterDark World

M/M romanc writer, Lisa Worall joins The AfterDark World as she guest blogs about her upcoming book, Thirst and some guilty pleasures. So please show some love from this lovely woman from the U.K.

Guilty Pleasures
I really struggled to find something to entertain you with today.  What with the tumult of Christmas finally over and the New Year well on its way, my head has been filled with chocolate and mince pies.  Which got me to thinking, chocolate… a guilty pleasure or a necessity?  And what other guilty pleasures do I indulge in?  Do we all indulge in?  I mean, who am I to say that one man’s guilty pleasure is another man’s every day?  And does it have to be food? 
So here are some of my guilty pleasures… or at least what I consider them to be.
When I’m making the children a chocolate spread sandwich, I might have been known to dip a teaspoon into the jar—when no one’s looking, of course.
Eating marzipan off the block.
Old Hollywood musicals… I love ‘em all. Carousel, Oklahoma, Kiss Me Kate, Seven Bridges for Seven Brothers, Calamity Jane, By the Light of the Silvery Moon… I could go on for hours.
Come Dine With Me is a British show where five strangers each hold a dinner party over five nights and the others have to score them in an attempt to win money.  I am addicted to this programme.  It’s so crass and the narrator totally lays into these poor people, but I love it!
There are obviously more personal guilty pleasures, like the slide of satin against skin.
Pyjama Sundays, where you wake up, shower and dress in clean pyjamas and stay in them all day.
Snuggling down with the kids in bed on a Friday night and watching a movie… and okay, the Barbie movies aren’t as bad as you think they’re going to be…
The cold side of the pillow…
I’m beginning to think I have more guilty pleasures than I do every day!
So come on… tell me about your guilty pleasures… it doesn’t matter how dark and devious they are, I’m sure they’re more exciting than mine and you could win yourself a copy of my latest release, Thirst.

Detective Max Bowman is hunting a serial killer terrorizing the city.  A serial killer who leaves bodies drained of blood. 

After taking a break in a local bar, he is attacked, robbed and left for dead -  waking up in Carter Gray's bed was the last thing he expected.

Who is this man?  What is his dark secret?  Is he responsible for the trail of bodies across the city?

Pain, lots of pain. Max tried to force his eyes open, but only one would comply; the other already swollen shut from the impact of a closed fist. He wasn't sure how long he'd been lying in the alley behind the bar. He dimly remembered a tall blond man with piercing blue eyes who introduced himself as Tony, or it might have been Tommy, buying him a beer, followed by way too many shots, he'd stopped counting after the fourth; remembered laughing and joking with him, flirting and being flirted with in return. Nothing seemed out of place. Nothing that was until the man suggested they go somewhere quieter.
Instead of heading out into the brightly lit street, Max had found himself being jostled from both sides into the alley behind the bar. The blond held onto him on his left and from nowhere a dark haired man grabbed his right arm. Too late Max realized that everything was out of place, just as the blond man's fist connected with his face and his knee with Max's groin.
The two of them punched and kicked him, and all he could do was curl in on himself on the ground and hope he could minimize the damage. He didn't want to think too much about the sharp snap he heard when a hard boot connected with his ribs, nor the meaty sounds of flesh upon flesh. Max was assaulted by a wave of dizziness and he felt darkness reach out to engulf him in its warm embrace, but he mentally shook his head and stubbornly refused to let it claim him. He felt hands grabbing at his keys and his wallet and then more pain as a boot connected with the muscle in the left cheek of his ass. His head was pulled back by a vicious hand twisting in his chestnut-colored hair, his glassy brown gaze locking onto piercing blue as the word "Fag" was spat at him and his head was slammed back down on the dirt.
Max heard their retreating footsteps and he tried to lift his head, the pain in his side causing a cry to fall from his lips at the movement. He coughed and cringed as he saw dark splatters of blood hit the ground. Wiping the back of a shaky hand across his lips, he stared at the stain of red on his skin. He stumbled to his knees, trying to use the wall beside him to pull himself up. His legs buckled, and he crashed back to the ground, a deep groan wrenched from him as he fell. Suddenly, he felt two strong arms, one around his shoulders and one under his knees, lifting him as if he weighed no more than a small child. His head lolled to the side, coming to rest on a firm shoulder and he had a glimpse of jade green eyes looking down into his as the dark claimed him once more.

* * * *

Carter pulled open the door of his black 1968 Ford Mustang and eased his ward carefully into shotgun, slowly reclining the seat to make the position more comfortable. Taking off his heavy woolen coat, he rolled it and slipped it behind the man's head to prop up the semi-conscious man. He gazed down at the battered face he had been watching all night from his dark corner of the bar, aware how beautiful it was underneath the swelling and bruising. The man's name was Max that much he knew, because he had heard him introduce himself to his assailant. He frowned, furious with himself that he had realized too late the blond twink and his accomplice's plans for the young man. If he hadn't been distracted, if he hadn't been so thirsty…
Carter slid behind the wheel, his green eyes glittering in the muted glow from the dome light as he closed the door behind him. A small smile lifted his lips as he headed his car toward home. The two men who had robbed and beaten Max and left him for dead had already paid for what they'd done. Glancing into his rear-view mirror, he parted his lips and ran his tongue down his elongated incisors.
They wouldn't be hurting anyone ever again, and he wasn't thirsty anymore.

Sunday, January 15, 2012

AfterDark's Interview with Jean Joachim

From the glowing lights of West Wendover, to on top of the Empire State Building in New York, my hometown, Jean Joachim shares a cocktail moment with AfterDark Online as she tells all about herself.

Yum, you make a delicious Cosmo, Ray.

1. Jean, thank you so much for the opportunity to interview you. Well, from one New Yorker to another, you’re the first NY’er I’ve ever interviewed. So I’m pleased to do so, why don’t tell us about yourself?

I’m a writer, wife, mother of two boys and a rescued pug named Homer. I live on the Upper West Side of Manhattan, near the Museum of Natural History. In my spare time, I like to crochet, bake and cook on the holidays. I have always dabbled in art and photography is my newest artistic passion. These are my strong suits, now for weaknesses! I’m a mechanical moron having no idea how a television or a car works. Those are straight miracles to me. I turn the circuit breakers off when I change the plate on the light switch because I don’t trust myself not to get electrocuted! Lol.

2. As I got to know about you, you’re woman with lots of belts around your waist. How long have you been writing and when did you decide to get into writing romance?

I’ve been writing non-fiction for over 20 years, everything from radio copy to direct mail to articles on parenting and school fund-raising, plus a movie review column for parents. I have seven non-fiction books published and now eight works of fiction. I’ve only been writing fiction for the past two years, yet I love it more than any other type of writing I’ve done.

Romantic stories have been floating through my brain for years, mostly in the form of screenplays. Two years ago, after an extremely difficult period in my life, Callie Richards landed in my head and told me her story, which became “Now and Forever 1, a Love Story.” I fell in love with the characters and their story and wrote three books in the series one right after the other. That was it. Romantic fiction was my new passion.

3. At what point did you decide to be a self-employed writer?

I spent a year taking care of my family and a favorite aunt, teaching marketing in college and writing my column. After that incredibly stressful year, my aunt died, my son went away to college and I shed most of the responsibilities that were preventing me from writing full time, except for the movie review column. I stopped teaching and dug into writing full time, about two years ago.

4. How does your family and friends feel about the work you do?

I think they are proud of what I have achieved as they know how hard I have worked. Although they may not understand my desire to write about love and romance, many of my friends have been supportive of my work, reading my books and giving me valuable feedback. My sons are too embarrassed to read my books but they are proud of my achievements. My husband is pretty amazed but as he said, “you’ve worked hard for this” and I have.

5. While romance is your main genre, are there any other genres you write?

Someday I might attempt a mystery. I have written a children’s mystery. Some of my romances are dark with threatening elements, bad guys, murder and such. I’ve always been a big mystery fan since the days of Nancy Drew. But now I so enjoy spending my days mucking up my characters’ lives and then saving them. Spending your day thinking about love is such joy for me.

6. Is there a particular genre you haven’t touched, but you would interested in getting into?

I love comedy and write parodies often. I think writing a romantic comedy would be a ton of fun. I’m considering turning a project I’m planning with a friend into a comedy. Making people laugh is a gift.

7. About your latest book, Now and Forever 2, the Book of Danny, please tell us about your book?

This was a special book, an emotional journey for me. Danny is a minor character from Now and Forever 1, a Love Story who came to me and told me his story. I almost felt possessed by him, listening to his tale of recovery from the trauma of his brother’s death, his PTSD from his Iraq war experiences and his struggle to find a new life and love. It is a highly emotional, often raw story of a smart, young, attractive man coping with serious loss and making his way to a happy ending.

8. What inspired you to write your book Now and Forever 2, the Book of Danny?

Honestly? I know this will sound a little weird, but Danny did. As I said, he landed in my head and dictated his story to me. With a new twists and turns that developed while writing the story, it’s Danny’s thoughts and Danny’s words. The book is written from his point of view.

9. Are there any upcoming projects you are working on?

Glad you asked! I am finishing up the last 12K words on “Lost & Found” a military romance I’m writing with Ben Tanner, a retired Marine. And I’m expanding “The Marriage List” as I have had people ask for more about Carrie and Grey. I will be writing a Valentine’s Day story about Grey’s brother, too. Then I have two finished books to edit before submitting and two more books for Moonlight and New York Night series to write. I expect 2012 to be very busy.

10.  What was the toughest project you faced so far, but was proud of the accomplishment?

I guess my first non-fiction book, “Beyond the Bake Sale, the Ultimate School Fund-Raising Book” because it was my first book and written for St. Martin’s Press, a major publisher. I was insecure about it as you get the contract before the book is completely written. It is a book that has helped thousands of people to improve their children’s schools. I am very proud of that achievement.

11. Cocktail Moment: If there was a drink of your kind, what would it be? (alcoholic or non-alcoholic)

I’d probably be a Black Russian, sweet, smooth, delicious but with a helluva kick later.

12. Is there a trivial thing you would like your readers to know about you?

I love to laugh and have been known to go on uncontrollable laughing jags at the most inappropriate times, like in the middle of the ballet at Lincoln Center.

13. What advice would you give to other writers, especially to those starting out?

Keep writing. Don’t judge your words as they are first put down on paper, learn to become a sharp editor of your own work. Keep editing until you’re truly pleased. Read everything you can get your hands on in the field you want to write in, the good and bad. You will learn from it all. And never give up.

14. Lastly, where can people follow you? (i.e. social network sites, blogs, websites, etc)

Facebook – Jean Joachim, Author

Ms. Joachim, thank you so much for this lovely interview. I really do hope we have another opportunity to do another one in the future. Thank you so much! :-)

Thank you so much for having me, Ray. It’s an honor to be here. Do you think I could get one more eenie weenie Cosmo before I go out. It’s cold here in Manhattan and I need something to keep me warm.

Defintely (reaching for a martini glass)


“I’m not tellin’.” His brow furrowed, Benson asked, “Say Captain…you sleep good?”
“Okay, I guess,” he lied.
“I see things. I wake up. I don’t sleep all night,” Benson said quietly.
Danny nodded, looking away.
“Will those things go away? Will I always be seein’ Joe or Cal when I go to sleep?”
“I hope not,” Danny said, without conviction, looking down at his hands.
“At least I’m still here. Thanks to you.”
“I told you, just shut up about what happened,” Danny snapped, making a fist.
“Everybody here does his bit. I did mine…with you. Don’t talk about it,” Danny said in a
low voice.
“Okay, okay.”
“You’re one brother I’m returning home,” Danny said softly to himself.
“Hey, Maine, we’re coming down over Syracuse. This is your stop, right?” the pilot hollered
back to Danny, who moved up to the cockpit.
“Yeah. That’s me.”
“Where do you go from here?”
“I got a ride with Sgt. Marie Willis to Willow Falls,” Danny said.
“Some hick town?”
“College town.”
“You going to school?”
“Marie, huh?”
“Better warn her about the Captain,” Benson piped up from the back.
“Shut up Benson or I’ll have to break your arms, too,” Danny called.
“Ever see her, Benson? Don’t think the Captain will be interested.”
“She’s female, isn’t she?”
“As far as I know.”
“I’m interested,” Danny said with a snicker.
“Your vitamin E pack, Captain.”