Love Out Of Lust Series

Friday, December 9, 2011

Weekend Dirty Dozen: Service w/ A Smile 12/09 - 12/11/2011

I am so glad to be back home and write my Weekend Dirty Dozen. Here is my wonderful WDD based on my WIP, Service With A Smile.

I dedicate this to anyone that lives in the "WEST COAST", I know you can relate to me, especially my Californians out there!


Jenna just couldn't sleep. She tossed and turned on the bed, trying to keep her eyes shut and rest comfortably, but she wans't used to the feeling of sleeping on a hotel bed, along with micro-fiber pillows; it was uncomfortable for both her neck and back.

She sighed with frustration as she turned to her side to look at the alrarm clock, displaying the time 6:20 AM and she needed to sleep for the long ride home. As she stared at the time, she felt the bed jumping and pretty soon the headboard was banging against the wall repeatedly, but the rattle wasn't so violent.

Jenna stayed put, wondering was happening. At first, she wondered if there was a train passing by or a truck passing through the hotel parking lot. Pretty soon she realized that it was an earthquake. For some reason, she didn't panic, she remained still as the jolt continue the shake the hotel room, at the same time, bounce the bed where she witnessed her husband waking up.

The shaking prolonged for about fifteen seconds, and when the quake subsided, her husband woke up, feeling disoriented and confused of what was going on.

He asked, with curiosity, "What just happened?"

"You were having sex without me."


  1. OMFG Ray- too funny.

    I really love your humor and would love to have that writing knack- kudos to a great WDD

  2. ROFL Living in San Jose I can SO appreciate this :)

  3. Ray, that is hilarious. It sounds like me. I never feel the earthqaukes unless it was the last one we had here in the San Francisco area. Even then I knew what was happening but I just told our cats it was just an earthquake. We had no damage, only a wooden cat fell off an end table.

  4. When I got to the end, I just had to laugh.

  5. Hey yo, I'm glad you enjoyed it. Coming from New York, I never lived in Cali, with an earthquake of such magnatude, but my woman is a native Californian. However, living in Nevada, I'm relating from a true even that happened in Feb 2008, when an earthquake rocked my town. It was hilarious, but for some odd reason, I didn't get excited like any other people from the east coast. Perhaps, I was too tired to get out of bed. ROFL, so I'm glad my Cali people can relate with me.