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Saturday, December 3, 2011

AIDS Awareness Month Tribute

When I cam up with this project, asking for a submission call for safe-sex stories, I wasn’t sure of the responses I would get in this genre. The purpose doing this project was to help readers understand the realities and the seriousness of not protecting yourself. I truly thank those who participated in reading the wonderful stories under many different genres and hope to continue again.

My reason of doing this submission call and tribute to AIDS Awareness is that while I, as many as the other writers, enjoy writing erotic romance and short stories, none of my characters use any condoms. My characters are immune to the virus and the same goes for other characters from many other authors, in reality, we as writers and readers are not.

There’s nothing like expressing pure fantasy and bliss in a story, until reality sets in at our worse expectations. To hear the dreadful words from the doctor, “You are HIV Positive”

No one, and I mean no one wants to hear that. We all want to live a long, healthy lifestyle. Yes, we ourselves have an appetite for sex, otherwise, we wouldn’t be having this conversation, but we have to live it responsibly. As authors, our purpose is to condone fantasy and bliss to our readers, just as well providing responsibility that “no means no” and “practice safe sex”

When the AIDS epidemic was first discovered in 1981, I didn’t even know the virus. I was just starting kindergarten. I know that many of you lived through that time did remembered how the pandemonium overwhelmed things. Thirty years ago, were some really scary times and I did remember how religious officials blamed the gays for their sexual lifestyle. Then came the IV drug-users and how they were blamed for cause of spreading the AIDS Virus. But when it hit heterosexuals, it became a different ballgame.

I remembered as a young kid that if someone had AIDS, you were to avoid talking to them, refrain from shaking their hand, or ever sit next to them; to put it in better terms, outcast them.

While I remembered how politicians and religious officials in the 1980’s were making statements about those who deserved getting AIDS, I also remembered the scientists that were breaking the myths in this world of how HIV/AIDS is transmitted.

Every person should know that AIDS stands for Acquired Immune Deficiency Syndrome. What happens is that when the virus begins attacking the white blood cells it weakens your immune system to where a simple infection, a person was be able to fend off, will progress to something even worse. While AIDS is a killer, it is not the true cause of death. Why? Well, it all comes down to opportunistic infections that break down your entire system, like viruses, fungi, parasites, and bacteria. The purpose of our white blood cells is to help fight off simple infections, taking that away is like fighting a fire without water.

The symptoms usually appear two weeks after contraction. Signs to look for would be sudden weight loss and appetite, severe diarrhea, swollen glands around certain extremities, chronic coughing, and most obvious black and blue spots, which may appear like bruising when there is no pain.

Women are more than likely to contract the viruses because of the genital anatomy. The symptoms are the same as men, but there are additional symptoms like chronic yeast infection, heavy and painful menstrual periods.

On December 1st, 2011, according to U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, only 1.2 million of American have the virus under control, but that is not the official number of people in the U.S. living with AIDS. The statistic there is only 28% of them that have the virus under control. The scary thing is only 1 out of 5 Americans do not know they have the virus and the possible spread of the virus continues.

Thanks to modern medicine, people who are living with the AIDS virus are able to live longer, but there still no cure for the virus that has caused lives of millions in this country and worldwide the number is even greater.

One way to combat the AIDS virus is education. Yes, surely abstinence can be a safe bet, but show me a millionaire that lives below his means and I will show you someone that doesn’t follow those rules. You can’t confine yourself from the pleasures in the world, but you can find a way to live your life responsibly, without making any misery to yourself. I say, that by educating people in this world how the HIV/AIDS virus affects the human body will help keep people aware of the dangers. Don’t ever shelter them. Sheltering them doesn’t guarantee the lack of curiosity, it will only progress them with more wonder, but be modest on how to shelter your kids from the dangers in the world.

Learn to differentiate between facts and myths. We live in the information age and there are a lot of opinions than facts about the HIV/AIDS virus. One person, from an unknown website, concluded, to prevent AIDS is to not have sex, when human sexuality has been around since the beginning of man. Not only that, every individual has a certain temperament on how long they want to wait to have sex; they are not created equally, but they need to have the knowledge to protect themselves.

I am a proud erotic author and owner of an up-and-coming submission site, AfterDark Online, and I encourage people to practice safe-sex, if you are not in a monogamous relationship. Use a condom. Of course, there are some that feel discomforting, but which is better, using a condom that is not as comfortable or receiving uncomfortable news from your doctor? I can’t emphasize it, always carry protection. “NO GLOVE, NO LOVE”

Also, get yourself tested. Show me one person that enjoys knowing that fate. It’s never fun having to see the doctor for any kind of news when you’re not feeling well, but no matter how grim it may sound, you need to know. You only have one life and you need to take care of your body.
Always remember that Knowledge Is Power, educate yourself on how HIV/AIDS work, how to protect yourself, and always continue to learn on practicing safe-sex; don’t stop right there.

Ray Sostre

Erotic Author, Owner/Founder of AfterDark Online.


  1. A very good post, Ray. This is definitely something we all need to keep in mind. Thank you for hosting your safe sex stories submissions call! In erotica, we don't see a lot of condoms make an appearance, so it was a very nice change of pace :)

  2. I always struggle with 'having' to introduce a condom into a story. It seems to bog down the scene and create obstacles for me when I write, but as the mother of two adult children, I always preached safe sex, and I do make the effort to include the detail in my writing. I used to tell my kids: "When I was young, the worst thing you could get from sex was pregnant, and we had the Pill, but now, you can die. So before you choose to have unprotected sex, ask yourself if this person is someone you'd be willing to die for."

  3. Spreading this information is a great thing, Ray. So many people are still ignorant.