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Friday, November 4, 2011

Weekend's Dirty Dozen - 11/04/11 - 11/06/11 About The Night Ride Home

Hi everyone. Here is my "Weekend Dirty Dozen" for the weekedn of 11/4/11 - 11/6/11. This is based on a completed novel that is currently being edited and hopefully soon published by next year. This is my most favorite heartfelt story called "About The Night Ride Home"; I basically fell in love with the characters here and I want to share this piece for you all to enjoy.

Tyler tried to hide his laughter, but couldn’t help it when he noticed Alicia eyes rolling away with a tantrum. He held Darla by her hand and walked around them as they made their way to the door.
 “Let’s get out of here.” as he held the door open for Darla to leave. “We don’t need her to ruin our night.”
They left the restaurant, letting out a good feeling of a last laugh.  Tyler couldn’t believe the look on Alicia’s face when he didn’t respond to her spiteful remarks. To make  his night better, he was happy that Darla came at his defense.
“Oh my god, Tyler did you see her face?” she asked.
“Yeah, but Darla—“
“She couldn’t come up with anything better to say.”
“I know, but Darla –” as he stopped, holding her by her hand.
“What Tyler?”
He pulled her over and kissed her. He felt it was about time to let something off his chest. There were many opportunities he passed up with her and now he wasn’t going to let anything interrupt his longed passion.
 She pulled back with a twinkled smile, replying, “I’ve been waiting for you to kiss me for a long time.”
“Don’t you hate it when we get interrupted from what we had in mind?”
Suddenly seductively, “Uh-huh, so much it bothers me.”


  1. It gets better and better! Love it :)

  2. Damn! I hate interruptions to... great scene Ray

  3. Interruptions are always good to create conflict. Jop you publish this book.

  4. Hot Ray! I want to find out more