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Friday, November 18, 2011

Weekend Dirty Dozen 11/18/2011 - It's Our Dirty Little Secret

Hi, what's up? It's been long time since I have been on the groups, but I want to let you know I exist. :-p. Anyways, I am writing a f/f scene. My very first one, because I want to come out with something unusually different for once. This is a rough copy so here we go. So I wrote a small piece to it. I hope you enjoy.

It's Our Dirty Little Secret

Sherri creaked the door open and looked around the living room, signaling Julie to come over.

Julie stood hesitant to come over. She really wanted to come over and get a taste of lips, the air-cold feeling of her busts, and feel the smoothness of her clean-shaven pussy, but she was afraid of waking up Donnie. He was on the couch, sawing logs, but Julie knew her boyfriend was a light sleeper. She wanted to be with Sherri in the bathroom, but never expected it to be a mission to get there.

Frustrated, Sherri whispered, "Come on!"

Julie tried to tip-toed on the wooden floor, but her next step caused a creak-like noise. The noise quickly alerted Donnie. She gritted her teeth as she worried that he would suddenly wake up, but apparently he didn't. He continued snoring and that was surprising for Julie. She continued tip-toeing to the bathroom.

Once she was inside, Sherri closed the door behind her and immediately they embraced each other with warm fondles and kisses.

The sensation of Sherri's touch made Juilie spark with wonder. She had long wanted to explore Sherri's body. That first kiss she shared with her on the couch, a few minutes ago, couldn't stop there. She needed to feel every part of Sherri's body in order to fulfill her desire. But despite the passion Julie had for Sherri, there was on thing that compelled her to ask...

"Sherri, you know how will Donnie take it if he caught us doing it in the bathroom, do you?" she worried.

"Julie," partially pulling her panites down, "You worry too much."


  1. Good GOD Ray! That was explosive and awesome- a little girl on girl action- just what I needed today- and LOVE the picture


  2. Excellent Ray really well written and hot!!!

  3. A very tense scene and erotic passion growing for for Julie to seduce Sherri. I hope Donnie doesn't wake up.

  4. LIke the growing passion in this scene!