Love Out Of Lust Series

Sunday, November 20, 2011

Six Sentence Sunday - 11/20/2011 - Love, Lust, & Electronica

Hey people it's time for another Six Sentence Sunday, this week I am doing a story based on the love for electronica music, as well as hip-hop & R&B, but mostly for the love of all the DJ's that lived the bachelor life and the passion to spin the perfect mix in the story.

Love, Lust, and Electronica.

Okay,the story takes place here. Victor, a.k.a. DJ Vex comes home to find out his ex-girlfriend Nikki has not turned in the keys to his place after moving out of his apartment from a break-up. Nikki still has those itches to scratch, where she couldn't get over the feeling of Victor, but Victor has had his mind set on two things, his passion for being a remix producer and his latest fan, Keri.


"Nikki we have only broken up for six days and now you want to want to have sex with me?" he asked in disbelief, but stood there as he watched her zip open his pants.

She answered in a tone of seduction, "Whenever you play that song Freak-A-Leek, I just want to show you how I much I want to freak you."

Victor couldn't resist. Whenever Nikki showed up at his apartment, wearing a sexy black dress in the club, he was always hard and ready to knock boots with this gorgeous woman. Besides, what bachelor would resist a woman wearing high-heels, stockings, garter straps, a thong, and bra, with a sweet, delicious smell of DKNY perfume that acted like a pharmone to a guy like him? The two may have broken up nearly a week ago, but there was something particular they had most in common, just pure, passionate sex.

"Nikki..." he replied with a transfixed expression.

"Something wrong?" as she displayed a devilish smile.


  1. Oh no's! Me thinks little Ms. Nikki is a naughty girl about to get a BIG surprise!

  2. Excellent six, Ray. I like how you describe his attraction to Nikki.

  3. Freak-A-Leak song? Now I've been motivated by song before...but this is a fabulous idea


  4. Oh, I think someone else is gonna have his "skivvies" removed by a woman's teeth today! (Only she probably won't take as long as my Karla does!) Hot Six!

  5. What was he going to say? Oh I just can't stand being left hanging. I felt the description was spot on as well as the tone. Well done.

  6. I would so love it if he turned her down! LOL I know i'm evil!

  7. Oh, man, I think he's a goner. Fun six, Ray! :)