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Saturday, November 5, 2011

Six Sentence Sunday: 11/06/2011 - The Girl Upstairs

Hey what's up? Hope everyone's having a cool weekend? Here is my Six Sentence Sunday from a WIP of "The Girl Upstairs"

BLURB: Carlos Munoz moved in to a cozy duplex home, where he got to know a very sexy neighbor from upstairs, Bella Velamuri. As the two hit it off on the right start, they soon encountered a problem where they will have to confront, one way or another, her jealous ex-boyfriend that just got out of prison.

Carlos wondered what was with her expression. He checked to see what she set on the floor and noticed a tall, transparent lube bottle.
He asked, “I thought you were hungry?”
“I am, but I’m really hungry for something else right now,” as she moved herself closer placing her hand on top of his hand.
Carlos was assuaged over the feeling of her soft touch. She showed initiative by unbuttoning his shirt and rubbing her hand all over his hand and forearm. It gave him such an arousal that was worth his appetite.
            As she leaned closer to him, she rubbed her hand across his thigh until she unbuckled his belt and then unzipped his pants.


  1. Thats great Ray, makes me want to read more

  2. Now that is just stop right there- so not fair


  3. Where's the rest of the story? I want this scene to continue. Such a teaser. Great six.

  4. Ack! You HAD to stop there? ;) Great six, Ray!

  5. LOL I'm with Dawne...kinda cruel to end this scene just as she unzips his pants. No fair hehe