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Sunday, November 20, 2011

AfterDark's Interview with Gina Kincade

AfterDark Online is pleased to interview a very familiar face in the erotic publishing industry, Ms. Gina Kincade; erotic author, founder of Mistress Journals Erotic Stories Forum, and owner of the emerging publishing company, Naughty Nights Press.

So on your knees everyone, as the Mistress tells AfterDark about herself.

1. Gina, welcome and thank you for the opportunity of interviewing you. Why don’t you tell us a little bit about yourself?

 Can I get on my knees too?  Oops, wrong time for that I suppose.  *lustfully winks at Ray*

Seriously though, thank you for inviting me.  I've been on ADO before in one capacity or another but not in this particular sexy & sassy little room.  I love your decorating!

*picks up a whip from a hook on the back of the door and notices the name inscribed in the handle "Cassandre Dayne"

Hmmm, well that shouldn't surprise me.

*looks over shoulder at Mr. Sostre calmly pulling long blond hairs off his sweater*.

Now then, where were we? 

Oh yes, me.

Hmmm, I really dislike talking about myself.  I don't think there is a whole lot to say other then I'm a mom of three boys, sixteen, five & almost four who pretty much drive me nuts with their different levels of requirement.  I can't keep up with the changes.  I spend my days taking care of them, the two dogs & the house.  Thankfully the cat mostly does her own thing.

Nights are spent working on all the Nnp stuff that has to get done.  Normally I'm quite an organized person but I've found having so much to do kinda leaves me not always knowing where to start.  I'm not used to feeling like I'm always behind but I do realize my health & family commitments have played a large, unexpected role in where things sit right now.  I'll figure it out & get done what needs to be done as I always have.  Just accepting that it's going to take time is a current goal.  I push myself, I don't know how to do it differently.  I do have to admit I'm stubborn & quite a perfectionist and really it does have it's down side.
Enough about me, I'm boring, moving on...

2. How long have you been writing and what was the very first story you ever wrote?

Well, I learned to write in the second grade like everyone else. (*giggles*)

Oh , you meant stories!  So sorry.

I actually did start with little short stories & such that I would use to escape my life in grades 2 & 3.  I suppose I took to it even more with the praise of my teachers & it seemed the more I wrote the further I impressed them so I just kept doing it.  Of course, those were children's stories then.

My first romance was written in grade 10 English class.  It was a bit on the wilder side for a student my age apparently (especially way back then!) but not only did my teacher like it, she entered me in a school contest, which I actually won.  Shortly after I wrote my first real erotic piece for a boyfriend at the time. He sent it into the Playboy love letters line, it was accepted and the rest is history.  It was quite the hit to my confidence level and it kinda went on from there.

3. In the social networking community we are all one, but in our personal lives how do your family and friends feel about your writing and the business you’re in?

 Well, that seems to be a slightly loaded question actually. Immediate family members (SO & oldest son) resent the fact that I am working again and although they are accepting to a point, they have little to no interest in hearing about the things that excite me.  I've always been a disappointment to my extended family (parents, two sisters & the rest) so this doesn't really surprise me but I stopped letting their opinions bother me years ago.  They don't have to like it. I do, I love my business, I love writing and I wouldn't change a thing.

4. While I won’t ask you what kind of stories do you enjoy reading, I will ask what kind of characters do you enjoy writing about? (Badboy/Badgirl, Hero/Heroine, or Etc)

 Ohhh, definitely naughty ones.  By naughty I mean kinky-minded, passionate, sexual characters who scream sex from every pore.

In my paranormal books I've enjoyed writing both the good guys & bad guys as they have such different perspectives on the scenes!  My muse does tend to lean toward the hero/heroine bit though.  She seems to enjoy the idea of ripping the still beating heart out of her victim's...I mean the bad guy's chest.  I believe she has a wicked lust for blood!

5. Aside from erotic stories and romance, what other genres have you written?

 I've written children's stories, fantasy & paranormal in addition to contemporary romance and my many sub-genres of erotica and erotic romance.

6. When I look at entrepreneurs and those who've become established, I want to ask what inspired you to create Naughty Nights Press and how long did it take to get out there? Also, when did you decided to get into publishing?

It was initially my idea and I mentioned it to my best friend at the time. She and I discussed it for about six months on and off before one night we decided it was time. It took almost another year to get things all together and start working on submissions, research into the best sellable markets and decide just what we wanted to  specialize in.

We were both writing at that point but felt we had more to offer as well. We were astonished and frustrated at the amount of incredibly talented writers who just never felt their writing was good enough to get it published or those who had been passed over by other publishers because their stories were just "too hot" or "too unusual".  Especially once we compared those stories to what readers seemed to be looking for.  We had a good market for the edgier, spicier, kinkier and unique stories that seemed so far, almost untapped.

Yeah, we were going to make it happen; give the readers what they asked for.  Guide those writers into cultivating their awesome work into books & stories they could be very proud of.  We had a desire - no, more of a need really - to show these writers their own potential & worth. It became more then just a passion, it became an obsession.

My friend has since left NNP due to situations in her personal life but I remain strong at the helm with the help of my incredibly awesome assistant, Penny Peterssen and the rest of our wickedly talented team.  NNP has become quite the family in these few short months and we just keep growing!

7. I can relate, as the founder of AfterDark Online, of what you go through. Plus, we have so much in common among a number of other people; especially how we strive to be on top of our game. But, aside from being a founder and owner, what other challenges have you faced in this industry, yet been proud to overcome?

I think so far the most difficult issues I've had to face were more annoying then anything else. The loss of my business partner, who was intended to be our main editor, my assistant and our accountant,  forced me to step into more of a role then I was initially prepared for in addition to my normal position within the business.  I've had to self teach many new things, and fighting with the IRS is probably the most upsetting & frustrating  problem, but then I think many business owners & authors selling online would agree.
I'm doing my best, I will make it through. I do have the capability & knowledge required to do it all, but currently it's finding time and figuring it all out when the background I'd expected was going to be done prior to our opening day, wasn't there.  Guess I've learned that sometimes shit can just happen & you simply have to make the best of it.

8. Before Naughty Nights Press was founded, you were the founder and administrator of Mistress Journals. Would you please tell us a little bit more about it?

Mistress Journals is an erotic stories forum created to give writers a free place to share their work, learn from others in the forum and simply socialize with others of like-minded interests
I started MJ's because there were so many friends I kept meeting all over the world, via Facebook, and we were all posting our stories on our profiles & walls, quite happily and not bothering anyone I might add, until fb did a major switchero on the way things worked on the social network and began banning people for their self expression. I felt it was unfair, especially after being banned myself, for a picture that was art and hardly even revealing, all because one person can get angry with you, be it over a game or whatever, and then a simple click on your profile would get you auto-banned.  I think it's one of the stupidest things Facebook has implemented as you don't even get a chance, you're just suddenly gone without warning or anything.  Guilty without an opportunity to even prove innocence or anything else!

So, I created the forum as a place these people could go, knowing that art in all forms was accepted and with a few minimal rules, where adults were finally treated like adults.

Currently we've gotten too big for the initial setup to handle, slightly unexpected for sure, so we've had to close off new memberships until we can rebuild the forum in a larger, stronger & more capable capacity.  We hope to have it finished by the new year but with so much else on my plate at the moment it's not a for sure thing. We will do our best though!

9. Where do you plan to see yourself three to five years from now with Naughty Nights Press?

In the midst of our acquired slice of the erotic ebook market.  Still pushing the naughty limits, raising the bar of acceptability and bringing our readers the best in erotic & erotic paranormal romance reading.

10. Like I ask all authors, I ask my fellow authors of the erotic industry, What advice would you give to authors of erotica, along with entrepreneurs of the industry?

Take chances, make mistakes, accept critique and learn from all of the above.  Never give up. If it's your dream to be an author or an entrepreneur, make it happen.  You can.  If you don't  try you'll never know.

11. Where can people follow you? (website, blogs, social networking sites; etc.) Also one question I wonder, will you ever come out with a book under your name?

I have a personal blog at and a writing blog at

I am always available on Facebook at

And of course through the NNP blog at or our website at

I am quite busy so leave me a message & then you just gotta be patient.  I will get back to you!

Mistress Gina, thank you so much for your time with The AfterDark World. I appreciate the interview and I hope to do it again.

Ray, you sexy man, it's been my absolute pleasure.  I hope to give more...oops, do it again soon!   *naughty grin*


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