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Sunday, November 27, 2011

AfterDark's Interview with BL Morticia

AfterDark is happy to interview one of the hottest authors of m/m erotica and more. She is both hip and unique. Plus I have a confession, I love reading interracial erotica, so I’m pleased to announce my interview with BLMorticia.

Thank you so much for the interview. Why don’t you tell us a little bit about yourself?

BL: Wow, thank you for the intro Ray, glad to be here. I’m the wicked snarky muse of author Sharita Lira. We’re known collectively as the Triad of Authors or Literary Triad. Me along with Michael Mandrake and Rawiya drive this gal crazy with our stories. That’s why we love her. I’m actually her first original muse; been with her since age 19.

How long have you been writing and when did you write your first erotic story?

BL: Been writing since she was a teen but professionally only a year or so. The first erotic story was a hetero she did almost 15 years ago called, Dream of Vampadonis which later became, I Dream of Dalian that’s in the Naught Nights Press All Hallows Eve anthology.

While m/m erotica has been you best, what other genres do you enjoy writing?

BL: *blushes* Thanks Ray. I do enjoy doing some m/f from time to time. I just finished another M/F called Losing My Inhibitions. I also enjoy doing subgenres like paranormals, westerns, and as you know I love comedy so I add that to every story.

Is there a genre you have yet to touch, but would be interested?

BL: Shar did do an F/F story that’s in the WIP file. I have an FFM on the brain.

How do your friends/family feel about your work?

BL: Shar’s family for the most part, doesn’t get it. Why do you write about gay men, you’re not gay. On the inside though, she is. LMAO. Mom is not really okay with it but doesn’t really say much. Her husband, very supportive esp. in the hetero department. Friends are very supportive too. They encouraged it!

What was one of the toughest project you ever faced, but was proud of your accomplishments?

BL: I believe Sharita would say writing the story, Binding Justice with Michael Mandrake. Crossing over into the world of BDSM, something she wasn’t familiar with. It only touched the surface though. In my upcoming story, Happiness in Slavery, we’ll delve a little more into the fascinating world.

About your book, please give us a short synopsis of your upcoming release, “Something New On The Menu, Book One: Something Fresh Served Hot?”

BL: Well in short, it’s a story about a homophobic man who learns something about gay males in general through his homophobic boss. There’s some sparks flying here and Jimmy isn’t comfortable with it.

What inspired you to write this book?

BL: Someone Shar knows actually. I wanted it to be comical and I hadn’t really seen anything with this plotline. Shar typically doesn’t do these types of stories but we tried the idea and liked it.

What are your favorite characters you enjoy writing about (bad boy/bad girl, hero/heroine, etc) and why?

BL: I like the wicked bad boys and girls. Ones who are not afraid to make tough choices or do something contrary to the masses. Total rebels like me and they must be smart asses too.

If there was any kind of advice you can give, especially to those starting out in erotic writing, what would it be?

BL: Never give up and don’t get too high or low about success such as contracts rankings etc or low about bad reviews. Try keeping an even keel. The writing business is always up and down.

Lastly, Where can people follow you? (i.e. social networks, blogs, websites, and etc)

BL: These are several places you can find us all

The Literary Triad -!

Its Raining Men Blog -

BL Morticia, I truly thank you for the opportunity. I wish the best success on your release and hope to interview you again. :-)

BL: Thanks Ray

BIO: BLMorticia considers herself the snarky and wicked side of author Sharita Lira so expect her to tap into the taboo and unleash her fantasies on the world through her words. When not writing, she does biweekly posts at fellow author Blak Rayne’s blog,, posts with Rawiya at Erotic Diaries and a feature with fellow Rebel Cassandre Dayne called the Wicked Women Wednesdays.
For more information, please visit, and to ask any questions, email

Book One
Something Fresh Served Hot

A gay contemporary comedy which features a Chicago homophobe by the name of Jimmy LaCosta who works at a diner called the Greasy Spoon on the Northside of Chicago near Boys Town. While working, Jimmy meets the incoming manager, Alex Seidling, a young British man who his present boss is hiring to take his place as he retires. 

After the initial meeting in which Jimmy feels uncomfortable with Alex's stares, Jimmy cultivates a friendship with Alex which develops into something totally different than he himself expects. This shocks him and he tries to fight it but because of his growing feelings he decides to pursue it despite all of what he has been taught.

Will he do what his body wants? Will Alex accept his advances even though he will soon become Jimmy’s boss?

Excerpt PG
Later on in the day, I was making my way to the john when I noticed Alex sitting down in George’s office looking over some papers. I was on my way out of the place since my shift was over and my hot night with Zena was in the next hour.
When we exchanged glances, he waved his hand at me. “Jimmy, hey, can you step inside a moment, please?”
I exhaled before going into the small space and closed the door behind me. I had been in George’s office a little too many times for my taste so needless to say, when I went in I was a little nervous about talking to the new boss to be in here.
Still, I thought this to be the perfect time to let Mr. Seidling know my boat doesn’t float that way. Once I got in, I sat in the wooden chair in front of the desk.
“Hey, Jimmy. I was just looking over some things and it seems like you’re in need of a raise my friend. How could you just let George stiff you all these years?” Alex shook his head while still glancing at the large sheet of paper.
I cocked an eyebrow. He was definitely right about this observation.
Okay, maybe he ain’t so bad after all.
I ran my hand though my brown mane. “Well, I need the job and um…well, I make okay money, or…”
“No you don’t, Jimmy,” he interrupted. “At the last restaurant I managed, the top cook was making twenty-two bucks an hour. The owner felt it was necessary to pay him well because he kept the customers happy. Not to mention, he was quick, polite…”
I cut him off. “Wait, did you just say twenty-two dollars, an hour?”
Alex chuckled, “Yeah man. You’re only making fourteen. Dude, seriously, you’re getting robbed, yeah. I’ll make sure I let George know he should raise you up to at least eighteen effective immediately.”
My eyes bulged when he said that number. I was trying to keep my excitement in but I couldn’t help it. All the things I could do with making eighteen dollars an hour. A new car, a better apartment than the rat hole I was staying in, and damn, some better clothes. I may be a cook but I like to look good when I step out with the ladies.
“Gods Jimmy, I cannot believe George mimics the guy on that cartoon, what’s his name?” He looked up at the ceiling and snapped his fingers.
I laughed when I thought of my favorite show other than Sportscenter. “Spongebob and you’re talking about Krabs…he’s a tight wad.”
Alex giggled and placed the papers on the furniture in front of him. He locked his eyes with mine, making me a tad uncomfortable. “That show is hilarious.”
We shared a laugh and even though we seemed to be getting along great I had to remember why I was here.

Man, I did come in here to tell him something…oh yeah…

I nodded, “Yep, it’s full of laughs. Hey…um Alex…I was uh, noticing the eye you were giving me earlier.”
Alex raised an eyebrow and smirked. “Yeah?”
Suddenly, I froze. As much as I wanted to tell him to stop staring me down like a piece of meat, I thought twice about how to phrase it, especially since the guy told me that he’d be telling George to give me a four dollar raise. I sighed. “Um, yeah dude, was there a reason why you were looking at me like that?”
Alex smacked his lips together and rolled his eyes. “Oh Jimmy let’s not play games here. You know I was checkin’ you out and don’t tell me that you don’t go that way because I really don’t care that you do. Besides, it’s nothing wrong with looking. Just because I’m taking a gander at your tight fitting jeans to go along with the snug, black tee shirt that you have on, it doesn’t necessarily mean I want you.”
I leaned back in my chair and turned up my lip. “Oh yeah, then what would you call it?” I crossed my legs. I had to hear this.
“Well Jimmy consider this, when you look at a tasty dish that catches your eye on a menu does that mean you have to order it? And, in your terms, being the macho heterosexual that you are, do you go after every girl you see walking by? Maybe you do. Let’s just stick to the first example, yeah?”
This guy’s a card.
It was true what he was saying but then after he completed his sentence, I wondered why he didn’t want me. “Well damn, why don’t you find me attractive?”
“Oh Jimmy, I didn’t say that. I just don’t see why I should order you at this time. There are plenty of obvious reasons. The most important being that you’re so fucking manly it hurts. I can tell just by the way you walked in here that you’re trying way too hard to be a man.” Alex leaned back in his chair with a smug look on his face.
“What? That doesn’t make any sense.” I stuffed my hands in my pockets and looked at him sideways.
“Fuck Jimmy, when we were in the kitchen you weren’t wearing any mitts or using a towel to get hot buns out of the oven. Why? Because you think it might show you as weak. You’re probably one of those who watches sports shows, drinks beer, and puts your hand down your pants while scratching your balls with your legs wide open, just because you think that’s manly.” He put his hands up, signaling quotes. “Ugh, I know you’re your type, Jimmy LaCosta. The name fits you too, Italian American, yeah?”
What the fuck, why did he just read me like a book?

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Thursday, November 24, 2011

Weekend Dirty Dozen from 11/25 - 11/27/2011 - Love, Lust, & Eletctronica

Hi, what's up I hope everyone had a cool Thanksgiving in the U.S., and now some good comedy to my WIP story "Love, Lust, & Electronica"

It's a Weekend Dirty Dozen's erotic comedy about what you see in the club isn't actually true. I hope you all enjoy!

"Yo, that's a dude," Victor said, as he pulled out a vinyl record from his crate, ready to cue up his next mix on the turntable.

"Naw," as Danny shook his head. "That's a woman. She's been eyeing me all night and I know she wants me."

Victor returned a look to his friend, like he needed his eyes adjusted. He could only forgive him, because he knew his best friend was a horndog and was willing to screw anything that walks in a skirt, with long hair. But in order to save his friend from a humiliation, he called the cocktail waitress, Mandy, over for a second opinion.

"Hey yo Mandy, come here," he signaled out.

Mandy was one of those hottie-totties that acted like her shit didn't stink at times, but was very honest and affable. She would display her nice side if she liked you, but other than that, she was mean towards those she didn't like. However, there was one thing she was able to spot in an individual, who's fake and who's not, and she was able to see that a mile away.

"What is it?" she asked, entering his booth.

"Come here, I need you to tell my man Danny that this chick in the bright-green mini dress, at the bar, that she's a man.

"Which one?" she asked, just to get confirmation.

Danny pointed out the long, dark-haired chick sitting at the bar, near the club, being served her drink, "That one over there."

Mandy, stepped in the middle his booth and got a very look at her, she was very attractive; dark, long hair, beautiful toned skin, perfect body, and so well-dressed, she was perfectly flawless. She nodded her head and quickly knew no woman, no matter how attractive she was, was ever flawless. To Mandy, this woman must have had a good plastic surgeon. Not only that, whatever she wore matched perfectly, including her shoes.

"That's a man."

"How do you know?" Danny asked.

"Her night purse matches her handbag, her shoes goes too well with her handbag, and after looking at all the other bitches in the club, she stands out way too much."

"That doesn't mean anything," Danny denied.

"Oh yeah, I bet you twenty bucks that her fingernails are painted at the exact color of her dress. If they are, then you better check under her skirt; her dick might be bigger than your's."

Sunday, November 20, 2011

AfterDark's Interview with Gina Kincade

AfterDark Online is pleased to interview a very familiar face in the erotic publishing industry, Ms. Gina Kincade; erotic author, founder of Mistress Journals Erotic Stories Forum, and owner of the emerging publishing company, Naughty Nights Press.

So on your knees everyone, as the Mistress tells AfterDark about herself.

1. Gina, welcome and thank you for the opportunity of interviewing you. Why don’t you tell us a little bit about yourself?

 Can I get on my knees too?  Oops, wrong time for that I suppose.  *lustfully winks at Ray*

Seriously though, thank you for inviting me.  I've been on ADO before in one capacity or another but not in this particular sexy & sassy little room.  I love your decorating!

*picks up a whip from a hook on the back of the door and notices the name inscribed in the handle "Cassandre Dayne"

Hmmm, well that shouldn't surprise me.

*looks over shoulder at Mr. Sostre calmly pulling long blond hairs off his sweater*.

Now then, where were we? 

Oh yes, me.

Hmmm, I really dislike talking about myself.  I don't think there is a whole lot to say other then I'm a mom of three boys, sixteen, five & almost four who pretty much drive me nuts with their different levels of requirement.  I can't keep up with the changes.  I spend my days taking care of them, the two dogs & the house.  Thankfully the cat mostly does her own thing.

Nights are spent working on all the Nnp stuff that has to get done.  Normally I'm quite an organized person but I've found having so much to do kinda leaves me not always knowing where to start.  I'm not used to feeling like I'm always behind but I do realize my health & family commitments have played a large, unexpected role in where things sit right now.  I'll figure it out & get done what needs to be done as I always have.  Just accepting that it's going to take time is a current goal.  I push myself, I don't know how to do it differently.  I do have to admit I'm stubborn & quite a perfectionist and really it does have it's down side.
Enough about me, I'm boring, moving on...

2. How long have you been writing and what was the very first story you ever wrote?

Well, I learned to write in the second grade like everyone else. (*giggles*)

Oh , you meant stories!  So sorry.

I actually did start with little short stories & such that I would use to escape my life in grades 2 & 3.  I suppose I took to it even more with the praise of my teachers & it seemed the more I wrote the further I impressed them so I just kept doing it.  Of course, those were children's stories then.

My first romance was written in grade 10 English class.  It was a bit on the wilder side for a student my age apparently (especially way back then!) but not only did my teacher like it, she entered me in a school contest, which I actually won.  Shortly after I wrote my first real erotic piece for a boyfriend at the time. He sent it into the Playboy love letters line, it was accepted and the rest is history.  It was quite the hit to my confidence level and it kinda went on from there.

3. In the social networking community we are all one, but in our personal lives how do your family and friends feel about your writing and the business you’re in?

 Well, that seems to be a slightly loaded question actually. Immediate family members (SO & oldest son) resent the fact that I am working again and although they are accepting to a point, they have little to no interest in hearing about the things that excite me.  I've always been a disappointment to my extended family (parents, two sisters & the rest) so this doesn't really surprise me but I stopped letting their opinions bother me years ago.  They don't have to like it. I do, I love my business, I love writing and I wouldn't change a thing.

4. While I won’t ask you what kind of stories do you enjoy reading, I will ask what kind of characters do you enjoy writing about? (Badboy/Badgirl, Hero/Heroine, or Etc)

 Ohhh, definitely naughty ones.  By naughty I mean kinky-minded, passionate, sexual characters who scream sex from every pore.

In my paranormal books I've enjoyed writing both the good guys & bad guys as they have such different perspectives on the scenes!  My muse does tend to lean toward the hero/heroine bit though.  She seems to enjoy the idea of ripping the still beating heart out of her victim's...I mean the bad guy's chest.  I believe she has a wicked lust for blood!

5. Aside from erotic stories and romance, what other genres have you written?

 I've written children's stories, fantasy & paranormal in addition to contemporary romance and my many sub-genres of erotica and erotic romance.

6. When I look at entrepreneurs and those who've become established, I want to ask what inspired you to create Naughty Nights Press and how long did it take to get out there? Also, when did you decided to get into publishing?

It was initially my idea and I mentioned it to my best friend at the time. She and I discussed it for about six months on and off before one night we decided it was time. It took almost another year to get things all together and start working on submissions, research into the best sellable markets and decide just what we wanted to  specialize in.

We were both writing at that point but felt we had more to offer as well. We were astonished and frustrated at the amount of incredibly talented writers who just never felt their writing was good enough to get it published or those who had been passed over by other publishers because their stories were just "too hot" or "too unusual".  Especially once we compared those stories to what readers seemed to be looking for.  We had a good market for the edgier, spicier, kinkier and unique stories that seemed so far, almost untapped.

Yeah, we were going to make it happen; give the readers what they asked for.  Guide those writers into cultivating their awesome work into books & stories they could be very proud of.  We had a desire - no, more of a need really - to show these writers their own potential & worth. It became more then just a passion, it became an obsession.

My friend has since left NNP due to situations in her personal life but I remain strong at the helm with the help of my incredibly awesome assistant, Penny Peterssen and the rest of our wickedly talented team.  NNP has become quite the family in these few short months and we just keep growing!

7. I can relate, as the founder of AfterDark Online, of what you go through. Plus, we have so much in common among a number of other people; especially how we strive to be on top of our game. But, aside from being a founder and owner, what other challenges have you faced in this industry, yet been proud to overcome?

I think so far the most difficult issues I've had to face were more annoying then anything else. The loss of my business partner, who was intended to be our main editor, my assistant and our accountant,  forced me to step into more of a role then I was initially prepared for in addition to my normal position within the business.  I've had to self teach many new things, and fighting with the IRS is probably the most upsetting & frustrating  problem, but then I think many business owners & authors selling online would agree.
I'm doing my best, I will make it through. I do have the capability & knowledge required to do it all, but currently it's finding time and figuring it all out when the background I'd expected was going to be done prior to our opening day, wasn't there.  Guess I've learned that sometimes shit can just happen & you simply have to make the best of it.

8. Before Naughty Nights Press was founded, you were the founder and administrator of Mistress Journals. Would you please tell us a little bit more about it?

Mistress Journals is an erotic stories forum created to give writers a free place to share their work, learn from others in the forum and simply socialize with others of like-minded interests
I started MJ's because there were so many friends I kept meeting all over the world, via Facebook, and we were all posting our stories on our profiles & walls, quite happily and not bothering anyone I might add, until fb did a major switchero on the way things worked on the social network and began banning people for their self expression. I felt it was unfair, especially after being banned myself, for a picture that was art and hardly even revealing, all because one person can get angry with you, be it over a game or whatever, and then a simple click on your profile would get you auto-banned.  I think it's one of the stupidest things Facebook has implemented as you don't even get a chance, you're just suddenly gone without warning or anything.  Guilty without an opportunity to even prove innocence or anything else!

So, I created the forum as a place these people could go, knowing that art in all forms was accepted and with a few minimal rules, where adults were finally treated like adults.

Currently we've gotten too big for the initial setup to handle, slightly unexpected for sure, so we've had to close off new memberships until we can rebuild the forum in a larger, stronger & more capable capacity.  We hope to have it finished by the new year but with so much else on my plate at the moment it's not a for sure thing. We will do our best though!

9. Where do you plan to see yourself three to five years from now with Naughty Nights Press?

In the midst of our acquired slice of the erotic ebook market.  Still pushing the naughty limits, raising the bar of acceptability and bringing our readers the best in erotic & erotic paranormal romance reading.

10. Like I ask all authors, I ask my fellow authors of the erotic industry, What advice would you give to authors of erotica, along with entrepreneurs of the industry?

Take chances, make mistakes, accept critique and learn from all of the above.  Never give up. If it's your dream to be an author or an entrepreneur, make it happen.  You can.  If you don't  try you'll never know.

11. Where can people follow you? (website, blogs, social networking sites; etc.) Also one question I wonder, will you ever come out with a book under your name?

I have a personal blog at and a writing blog at

I am always available on Facebook at

And of course through the NNP blog at or our website at

I am quite busy so leave me a message & then you just gotta be patient.  I will get back to you!

Mistress Gina, thank you so much for your time with The AfterDark World. I appreciate the interview and I hope to do it again.

Ray, you sexy man, it's been my absolute pleasure.  I hope to give more...oops, do it again soon!   *naughty grin*

Six Sentence Sunday - 11/20/2011 - Love, Lust, & Electronica

Hey people it's time for another Six Sentence Sunday, this week I am doing a story based on the love for electronica music, as well as hip-hop & R&B, but mostly for the love of all the DJ's that lived the bachelor life and the passion to spin the perfect mix in the story.

Love, Lust, and Electronica.

Okay,the story takes place here. Victor, a.k.a. DJ Vex comes home to find out his ex-girlfriend Nikki has not turned in the keys to his place after moving out of his apartment from a break-up. Nikki still has those itches to scratch, where she couldn't get over the feeling of Victor, but Victor has had his mind set on two things, his passion for being a remix producer and his latest fan, Keri.


"Nikki we have only broken up for six days and now you want to want to have sex with me?" he asked in disbelief, but stood there as he watched her zip open his pants.

She answered in a tone of seduction, "Whenever you play that song Freak-A-Leek, I just want to show you how I much I want to freak you."

Victor couldn't resist. Whenever Nikki showed up at his apartment, wearing a sexy black dress in the club, he was always hard and ready to knock boots with this gorgeous woman. Besides, what bachelor would resist a woman wearing high-heels, stockings, garter straps, a thong, and bra, with a sweet, delicious smell of DKNY perfume that acted like a pharmone to a guy like him? The two may have broken up nearly a week ago, but there was something particular they had most in common, just pure, passionate sex.

"Nikki..." he replied with a transfixed expression.

"Something wrong?" as she displayed a devilish smile.

Friday, November 18, 2011

Weekend Dirty Dozen 11/18/2011 - It's Our Dirty Little Secret

Hi, what's up? It's been long time since I have been on the groups, but I want to let you know I exist. :-p. Anyways, I am writing a f/f scene. My very first one, because I want to come out with something unusually different for once. This is a rough copy so here we go. So I wrote a small piece to it. I hope you enjoy.

It's Our Dirty Little Secret

Sherri creaked the door open and looked around the living room, signaling Julie to come over.

Julie stood hesitant to come over. She really wanted to come over and get a taste of lips, the air-cold feeling of her busts, and feel the smoothness of her clean-shaven pussy, but she was afraid of waking up Donnie. He was on the couch, sawing logs, but Julie knew her boyfriend was a light sleeper. She wanted to be with Sherri in the bathroom, but never expected it to be a mission to get there.

Frustrated, Sherri whispered, "Come on!"

Julie tried to tip-toed on the wooden floor, but her next step caused a creak-like noise. The noise quickly alerted Donnie. She gritted her teeth as she worried that he would suddenly wake up, but apparently he didn't. He continued snoring and that was surprising for Julie. She continued tip-toeing to the bathroom.

Once she was inside, Sherri closed the door behind her and immediately they embraced each other with warm fondles and kisses.

The sensation of Sherri's touch made Juilie spark with wonder. She had long wanted to explore Sherri's body. That first kiss she shared with her on the couch, a few minutes ago, couldn't stop there. She needed to feel every part of Sherri's body in order to fulfill her desire. But despite the passion Julie had for Sherri, there was on thing that compelled her to ask...

"Sherri, you know how will Donnie take it if he caught us doing it in the bathroom, do you?" she worried.

"Julie," partially pulling her panites down, "You worry too much."

Saturday, November 5, 2011

Six Sentence Sunday: 11/06/2011 - The Girl Upstairs

Hey what's up? Hope everyone's having a cool weekend? Here is my Six Sentence Sunday from a WIP of "The Girl Upstairs"

BLURB: Carlos Munoz moved in to a cozy duplex home, where he got to know a very sexy neighbor from upstairs, Bella Velamuri. As the two hit it off on the right start, they soon encountered a problem where they will have to confront, one way or another, her jealous ex-boyfriend that just got out of prison.

Carlos wondered what was with her expression. He checked to see what she set on the floor and noticed a tall, transparent lube bottle.
He asked, “I thought you were hungry?”
“I am, but I’m really hungry for something else right now,” as she moved herself closer placing her hand on top of his hand.
Carlos was assuaged over the feeling of her soft touch. She showed initiative by unbuttoning his shirt and rubbing her hand all over his hand and forearm. It gave him such an arousal that was worth his appetite.
            As she leaned closer to him, she rubbed her hand across his thigh until she unbuckled his belt and then unzipped his pants.

Friday, November 4, 2011

Weekend's Dirty Dozen - 11/04/11 - 11/06/11 About The Night Ride Home

Hi everyone. Here is my "Weekend Dirty Dozen" for the weekedn of 11/4/11 - 11/6/11. This is based on a completed novel that is currently being edited and hopefully soon published by next year. This is my most favorite heartfelt story called "About The Night Ride Home"; I basically fell in love with the characters here and I want to share this piece for you all to enjoy.

Tyler tried to hide his laughter, but couldn’t help it when he noticed Alicia eyes rolling away with a tantrum. He held Darla by her hand and walked around them as they made their way to the door.
 “Let’s get out of here.” as he held the door open for Darla to leave. “We don’t need her to ruin our night.”
They left the restaurant, letting out a good feeling of a last laugh.  Tyler couldn’t believe the look on Alicia’s face when he didn’t respond to her spiteful remarks. To make  his night better, he was happy that Darla came at his defense.
“Oh my god, Tyler did you see her face?” she asked.
“Yeah, but Darla—“
“She couldn’t come up with anything better to say.”
“I know, but Darla –” as he stopped, holding her by her hand.
“What Tyler?”
He pulled her over and kissed her. He felt it was about time to let something off his chest. There were many opportunities he passed up with her and now he wasn’t going to let anything interrupt his longed passion.
 She pulled back with a twinkled smile, replying, “I’ve been waiting for you to kiss me for a long time.”
“Don’t you hate it when we get interrupted from what we had in mind?”
Suddenly seductively, “Uh-huh, so much it bothers me.”

Thursday, November 3, 2011

Abby Hayes

Naughty Nights Press has been informed that one of our new writers, Abby Hayes, is lacking in the pledges she needs to meet her Kickstarter goal.
So we’ve decided to help.

As a new business we can’t offer a financial backing to an author, but what we can do is offer incentives to those that make a pledge of as little as $5 to support Abby.

For many $5 is simply a cappuccino at the nearest Starbucks. To Abby Hayes, who is trying to kick start her writing career, $5 could make all the difference.
So please, give up that coffee just for today and help this incredibly talented young lady make a dream come true!

Even $1 can make a difference to Abby's cause, so if you can't afford the $5 pledge but still want to help, then do it. Give that $1 pledge!

For more information on Abby’s Kickstarter pledge drive, please visit

So, to kick off our own incentives, and hopefully encourage everyone to send in a pledge, we have come up with some FREE offerings to those who meet certain pledge levels.

If you pledge the following amount in the next three days, you will receive your choice of the following .pdf copy of an ebook for FREE!

All you have to do is email Tessa Wanton at with your proof of pledge, dated between November 3 and November 7 at midnight, to Abby’s Kickstart program and the book you choose in your pledge level. It’s so easy and you are supporting a good cause.

The ebooks will be given to those who pledge even if the final amount is not met; so really, what have you got to lose. It’s a WIN/WIN situation for all!

$5 - The Training Of Tess by Tessa Wanton OR The Cabin by Nathanial Bosch
$10 - Raging Shadows by Cassandre Dayne OR Danvers Asylum by Chrystian Marrero
$15 - Don’t Call Me Baby by Elizabeth Black OR Red Fire - Surrender by Cassandre Dayne

$25 or more - A coupon code will be sent to you for a free download from Smashwords, in any format, for Abby’s Finding Paradise release for Christmas! PLUS you can choose ANY one of the other books above in .pdf format! That will give you TWO free books!

We only have 12 days left to help Abby meet her goal so please, go pledge now!

To all those who have already pledged or shared in this pledge drive, on behalf of Abby Hayes and Naughty Nights Press, Thank you for supporting an incredible upcoming author!

All pledges must be in by Wednesday November 16, 12:01 am EST.

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Don't Call Me Baby by Elizabeth Black

Red Fire - Surrender by Cassandre Dayne

And for a taste of what is to come with Abby's Finding Paradise in December, here is a short snyopsis & excerpt. We know you will agree this is one fantastic writer!

Days before her high school reunion, Kelly reconnects on Facebook with childhood friend, Nevaeh—a woman who, rumor has it, has lived a life straight out of some erotic novel. And, Kelly has a lot of erotica on her ereader! Ménages, slave fantasies, strangers and BDSM are all included in the stories Nevaeh has to share.

This sexy, world traveler incites Kelly to forge a friendship unlike any she’s ever had before. She never knew a shopping trip could be so educational, especially in an adult store. With her head spinning and her panties damp, Kelly embarks on a crusade to reignite the passion her and her husband, Nate, once had with a few new toys and other surprises. When he surprises her by being a more than willing participant, she decides to test a few boundaries, push a few limits...

Kelly becomes determined to find out if her old neighbor is right, if paradise can be found within your own four walls with the man you married. But, what happens when Kelly’s husband finds out about all of her time spent with Nevaeh? What will happen when Nevaeh’s husband, Hayden, comes into town for the reunion? Will her marriage be in trouble, or will things go further than Kelly ever dreamed they could go?

Warnings: This story contains graphic language and sexual situations including: f/f, m/m/f , m/f/f, and m/f/m/f parings that include gay, lesbian, ménage and partner sharing along with: mild BDSM, capture and slave fantasies, stranger fantasies and a few sex toys.

Excerpt of Finding Paradise

With the full moon illuminating the room, Kelly laid in wait for her husband, literally like a bitch in heat. With a steadfast determination, she prepared herself to pounce on the man. To keep her going, she’d sucked down enough coffee after dinner to make her buzz like she had batteries.
When he came in the room, lust made her eyes practically water. He must’ve noticed, because he stopped mid-stride to smirk at her with one eyebrow raised.
“What’s up with you? You look like the cat that ate the canary - guilty and thrilled with yourself at the same time.”
“I want my husband. Is that so wrong?”
“Ah, no, but I’m a little curious as to why tonight. You haven’t been awake at this hour in years.”
She shrugged, gave him a half smile.
“What did you do today? Watch porn while the kids napped?”
“Better, chatted with an old friend on Facebook again.” Immediately she became cognizant of her mistake in blurting such a thing out. She wasn’t sure how he’d react to his wife being turned on by another woman’s life.
“What? What friend? And, what do you mean again? What the hell is going on, Kelly? What the fuck is going on here while I’m at work?”
“Nate, calm down. It’s a her, for one, and old neighbor. And, I like her. And, she’s lived a life better than any romance novel I’ve ever read. I’d heard rumors, and I begged her to share her stories with me. She is refreshingly open, uninhibited in the telling of her past. We’ve chatted twice, yesterday and today, for about a half hour each.”
“This woman tells you sex stories over the chat on Facebook? What kind of woman is she?”
“Quiet down, or you’ll wake the kids.”
“You’re scaring me. What’s happened to my wife?”
“She’s right here. What’s the difference if I read erotic stories and go to sleep fantasizing, or if I hear a story from a friend and try to seduce, although obviously poorly, my own husband?”
“A whole hell of a lot. Erotic? You read erotic novels?”
“Yes!” she said, putting fists on her hips.
He shook his head. “First I’ve heard of it. Anyway, something’s changed, because those novels, whatever type they are, have never made you so horny that you stayed up for sex.”
Kelly started to cry. “A lot you know. I’ve tried! You come in to bed so late. I’m so tired. And, what the hell is so wrong with a woman deciding it is time to want that part of her relationship back with her husband? Now that I’m a mom, am I supposed to never initiate sex again? Were you going to be happy with that for the rest of our lives? Isn’t it time we got back some part of our sex life?”
“Oh, Kelly, come on. Don’t cry. I’m sorry, but you’ve got to see why I’d be worried. Why didn’t you tell me before now if you wanted me? I miss you too. It’s not you wanting sex; it’s the other woman. I’m worried. I’m jealous. And, I’m not even sure why, damn it.”
“You want me? You miss me?” She sniffed and smiled.
“Want you? Fuck, Kelly, I ache for you. I’m in misery most of the time because we’re not together. But, I knew you were tired. I didn’t want to be another job for you to complete each day like Dan’s wife told him he was.”
“Dan’s wife said that to him?”
“Yeah, he told me at work a few months after Meghan was born to go harder on the basketball court and easier on you.”
“What kind of idiots do you hire? And, man I felt sorry for that slime yesterday when he posted about his workload on Facebook.”
“Facebook again.” He shook his head as if to clear his mind, and then opened his eyes up wide when he was done. “Specifically, I hired Dan to create and manage websites. I didn’t interview any of my employees about their marriages. Dan was trying to be helpful in his own way. But what about this Nevaeh? She chats with you twice, some woman you grew up with, who I’ve never heard you talk about that I can recall, and she’s telling you about sex… with her husband? Is she married? Or, with others?”
“Others, but she tells the same stories to her husband, and they role play to act out their fantasies. Do you have fantasies, Nate?”
“What? Do you have fantasies? Fantasies I don’t know about?”
“I’ve been reading quite a lot at night. I’ve developed some new ones.”
“Really? These erotic books I never heard about again?”
“You’ve never once asked me what I was reading,” she spat.
“You have a point. What are you reading?”
“Erotic romances, stories with the sex spelled out. Currently one about a vampire,” she challenged him.
“Okay. So, fantasies? You plan on sharing sometime?” He crawled on the bed, a smile easing the tight lines of his jaw.
“You want to hear them?”
“Are you kidding me? Of course! But, not now.”
His mouth crushed down over hers. Her heart skipped a beat, and then continued its fast pace from their fight. His tongue pushed between her lips, swept her mouth in militant fashion, dominated.
He fell down over her. “It’s been so long.”
The seam of her nightgown tore from his tug. Not that it was a particularly sexy one, but it didn’t have Oscar the Grouch on it to amuse her son either. Her hands went for his pants, battling the belt with short, hasty movements. Once it opened, she popped off his button yanking on his pants. He helped her free him. His erection poking between her thighs suggested a taste of heaven. No foreplay, yet she was ready for him. He pushed in, and her inner walls trembled at the abrupt change.
Contractions began in seconds. He rode her hard. His eyes shut tight, his mouth fell open and his heart hammered against hers. Her nails dig into the muscles bunching under her fingers. When her stomach tightened, she cried out. Her inner walls clamped down around his hard cock. He stifled the sound with another branding kiss.
“Come with me,” he demanded against her lips.
She let go, felt her body hum as his warm seed filled her. Their bodies slammed against each other, furious, needy. Flames shot from her core to her limbs until she shattered around him.
“I promise you better next time. This time, I just had to have you,” Nate panted.
Tears slipped from her eyes. “I needed to be taken.”
“Tomorrow, will you share your fantasies with me?”
“All you have to do is ask.”
“My god, fantasies,” he said as he lay down beside her, butt to butt. “My erection is already making a reappearance wondering what they could be, I’ll have you know.”
She giggled. “You’ll just have to wait.”
“Wait, as in you’ve another chat session scheduled with Nevaeh tomorrow first?”
Her chest tightened, and her breathing came in hard gasps.
“Actually, she’s flying in tomorrow, early morning from New York for the reunion this weekend. She has to work on her mother’s house first, getting it ready to sell. Her mom died this year. I’m going to ask her to take me shopping this week. I need her expertise on a few of the necessary items for those fantasies.”

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