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Saturday, October 8, 2011

Six Sentence Sunday: Something Random 10/09/11

Hey what's up people? 
It's time for the Six Sentence Sunday.
This Sunday I'm coming up with something random; off the top of my head, because I wanted to test myself and see what more I can do.
This snippet WASN'T based from any story that I've written in the past 
So here we go and... enjoy!

-Ray Sostre, AfterDark Online

Contessa's fantasy was overtaking her reality. She couldn't help but rethink her dream about being inside Spencer's apartment. She imagined being in the shower waiting for him to join her. The mixture of steam, warm water, and lust led to something that was meant to be. She fantasized about the way he held her; his wet calloused hands feeling through her soft skin as his arms encircled her, before kneeling down and kissing between her cleavage and tummy.

Then suddenly a female's voice called for her, "Contessa... Contessa?"

She immediately snapped out of her fantasy and opened her eyes, realizing that she was in her office, with one hand holdng on to her rabbit vibrator under the desk and the other barely raising up her skirt. Her body was leaned against her office chair and her glasses were on desk next her laptop.  So much for preventing an awkward moment. Her personal assistant walked in on her and now she couldn't decide whether she should keep the vibrator going or turn it off in front of her assistant? Dammit, I should have locked the door and told her to  hold my calls for a while. I wondered if she knocked first?


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  2. Very sexy! Caught in the act! Hot!

  3. Damn...I hate when that happens...not that I know anything about it- lol

  4. LOL too funny, Ray. Funny and sexy! The best mix.

  5. Uh-oh! She got caught! Damn! I hate that when that happens! JK lol Great six!

  6. lol :d great six as the fun with the sexy :)

  7. Some dilemma! That's what you get for allowing yourself to become horny in the office. Great six, Ray!