Love Out Of Lust Series

Sunday, October 30, 2011

Six Sentence Sunday 10/31/2011: Bloodlines

This was a story I've written way over a decade ago, before I stopped writing. I altered it since my writing style has changed.
Trivia: It was originally written as a screenplay in 1997. Enjoy! I remembered it off the top of my head.

The lights immediately went out and suddenly there was a scream; a scream so horrific, it shot Vino's heart to his underwear.

When he found the lights inside the warehouse, he saw Selena lying on the floor in a crimson of blood, holding on to her neck as she tried to utter out a word, but she couldn't.

Then suddenly, he was grabbed by a modern, well-dressed female with luscious brunette hair, green eyes and a cold, fiery-afterglow. She had a look of pure evil; blood dripped from the corner of her lip as her canines were drawn. Vino was seconds away from pissing his pants..

With a mortified expression he called out, "Noctura!"


  1. This is creepy. And really well done.

  2. Yikes Ray! Are you going to come back and re-work this one now? So much potential!

  3. Ooooo...You need to finish re-working this story! Love the visual aid too!